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  1. I have a sony minidisc player. Still in the box never used if someone wants to make me a decent offer
  2. Love the images however the description is fab as well
  3. Gutted I decided to give the anniversary a miss. Great single and like both sides. Can't put a price on happiness so true To me the previous records given are memories never to be sold. Wish I could erase the memories of that tedious journey home
  4. Wow a fabulous image. Would look great enlarged as a picture.
  5. You should make a point of entering next year as your wildlife photos are fabulous. Especially the badger one Sandra x
  6. Don't know either. Gave it a miss this year. Unusual not to see loads up for sale after the event .
  7. Thank you much appreciated Had a lovely day and a win on Saturday helped my weekend lol X
  8. Thank you for the birthday wishes Had a quiet one. Saving myself for the match tomorrow xx
  9. Remember going to Liverpool with school in the 70's and went on the Iris. Lots remember there was the daffodil too.
  10. If it makes people feel uncomfortable then surely it's getting the message across that everyone needs to think before they purchase items. Burying our heads in the sand won't help to make a change and it's the future generations that will reap what we sow.
  11. Happy birthday Steve Enjoy the sunshine and birthday celebrations Sandra x

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