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  1. Does it really matter that much? Think we should chill and take it for what it actually means to the scene. Nothing thats what. And has for having a dig at Kev Roberts and co i find that embarrassing. Ultimatley it is a business but a business that brings joy to a lot of people. If u dont wanna go then dont. Simple.
  2. Think the word dickheads a bit harsh. The main man who does most of these videos Is far from being one of them. Would agree with some dancers playing up the cameras but all this leave our scene alone gets boring after a while.
  3. Would that tape from 1974 have had young kids dancing to the music dressed in baggy trousers with shirts covered in badges by any chance? A little bit like the One Show portrayed. Strange how one is acceptable and one is isn't
  4. Have to agree with you both. Yes a bit cringy but does it really matter. Great to see the young un's embracing the scene and the music. Surely that can only be a good thing? Would much rather mix with the dancers than listen to the soul snobbery that seems to riddle the scene at times
  5. Cant believe that someone put the Professionals! As good as it gets ( to me anyway:-))
  6. Alright kid. Hows it going. Deffo up for Chestefiled mate. Let me know nearer the time.
  7. Joan Excellent choices and agree with Eddie Parker. As good as it gets
  8. Mine are probably boring and predictable but I don't care cos I loves em all. The Four Tops The Temptations Paul Williams when he sang For Once In My Life. WOW!! Eva Cassidy. Did'nt expect that did ya Beats all the shit on MTV and all them other wank channels.
  9. Top Draw Soul Music and considering some of the shit that commands top dollar, I think it's worth it. The fact that it was given out as a freebie ( I was'nt there so if I am incorrect please feel free to shoot me with a shit gun) should not distract from the fact that its a wonderful piece of soul music.
  10. Nice set of tunes old pal. Im a Nuneaton lad born and bred so will come and have a goosey gander next time your on. Regards Brian
  11. Gobsmacked at The Tops and Temps and also The Impressions and Curtis Mayfield These are IMHO of course as good as it gets.

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