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    weve got togetherness

    bloody hell carl is it that time of month again? allways look forward to kingsway,tell steve hinds to hide is bloody camara me leg only just recovered from last months episode lol... thought ian gee did an outstanding spot last month,c,mon ian same again mate we know you got the records ,dig out some of them big records from way back that might not be in favour at the mo? any way looking forward to the visit supporting now a well established venue for quite a few years ... ktf tommo.
  2. The Phoenix -Crooked spire soul club

    really looking forward to this one!!!! steve brown one of my favourite dj,s by far, hes got some awesome oldies and ones we dont hear much anymore? chris cooper from chilwell originaly? if so am looking forward to chris,s set old skool northern lets have some of that stuff we use to hear back in the day ... ktf tommo.
  3. EAST V's WEST

    well done moldie for capturing a great day ... ktf .tommo.
  4. EAST V's WEST

  5. EAST V's WEST

    thankyou to everyone for attending the EAST V WEST ALL DAYER, the atmosphere was spot on with some amazing dancers in attendance, massive thankyou to sam evans for all the help done behind the scenes,also my man sammy dee who is the brain child behind this now in its second year event. Massive thankyou to all the dj,s from east and west mids who played fantastic music all day long and kept the atmospherte just right ... well its a tie at the moment with the west snatching yesterdays bit of fun... the next one am hoping to host at BLACKHEARTS,BESTWOOD VILLAGE,NOTTINGHAM,im in talks with casper to secure this for us ... once again well done to everybody who came to support this wonderfull day ... all the best Tommo.
  6. The Soul Scene Ain'T That Bad After All

    youve brought a tear to me eye miss delfonic xxx.
  7. The Soul Scene Ain'T That Bad After All

    met mark around 83 ? when we use to attend the odd fellows nighter in leicester,been mates ever since, ,ive met some fantastic folks through the scene ,been to some memorable venues,and the music is second to none for me. Seen some outstanding dancers over th...

    best wishes to casper and mitch,two fantastic geezers,great to see how well this club as progressed in a short period of time, its a brilliant venue for anyone whos not been before youre in for a treat...superb line up of djs,ready to fill the two floors, blackhearts is gonna be the place to be at this sat...ktf tommo.
  9. hehehehehe miss delfonic am cool,nice to hear from you xxx.
  10. some of the young dancers are proper soulies that frequent venues all over,and youve probably seen a few of them ? some also have learnt from scratch, and have embraced the music now ... there as been a steady crowd of them going to the stoke all nighter,and ...
  11. Usernames How Did You Pick Yours?

    i had all three versions at one time, ede robin / there must be a love somewhere, sounds exactly the same as the hammond bros / soul over easy, sons of moses / soul symphony sounds also the same as the other two but without the same piano intro, very seldomed...
  12. Usernames How Did You Pick Yours?

    soul over easy after the instrumental i had by the hammond bros.@ maggie, brilliant instrumental,the vocal is also pretty good ...ktf tommo.
  13. Which Northern Track You Dislike The Most

    tim tam and the turn ons / wait a minute..,absolutely garbidge,nothing soulfull in that pile of crap !!! sounds more like the beachboys
  14. Grosvenor Rooms ( 3rd Anniversary ) Get in Early

    well done to the grosvenor team on reaching there third aniversary and making a huge success...ktf tommo
  15. Instant Monster - Then Forgot About

    ede walker / good guys / rising sons...got pressed as patience valantine / you cant tell the good guys from the bad.... i think? mid 70s use to get an air play, along with the likes of jessica james and the outlaws / we,ll be making out. Can anyone remember o...