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  1. looks like that red red robin is going bob bob bobing right out of the league
  2. brillant that brav thanks for posting hope your keeping well.
  3. i'll go for jerry fuller double life must have been the most underplayed record ever.
  4. cracking night at the civic just seems to get better each time we go.
  5. jerry fuller - double life. mitch ryder- breakout. rufus lumley- i'm standing.
  6. will have this one definitely, my first big northern soul venue way back in 1976 brilliant alldayers.
  7. cracking night always is, it does seem to fly by though. before you say anything poffy its cheaper in spoons.
  8. the lad your talking about grantdyche is lester wardle he was from heywood. now i think he lives in halifax.
  9. shambles, total disgrace, total shit, however you want to put it. anyway me and billy will be there, sue can't make her mind up. looking forward to it as always.
  10. i'll be there don't know who's coming with me though, a bit to early yet.
  11. was going to buy you a pint, never mind couple quid saved

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