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    All things soulful
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    Horsham West Sussex (Burnley girl at heart )
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  1. Julie Kearney

    100 Club Allnighter

    See ya there it's been far too long
  2. Sleep well my dear friend Pain free,now go boogie with the Angels xxx
  3. Good Luck Boys :-)
  4. Watched The Railway Man recently, what a film really moved me. God bless them all.
  5. Toby's funeral details Friday 26th February @ 10.00 am for a 10.15 service @ Hardwood Park Crematorium, Watton Rd, Stevenage SG2 8XT. The wake will be in Letchworth and arrangements are to follow. Will post more when I know more. Regards Julie this message is forwarded with permission from Mrs Toleman
  6. I know it's been posted on here but just on to say Toby passed away yesturday .... R.I.P my friend Xxx
  7. Indeed Sian, and what a day that was :-) such sad sad news :-(
  8. Its with sadness that I pass this message on here, Gail has asked this message to be posted on here behalf of Toby {Paul Barry} Toleman............ To all Toby`s friends, its with great sadness to tell you that Toby is at the later stages of end of life. when the time comes which will be very shortly she will let me and Sara know,you are all welcome to come to the funeral if you wish.If you would like to send flowers just a small bouquet please as Toby does`nt want wreaths. regards Gail (Toby`s Wife) we have Gail`s address if anyone wants it ? plz pm me ........................... regards Julie X

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