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  1. Hello Scott, I have not seen the Mary Love without someone saying something else here. Would you be interested in £135 and can you be available when I come home later to have the money if required My Best John Roome Nottingham U.K.
  2. See if I can sort something out
  3. Hello Phil Please to say that this is something that I remember from many many years ago is it possible for you do a label scan of the record that is for sale? My Best John Roome
  4. Hello Neal I have thought of something from our time and not sure if you have one Jimmy Seals :Yesterday of our Love , Challenge Records Can ask the network for our memories if they can let me have something My Best John
  5. Hello Neil, Please to see that you are still selling great memories. I see from your list of 70s dancers that you have the Larry Houston DJ copy is this something which you will sell me for my memories what is the best way for payment My Best John Roome
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  6. Hello Milliontears soul Please to see a very nice copy of the Al Kent which is something that I remember well. If you have to sell this record would you consider £40.00 and I will do the transfer
  7. Hello Marciano, That is the best news today. Thanks John
  8. Hello Marciano, Please can you tell me if there are any problems with your email because I have not heard anything from you for payment of my record, My Best John
  9. Hello Marciano, Please can you tell me if there are any problems with your email because I have not heard anything from you for payment of my record, My Best John
  10. Hello Brad, Please to see that you are still able to have records for sale in nice condition. Would you please see if you have available the three Laura Lee records from your website and can you let me know the total cost to Nottingham, United Kingdom. My Best John
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  11. Hello Zanetti, How nice to see double Detroit delights with a misprint on the open the door record can you make up your mind about collecting Soul club records which have been records here for fifty years and we would still love to own then but not when you have paid upwards. Would you consider a offer of £20 each for them and I will pay postage to the UK. Can you help me if you would help me to have something that is not nothing here My Best John
  12. Hello David, Please to see that your music is still the best that is out and respected the Tyrone Edwards, it is the best record that you have and you must keep this for when you are playing music which is not the same in peoples memories. I have since found that you have been the best in the world in keeping record people together and will try to have something that we can enjoy in Nottingham. The Record fair in Nottingham will like to see someone who is not been without the music that I have not been out. You make sure you take yourself and your friends to somewhere in Nottingham but see for yourself the best people My Best John
  13. Hello Brad, Please that you have been someone who is able to make sure that the peoples Detroit is now in such good financial horrible business. We have seen how much money is made from the talented, to give something back for all of their provinces in the city of Detroit. Can you see what this is to the poor in your city, with nothing but people who have nothing but what is known. Sidra is something that I do not want to be anymore
  14. Hello Mark Please accept my offer £250 for the following Mark Loyd : Where can I find her , UK Parlophone Assuming the labels are nice and are free from STK marks My Best John
  15. Hello Steve Would you consider £300 for your Cajan Heart Issue? Thanks John

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