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  1. groovywoovy


  2. groovywoovy

    James Royal at the 100 Club

    The King Of British Soul returns to London for a one off gig to perform the cream of his back catalogue Many of you will already know James Royal was a major act and crowd puller during the 1960s. A well known name seen on billboards and posters in and around the London club scene. Adored by Mods , and later his records would become huge floor fillers within Northern Soul Scene. Joining James on stage will be some of the musicians that at one time or another had been members of The Royal Set before becoming household names in their own right. Rick Wakeman, Nick Simper, Terry Marshall, Peter Parks Rick Hudson. Plus support from The Mynd Set. Disc Show supplied by Phil Hope & Ian Grinham. Tickets available from The 100 Club website ( £20 ) or (£22.50) on the door. This really is your only chance to hear Mod and Northern Soul Classics such as Call My Name, Work Song, House of Jack plus many more LIVE
  3. Hi if anyone can help I'm looking for the following , not mad flush woth money so may have to pick one or two to go for when the offers flood in?!! Darrow Fletcher - my young misery Jellybeans - you don't mean me no good Epitome of Sound - you don't love me Ruby sherry - feminine ingenuity Metros - since i found my baby Condition wise I'm not overly fussy on picking up minters as long as they play OK. Thanks in advance for any help Phil
  4. groovywoovy

    Little Willie John - I'm Shakin

    Thanks for the help lads appreciated
  5. groovywoovy

    Little Willie John - I'm Shakin

    Hi there can anybody help with the current going rate for this 45 , cheers in advance Phil
  6. cheers popmonkey!! Pete was just checking you were awake mate.......
  7. looking for a nice playing copy of this on Pye cheers Phil
  8. groovywoovy

    Bargain 60S & 70S Northern Soul - Dip Yer Bread In

    Love Judd and Lisa remember steve Ray putting me onto it bargain too
  9. groovywoovy

    Gloria Jones - Tainted Love

  10. groovywoovy

    Gloria Jones - Tainted Love

    Hi can anyone tell me the current going rate for an original in decent nick? cheers
  11. groovywoovy

    Action - I'll Kepp Holding On

    Missed the one in sales earlier anyone else got a copy for sale? cheers Phil
  12. groovywoovy

    Northern Originals With A Couple Of Rare Re-Issues

    Can anybody confirm the Ray Pollard is original? Thanks Phil
  13. groovywoovy

    Martha Reeves - No One There

    Thanks - wish I'd seen that seems to be about the right price then?
  14. groovywoovy

    Martha Reeves - No One There

    thanks for all the input!
  15. groovywoovy

    Martha Reeves - No One There

    i'm looking to buy! Cheers for that mate


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