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  1. waynec

    Farnborough Soul Night

    was a great do last night.. good across the board selection of tunes and the dancefloor stayed busy. heard moldie played his set off cd,s though
  2. waynec

    Lightwater 5th Anniversary

    you been down vinyl carvers again moldie
  3. waynec

    For Dancers Only? Sadly Not

    hi dean maybe as its the first do ive been to with 300/400 punters in their 20,s im going to the wrong venues. you could put that night on in any high street in this country and get the same numbers through the door and the same type of crowd. just my take on it but obviously we all have different veiws. donna .sorry for spelling youre name wrong. regards wayne
  4. waynec

    For Dancers Only? Sadly Not

    because most of the time theres no point. its the same as this post. someone says how it was then gets shot down for saying so because their either not the promoter/one of the dj,s or one of there mates. ill go back to lurking again
  5. waynec

    For Dancers Only? Sadly Not

    outonthefloor. good for you for posting an honest reveiw. seen plenty on here over the years where promoters/the dj,s or their mates have bigged up an event. ive often been left wondering wether the half empty ,atmosphere less do i attended the night befor was the same one. glad you enjoyed luton last night. wish we had gone but decided to go to the soul revolution niter instead. no dought you will read rave reviews but again the majority in there had nothing whatsoever to do with the soul scene. music in the northern room was top notch so no complaints there. i wonder though as doner! says shes getting regulars there now,what would happen if the venue was moved a few miles outa town with no easy walkable access. my bet it would be an empty night. same with the niter last night.it was in a busy part of town that was heaving so plenty of folks out in groups looking for somewhere to drink/party. my veiw on these kinda nights is you could put on a spice girls record in the middle of anyones set and the dance floor wouldnt clear. good nights they may be but soul nights/niters that most soulies are used to they aint
  6. waynec

    Played Out Oldies

    hi col weve been out but mostly up town. maybe a bit far for youre crowd though as its more than 10 miles away ive heard baz dj a couple of times. very good plus if memory,s right it was all 60,s. gets my vote for that alone
  7. waynec

    Played Out Oldies

    you may steriotype but do these events really exist. look through the different photo,s on here for events and ive yet to see one where their all dressed up. not my thing but each to their own. back on topic and have to agree that lots of dj sets dont vary much. please feel free to shoot the next dj who plays the constellations
  8. waynec

    Played Out Oldies

    just curious as to where these venues are that you talk of certainly round london and the home counties you could count the number of folks who dress up(in the way you describe) on one hand. is this a northern thing as it doesnt ring true to any events down this way. also why does folks clothes bother you so much and who are you to judge??? does the term "stuck up ones own arse" mean anything
  9. waynec

    Bisley Pavilion - Sat. 30th September

    looked in the modern room a couple of times and it didnt seam that busy. numbers in the main room were low compared to what its normally like. maybe lots of other events on last night. was a good nite
  10. waynec

    Soul Nights - Dwindling Attendances?

    no,s at do,s around the home counties has dropped quite a bit over the last few years. seams a lot of folks come back and go everywhere then suddenly dissapear again. anniversary nites are usually busy but a lot of do,s have low numbers in. problem weve noticed and it seams the same everywhere is the music policy is the same wherever you go. maybe its down to dj,s/promoters djing at each other nite but theres no variety. see lots of posts on here for do,s weve been to where folks have raved about it and wondered if we were at the same nite. most do,s now seam to have an across the board policy. only exception is lightwater which have two rooms but the dj,s cant seam to distinguish betwwen modern and northern to the extent that the northern room gets quite empty at times. one do that seams to florish is sounds of soul!! in hemel but the music policy is basic and so we stopped going
  11. waynec

    Lightwater..5th August

    are we gonna get loads of 70,s upstairs then
  12. waynec

    Lightwater - Next Saturday (20th May)

    it was a quiet night. cant coment on downstairs but upstairs was ok,ish.music seams to be the same wherever you go now down south. could of done with being a bit darker. not sure why those that dj in both rooms feel the need to bring the downstairs music to the upstairs room. room was starting to flow until about 9.45 when whoever was dj,ing started there set with two modern(to my ears) tunes and killed the floor dead. sandwiches where nice
  13. waynec

    Northern Soul Demographics

    and colin belongs in the 6% group
  14. waynec

    Big Name Djs Holding Back

    youre missing somink maybe all those other venues out there that play all sorts which down here is just about all of em.
  15. waynec

    Blue Skies Soul Club

    were going col . youre welcome here first if you wanna lift part of the way.


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