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  1. Happy Birthday wishes Lorraine Hope you have had a lovely day Sandra x
  2. Happy Birthday Ian Hope you have a fabulous day Love Sandra &Joyann
  3. Happy Birthday Nige WIshing you a fabulous day x Sandra & Joyann xx
  4. Watched both games on a day pass via now t.v. Don't know if been charged the £9.99 but if so was worth it for me regardless who was playing. Got my free code for the Utd match tomorrow night so happy days and will see what formation Ole comes up with. ️️️️
  5. The world of Northern Soul will be an emptier place without Sue on that dance floor and a big void ahead of capturing on camera; the enjoyment of folk at the venues. Rest in Peace Sue xx
  6. Just heard the sad news about Sue. Like others have said Sue loved her soul events and taking photos of everyone enjoying themselves. Will be another empty place on that dancefloor but everyone will remember her for her unique dancing and friendliness x My thoughts are with her family and friends R.I.P Skippy Sue xx
  7. I watched it too. Dortmund were robbed of a penalty. The ball was on line for the net and the replay clearly showed the player interfere with the ball in play. No way an accident hitting his shoulder ☹
  8. I didn't have the pleasure of meeting you both but my thoughts are with you at this difficult time. The love and special bond you obviously had for each other will never fade. Sandra x
  9. until

    Listened to the show from early doors and a great choice. Loved it then and still do
  10. until

    Another great night and sets.Managed to listen in from 7 till 10.20 pm. A break watching motd then till 1pm. Not really a nighter for me but I'm enjoying what I hear x
  11. Looking forward to it. Watched utd behind closed doors during their Europa leg. Does seem strange hearing the shouts between them and the eerie clapping after any goals but it's weekend and football
  12. Would have loved the season to end with the matches played even if behind closed doors. Even though part of me thinks just give the premiership title to Liverpool but on the other hand can't ignore other positions in the league . Everyone wanting a Champion's league spot next season. Yes utd where 5th but we were playing well and possibly along with other teams would have fought for that 4th place. Plus teams in other divisions nearing promotion would be hard done by. Personally miss the match day and meeting up with like minded folk but think big gatherings will be the last thing to happen.
  13. Happy Birthday Dave Hope you are having a great day Sandra xx
  14. until

    First time that I could listen in for more than an hour and join in the chat. Great sets from everyone and something for everyone. I haven't been to Bury for a few years mainly due to the footy clashing however going to make the effort and dip my toe in once this scenario lets us socialise properly.
  15. Just watched Three identical strangers. Documentary which has twists and turns some joyful and others disturbing. Worth a watch

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