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  1. rachel

    Many Thanks To Rachel

    Thanks everyone, well you know, I'm over 30 now so I felt it was time to retire Sorry Karen, but I know you can deal with them Mixed emotions about giving it up, it's been fun, hard work, stressful and rewarding (sometimes all at the same time) but I'm really glad to have been able to help. I'd never have quite believed everything that goes on behind the scenes of a forum like this if I hadn't seen it! I know that you all appreciate him (and if you don't then you should ), but the real thanks have to go to Mike for putting his heart and soul (pun intended) into this site. See you about
  2. rachel

    The Cost Of Rareity

    Hi Wigan Bob, can you do us an intro in the new members forum - /index.php?/forum/44-new-member-shouts/
  3. rachel


    Topic temp closed pending moderation discussion - Corbett, suggest you start another thread for your query.
  4. rachel

    Leon Collins Hidden Gem Of A Record

    Great tune, it's had lots of plays over the last few years.. in my living room
  5. rachel

    Metros Mp3 Help,,,,,, Please

    Hi Nick, can you please read the forum rules re mp3s - https://www.soul-source.co.uk/articles/articles/soul-news/forum-house-rules-r1879
  6. rachel

    Della Reese Mp3

  7. rachel

    Della Reese Mp3

    Please see forum rules - https://www.soul-source.co.uk/articles/articles/soul-news/forum-house-rules-r1879
  8. rachel

    Soul Boy Characters

    Before my time But here he is http://www.going-out.org.uk/sammy.htm
  9. rachel

    Northern Soul 2009

    Yes indeed. Anyone got anything constructive to say about it (that they haven't already posted 20 times before)?
  10. rachel

    6 Million People Can't Be Wrong

    Couple of posts unapproved - as says above, keep to the subject - and keep to the forum rules.
  11. rachel


    Topic closed by site - topic starter already been asked to do an intro and not done so far.
  12. rachel

    The Third Degree - Mercy

    Topics merged
  13. Ian, suggest you reword the end of your post - please have a read of the forum rules: https://www.soul-source.co.uk/articles/articles/soul-news/forum-house-rules-r1879 - especially Thanks.
  14. rachel

    It Might Be Me But....

    How did the two get 'involved'? Maybe partly because artists who recorded in the 60s continued to record in the 70s, 80s and onwards? Just don't go back to the venues where you've heard that happen if it's such a big problem for you. Plenty of people feel that they do meet, but if you don't I'm sure there are plenty of nights that don't play any Modern at all. And if you do go to a night like that and it puts you off, you could always comment in Lookbacks on here...


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