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  1. R.I.P. Roger a musician who has played on loads tracks that are regarded as classics and all embellished by his playing .
  2. Good luck to Wales , good chance to qualify whatever the result . The shirt seems to inspire the Welsh when they pull it on where as when England put on the shirt it seems to become a stifling wool overcoat.
  3. Looks like Southgate admires Pep Guardiola more than I thought let's play right back Trippier at left back and leave Chilwell and Shaw out our two recognised left backs who have both had good seasons and also play the out of form Sterling , who Pep entrusted in the Champions League final and look how that ended. Head on the block time for Southgate if this fu*ks up the press will have a field day. A draw is my prediction.
  4. Shinehead


    United will have to spend even more than City to get their hands on it again. City have spent a lot of cash but after decades of mediocrity and in the shadows of United I do not begrudge City's success at whatever cost . United , Liverpool , and Chelsea have not been spendthrifts either in the last few seasons.
  5. Football pundits who are rubbish and cannot string a sentence together without saying "ya know " or "know what I mean ".
  6. You might get more success cutting their crocks off
  7. Think you will have a problem with those two don't they have the hots for Little Weed
  8. If you are wanting to kill weeds or grass on a path or spot weed on a lawn use a small brush and paint white spirit on them taking care to only treat the offending weeds on a dry day , they will have turned brown by the next day.
  9. Shinehead


    Poor showing from United , they never put a glove on the Spanish in extra time and United would have been happy to win on pens. I find Ogs tactically inept thought his team selection was a bit fantasy football stuff playing 3 forwards and an attacking midfielder from the start was a bit to much , then had no forwards to go with as the game wore on. Great penalty shoot out though.
  10. The way it is going in a few years my local team Rotherham could qualify for Europe by finishing bottom of the Championship again.
  11. At least you will not be in the Europa Conference League next season Another meaningless competition to generate TV cash .
  12. Congratulations to The Foxes Fully deserved and a great performance from every player.
  13. Mourinho is a dinosaur who's tactics will never work in country's like England and Spain where fans now want expansive football but his style of play may be more suited in Italy and has already had success with Inter. Worse managers than Jose get jobs though at least he has success in the elite leagues and in the Champions League, so I can see why clubs are prepared to take a punt. Far worse managers than Jose seem to get jobs who's records are terrible.
  14. Protests of any kind lose any credibility when the idiots get involved , trespassing on the pitch , trying to stop both teams leaving their hotels not the right way to go about things , the game can be played again but that is not the point . The thing with United is more than just the Glazers ownership it is also the lack of success with is driving the disenchantment at United , they have been spoilt by success and it hurts now they are not top dog anymore. I do not know the politics at United but the spending under the Glazers has hardly been of spendthrifts they are still up there

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