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  2. Paul Bennett....Very sad news

    Here are the funeral arrangements..Nicola sent me the following email Hi Linda Paul's funeral has now been arranged as follows: Day: Monday 14th March 2016 Time: 10:30am ...
  3. I've just had a phone call from our friend Leon Oddsocks, letting us know of the passing of Paul Bennett. I've spoken to his partner Nicole, and she asked if i would post on here and Facebook to let people know. Paul was a lovely guy, who lived ...
  4. Bill McAfee - I don't know why - galaxy green vinyl promo. Ex £75 Spooner's Crowd - Two in the morning - cadet ex £70 Please email linda.couldstone@gmail.com to reserve. thanks for looking Linda
  5. For sale... Much sought after and in Excellent condition... THE KINDLY SHEPHERDS — LEND ME YOUR HAND -CHECKER £150 http://youtu.be/FnXeAL2SEeA SOLD
  6. Tony Evans R.i.p

    Yes Ted and I were devastated to hear the news of Tony's death. He was your original gentle giant..with a heart as big as a bucket, and a sense of humour to match We will be there next Friday to give the big guy a good send off. For sat nav users the...
  7. Label Quiz

    9...Music note ? Unfortunately not. Dave
  8. RnB at Spa Inn

    Well ...What a cracking night ..We had a brill time at the Spa.. It was great to spend time with our lovely friends..old and new. The music all night was without boundaries (as it should be) just excellent danceable, feelgood tunes, played by folk who have a burning passion for music. My set was well recieved ..phewww ... and last but not least.. Ted had a lovely birthday..thanks everyone for the cake, cards..and making his night so special xxx Linda
  9. RnB at Spa Inn

    You bet...WOW...I get to play at last..I will wear a face mask all week to prevent any lurgy attacking !!
  10. Micky Cruise Rip

    RIP Mickey Cruise, Gone from our lives but not from our hearts. One of the funniest most loveable guys you could ever meet..It was a pleasure to know you sweetie xxx
  11. Whats Your 3 Most Hated Tunes

    Pyramid...House for sale...Job Opening (No reason...I just detest them right from run in ..to ..run out )
  12. Wynonie Harris - A Whale Of A Tale (Atco)

    Sorry it sold very quickly
  13. A Few To Go

    OOPS SORRY...Thanks for the heads up
  14. A Few To Go

    Thanks Harry...I owe you one TRINI LOPEZ SOLD WYNONIE HARRIS HOLD
  15. A Few To Go

    http://youtu.be/0hzLslWE_-c VG + £60. http://youtu.be/R-6YgkjNrYM EX COND £60 http://youtu.be/BISGizykuNQ EX COND £50 http://youtu.be/M0Ek3vEiDwc EX COND £100 http://youtu.be/a8to6LwqqQE ...

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