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  1. Was out last Saturday at a small 5Oth outside party(all correctly sat at our tables I might add) and the singer during his stint shouted "Now for some Northern Soul" as he sang this. Loads saying "Hey Sandra singing  this for you!" Soon had them stand corrected as I quickly sank into my chair. 🤣


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  2. 19 hours ago, Stevegods said:


    I knew it 


    Wish I had a bet - no I don’t - as that’s another thing I detest and would like to see stopped just like they did Cigarette advertising - get rid of betting adds and sponsorship . 

    Totally agree with you

    It's a joke the betting sites quoting "When the fun stops, stop"

    Gambling addiction is an illness that can take hold at anytime and no way could that person just rein it in. Always chasing that big win. 😔 

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  3. On 13/09/2020 at 16:55, Joyann said:

    Happy Birthday Sandra

    Hope the day being kind to you.

    Take care

    Lots of love your partner in crime , when we get to play out Xx

    Folks better watch out 😃

    Got 7 months of mischief and mayhem to unleash 😍 

    On 13/09/2020 at 17:35, Widnes63 said:

    Happy birthday Sandra, I hope you have had a wonderful day, looking forward to catching up 😁x

    Been too long but looking forward to catching up 😘x

  4. On 05/09/2020 at 10:55, Widnes63 said:

    I haven't posted on here for some time, so here are my grandson Ronnie and my dad Denis at the allotment,

    lots of books and lots of biscuits :thumbup:



    Wow where has that little baby gone? Ronnie has shot up so quickly. 🥰


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  5. Email from Utd today. Behind closed doors till at least 1st of October and no date for season ticket to be renewed. Gutted that the start of the season will be lack lustre not being there but at least the matches are being played. 

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