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    100 years Freddy King closely followed by Pretty little girl next door Bobby Day

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  1. katep


  2. katep

    Little Britain Does Ns

    Maybe she should re-evaluate of the course syllabus to include an excursion to an allnighter!
  3. katep

    Weekend Poll - Which Version ?

    Winstons for me too, has more of a sincere sound to suit the lyrics (if there can be such a thing). I do quite like the OC Smith version though.
  4. This is a good one. Bo Diddley-Oh Baby
  5. katep

    One For The Girls Only

    At a wedding last night where this was played as the first dance song.x
  6. oh i just don't know!

  7. katep

    One For The Girls Only

    Freddy King 100 years- I got it as a birthday present and it made my eyes water.x
  8. katep

    Listening To Lyrics

    Does anyone else find that once someone tells you what they think the lyrics are, no matter how ridiculous you can't get them out of your head when you hear the song? Touch of venus has never been the same since a friend sang Touch of penis!
  9. katep

    Listening To Lyrics

    Me and my sister used to spend hours arguing about who was singing the right words. My sister-in-law thought KD Lang's Constant Cravning was Can't stand gravy!
  10. katep

    Soul Or Nothing Manchester.. New Venue

    I'm in Manc for the weekend for this and Radcliffe, so I may see you there Mr Franklin.
  11. katep

    Hip Hop Northern Anyone?

    If I remember rightly (and forgive me as I've not listened to these for a number of years) this album is mostly, if not all instrumental which is why although I like it, it's not my fav. Check your head and Paul's Boutique were my top choices.
  12. katep

    Hip Hop Northern Anyone?

    Flava flav is a joke- I mean Flava of Love- what is that all about?! Beastie Boys always went down well with me.
  13. katep

    Hip Hop Northern Anyone?

    Sorry to go off course with the thread but that movie is funny as, especially where they throw the brick attached to the rope, attached to the... well if you've seen it you know, if you haven't you can guess!) off the building. Back on thread the "I ain't never" track is shite! Pardon my english. Some tracks give me a knot in my stomach and wind me up- that is one of them.


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