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  1. Earth wind & Fire - Thats the way of the world 1974.. ahead of its time
  2. Its not just you.......Last time I went to Blackpool tower year before last one.....Isleys "Rumour" was played 5 times........Ginger Taylor played his entire set....and all of his stuff had already been was truely awfull..... so many tune hear the same stuff over and over....I will never go there again..
  3. I would really like to have this single.....Loved it for 35 years .. would pay half your asking price.... Last one went on ebay a month ago for £75
  4. Never liked the snake or Lou pride.........I was always happy to make way on the dancefloor when they came on
  5. Never liked it years ago and still dont like it today.....
  6. Reperata - Panic Guy Darrell - Ive been Hurt Lou Pride - Comin home in the morning More if you want them.......3 Tunes that will make me go for some fresh air, even if its snowing outside
  7. The Torch wiped the floor with wigan by a mile
  8. Absolutely without any doubt I went every week to the mecca no exception and on the way past the wigan turning we would toss a coin to decide if we should go, Ive had some good nights at wigan and some bloody awful one too but every week was good at the mecca.
  9. Went from first night till about 1976.......when it became an even bigger shithole....from playing wank pop shite with a dance beat footsee etc
  10. BoB Wilson Suzys seranade and Luther ingram - exus Trek demos I bought from Keith Minshull £10 each and I earned £12 per week then!!
  11. I also was there tha night at the torch and Roy C was unforgettable crap and it has stuck in my mind ever since.....shotun wedding and after the wedding basically the same bloody tune hahahaha over and over and over ........Also went to Va vas 3 times, and Troggs at farnworth, where I think there were little alcoves and we all kept walking past as there were to couples shagging in he alcove, we just wandered up and down looking in at them hahahahaha........another time I think it was the first night, A British racing green MGCGT came up the road like a bat out of hell Alan Day jumped out and said something like "is this the fooking club"? jumped back in before anyone could answer, to find a parking space and we all wet ourselves hahahaha
  12. me and my mate were asked to go on TOTP to dance to nosmo king - goodbye nothing to say..........he went and I declined as I thought it was a bloody insult and a part of the commercialisation of the scene.......I saw him on TOTP and laughed my spuds was shite.
  13. The Torch 1971 Alan Day playing shingaling - cooperettes
  14. allowing cameras in killed it, divis wanted to see what it was all about.....and jumped on the band wagon along with crap failed pop singers who could make a quick £ by singing an old northern soul tune.....and wigan djs were playing them.......they are also to blame but then this could be interpreted as running its course I suppose. I went from the begining until 76 where it died for me.

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