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  1. Does it have to be a demo? I have a near mint Canadian issue spare
  2. I have the album wih Biosis Now on. Make me an offer, shipping from Canada
  3. I have a spare copy of The Nation Is Born album if you get stuck
  4. I have a spare A Nation Is Born album if you cant find the 45, shipping from Canada
  5. Selection of classic Soul fanzines - $5US each. Voices From The Shadows are $10US each Shipping is from Canada All in clean condition, no writing, no tears Voices From The Shadows - number 7 - 25. Voices From The Shadows - Christmas Hamper Grapevine - The Soul Essence newsletter - issue 2 - $5 Dave McCadden's Soul Galore - numbers 1 - 9 Soulful Kinda Music - Special Wigan 20th issue Detroit City Limits - Numbers 5 and 6 - 5 is Golden World/Ric Tic special There's That Beat - numbers 7 - 10 Shades Of Soul - 23, 27, 30, 31 and 32 Soul Up North - 64 Pete Smiths Beatin' Rhythm - 1 - 16 except number 13 for some reason. I will update if I find it Sweet Soul Music - number 7 Okeh Norhtern Soul - number 7 Joel Whitburn's Top LP's 1973 6 By 6 - April '94 - free with any purchase
  6. 5 copies, make me an offer. Shipping will be from Canada. First pic was taken with the "big light" on so a bit of glare
  7. I have 3, I will dig them out
  8. Anyone have a link so I can watch it in Canada? BBC iPlayer allowed me to register a Canadian email address and then blocks it?
  9. Sharon and her husband originally started the label. I was browsing there a few weeks ago and she had some ot the later releases. I was asking her about them. She couldn't remember how many they had put out. She used to run Martin's shop in Hamilton. There is a rumour Martin is looking to open a new shop in Hamilton.
  10. So I just received the Lorraine Chandler 45 and when I went to file it I could not find my Jackie Day/Larry Banks & Jaibi 45!?!?! I have looked in every conceivable place so can only assume I have lost it. Anyone got a spare?
  11. Most of the charity shops I visit in the area have all 45's un-sleeved. I firmly believe they throw the sleeves away to make it easier to hang on those stupid pegs they use
  12. Goodgroove was part of the Arc group so I assume they would have come in an ARC sleeve
  13. Bit of a long shot here but does any one have a copy of this book for sale?
  14. Got 2 other Beverly Glenn-Copeland records if you are interested?
  15. Johnny Nash - I'm So Glad You're My Baby/Stormy - UK MGM 1480 in near mint condition. Has a couple of marks on the Stormy side. $100US including shipping.

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