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  1. Loved the comment above"everything in the seventies was brown"....quality!
  2. Looking forward to this....always a good night with good people,good music and a cheap bar!
  3. yup and maybe a drink or 3!!
  4. Threemore sleeps.......
  5. I thought it was Bruce Lees phrase when he invented acrobatic norvern dancing......Kick the Fu%^&*s?
  6. Maybe Krissii,maybe..... but when are you talking about?........Truthfully?
  7. Yep we will be partaking in some light refreshment at this event I suspect!!
  8. Hi Shelley,Clarkie was always in and around Manchester and Stockport,when Liz (his wife) was alive they lived in Adswood. Steve.
  9. I answered the comment about Clark(or Clarkie as he was known)because he never carried a sawn-off to Wigan.How do I know......because he was one of my best mates.....why did I reply.....because,as he died last year he is not here to put the record straight,thats all,maybe there was a buzz going round,but like a lot of amphetamine fueled talk,not true. Steve.
  10. Talk about Clark and a sawn off are just
  11. Unfortunatly,in some peoples eyes,area does matter.A lot of people have a pre-concieved idea that Salford is rough and that the nasty people will get them...... Being serious I think Andy has hit the nail firmly on the head, Good Luck with the venue,we will be down when we can. Steve.
  12. Keefs book is well worth a read.....just finished it.
  13. The Ace Cafe is world famous, has been for 50 years or so. Correct Pete,had a lot of money spent in the last few is a well known petrol heads heaven,Old rockers,hotrodders,old skool Fords etc...fifth gear do a slot from there....If it is finished my old Ford will be on display there next year.....
  14. Proudlove..........because its my surname.......Olde English,means exactly what it says. Steve.
  15. Andy,I will get Zan out to play,and buy hima wee drinkie to get the tales rolling about the Wheel......may take a little while mind. Steve.

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