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  1. The Profiles - I still love you on bamboo
  2. Its gone i phoned cheers
  3. Looking for Sharon Scott Kept my heart under lock and key Kent
  4. Some nice Bargins Mr Kane I missed your Calvin Williams
  5. tomaokeh

    Soul Toon 3 Alldayer

    Paul give Helen a ring at Sutherlands more rooms on offer
  6. tomaokeh

    Soul Toon 3 Alldayer

    Best Venue in the North East. Here we go again Toma
  7. R.I.P Micky You have left so many great memories.I cant help thinking of the time at Fleetwood weekender 3am Chillo Mick and myself having a great rant 3 Geordies taking the piss out of each other as we had not saw each other for ages and the crack just flowed R.I.P. mate Our thoughts with your family Mandy & Toma
  8. 60s 70s ++ Crossover Cynthia Sheeler Yes We Do Skyra VG+ £15 Gerri Granger I can take it like a man Bell demo Mint £40 The Lollipops Loving Good Feeling Impact VG+ £80 The Imperial Wonders Just a dream Day-Wood VG £60 Mel & Tim Forever and a day Stax Mint £50 Scott Mac Kenzie Look in your eyes Capitol VG £15 Linda Carr A heart without love dcp Demo vg++£20 Benny Mahan She knows how Pompeii VG+ £30 Basic Black & Pearl There'll come a time Wam vg++ £50 Lenny Welch Love dosen't live here anymore Kapp Demo VG+ great sound £20 Holly Maxwell Only when you're lonely Constellation issue VG+ £80 Billy Cole Extra Careful Power Exchange UK Demo VG++ £50 Steeplechase Never Coming Back Polydor Demo vg++ £35 The Firm Lets pick up the pieces Mpingo vg++ £40 Vivian Copeland He knows my key is always in the mailbox D'ORO VG++ £15 Tony & Tandy Bitter with the sweet Cotilion vg++ £20 Thanks for looking
  9. Hi Jim loved Shotts mate fantastic sounds great soul people magic little venue Picked up some great bargins up there from JM at the time Ps still got those calor gas heaters mate lol Toma
  10. GEORGE FREEMAN The Moment You Came Into My Life Kool Records thanks

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