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  1. Whilst I dont actually know him I bought a few UK things off him in the record bar at Wigan. Happy birthday Keith
  2. I still have 5 off the list and will be disosing of them, and the rest, over the next 12 months
  3. Any way to get one of these in Canada? Kops?
  4. Does it have to be a demo? I have a near mint Canadian issue spare
  5. I have the album wih Biosis Now on. Make me an offer, shipping from Canada
  6. I have a spare copy of The Nation Is Born album if you get stuck
  7. I have a spare A Nation Is Born album if you cant find the 45, shipping from Canada
  8. Selection of classic Soul fanzines - $5US each. Voices From The Shadows are $10US each Shipping is from Canada All in clean condition, no writing, no tears Voices From The Shadows - number 7 - 25. Voices From The Shadows - Christmas Hamper Grapevine - The Soul Essence newsletter - issue 2 - $5 Dave McCadden's Soul Galore - numbers 1 - 9 Soulful Kinda Music - Special Wigan 20th issue Detroit City Limits - Numbers 5 and 6 - 5 is Golden World/Ric Tic special There's That Beat - numbers 7 - 10 Shades Of Soul - 23, 27, 30, 31 and 32 Soul Up North - 64 Pete Smiths Beatin' Rhythm - 1 - 16 except number 13 for some reason. I will update if I find it Sweet Soul Music - number 7 Okeh Norhtern Soul - number 7 Joel Whitburn's Top LP's 1973 6 By 6 - April '94 - free with any purchase
  9. 5 copies, make me an offer. Shipping will be from Canada. First pic was taken with the "big light" on so a bit of glare
  10. I have 3, I will dig them out
  11. Sharon and her husband originally started the label. I was browsing there a few weeks ago and she had some ot the later releases. I was asking her about them. She couldn't remember how many they had put out. She used to run Martin's shop in Hamilton. There is a rumour Martin is looking to open a new shop in Hamilton.
  12. So I just received the Lorraine Chandler 45 and when I went to file it I could not find my Jackie Day/Larry Banks & Jaibi 45!?!?! I have looked in every conceivable place so can only assume I have lost it. Anyone got a spare?
  13. Most of the charity shops I visit in the area have all 45's un-sleeved. I firmly believe they throw the sleeves away to make it easier to hang on those stupid pegs they use
  14. Goodgroove was part of the Arc group so I assume they would have come in an ARC sleeve
  15. Bit of a long shot here but does any one have a copy of this book for sale?

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