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    northern /fishing/teaching the grand kids how to dance
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  1. you making me a cup of tea in your flat in warrington.... Nice one phill
  2. Your Top Three D.j's Ever

    webbey . Gotto be brian rae steve wittle kenny spence rip
  3. Do You Recognise Anyone

    spin my he rest in peace was a good mate
  4. webby did them many times with mr rea he use to kidnap me and they also had a mid month motown allniter as well il ask him about them when i call and see him mate
  5. lifes great dance the nite away

  6. i realy hate to say this but was it the three before eight
  7. colwyn bay pier il get you the dates mate regards pipmc
  8. Dancers Over 50

    well i think your right about the age i only know of one dance comp won by a non acrobatic was craig from shewsbury wot a dancer wot footwork and movement across the dancefloor spins and body movement to to music outstanding dancer
  9. Dancers Over 50

    dont you think its time we dance comp just for the people who dont do back drops but can dance with the best. over 50 only footwork and spins
  10. Top Dancers Early Casino Days & Other Venues

    well it did blow me away being told my footwork impeccablle many thanks just keep on dancing o and by the way wigan dancer julie bebb .and kipper from newton le willows dance on top of the pops 75 to footies. pip colwyn bay
  11. Wigan Casino Saturday Nights 1979-1981

    which pip is that then
  12. Wigan Casino Saturday Nights 1979-1981

    what a great time and a list of lads there i still bump into . pip
  13. Warrington Parr Hall

    i went to every one am from warrigton but lived in north wales and still do