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  1. julie s

    Torch Reunion Time

    it,s that time again anyone out there got any ideas for raising money for these well known charities please let me know all monies go to good causes and you have a good day to xx julie come on guys this is the last one so lets make it so special xxx
  2. i,m p!!!!d off my jack russell has just knocked my i phone off the settee and smashed the bloody screen can it be mended ?

    1. Bearsy


      is it an i-phone 3 or 4 Julie, i broke my i-phone 4 and got the money back for it off my insurance and went back to me old phone instead cos its glass back and front and not worth the hassle for me

    2. julie s

      julie s

      i phone 3 mate xx

    3. julie s

      julie s

      getting it done 35 quid guy on the market yippee

  3. has anyone read the book the story of northern soul by david nowell?if so is it worth purchasing ?

    1. wayoutgirl


      me being a prudent shopper would try the local library first lol

  4. got daniel home poor lad has a steel rod from his knee to his ankle and they have told him he will never play football again thats a bitter pill to swallow for a young semi pro (he,s gutted)but mum will look after himxx

    1. wayoutgirl


      Lots of TLC Julie x It certainly will be hard to come to terms with. x

  5. feeling a bit better tonite my son has had a 4 hour operation on his leg it has been pinned but he,s back from theatre now and i can rest thanks to all who left comments x

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    2. julie s

      julie s

      thanks mate x

    3. wayoutgirl


      That's a relief for you Julie. Keepus all updated. Thinking of you x

    4. PaulDonnelly
  6. i,m beside myself as my son is in hospital he broke his leg yesterday at football in wallsall a hospital that is closed to a virus no visitors and he has got to b operated on mum,s hey we didn,t sign up for this worry

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. wayoutgirl


      Hope the op goes well Julie and he's back home soon for some tlc x

    3. BintofSoul


      I hope all goes well. xx

    4. soul elite

      soul elite

      I know how you feel, eldest son has had a few tricky ops, we've nearly lost him a few times!! Your lad will be fine, he's strong and healthy, goodluck!! keep us updated =^)

  7. just watchin shamless how funny is it

  8. julie s

    Northern Soul 70's Fashion

    the picture outside blackpool mecca my bro (phil morgan ) is the one sitting on the steps think the dj is tony jebb x
  9. happy new year to you all on here sore head today went to tatton park last night xx

    1. wayoutgirl


      you too Julie x

    2. Alison H

      Alison H

      Happy New Year to you too Julie. Hope your head stops hurting soon. All the very best for 2011 xx

  10. julie s

    Absent Friends

    phil morgan from tunstall the home of the torch xx
  11. julie s

    Keeping The Memory Alive

    Thinking of you.mate! XXX
  12. julie s

    Keeping The Memory Alive

    Here's to you Phil
  13. julie s

    Keeping The Memory Alive

    gone but not forgotten Julie a true Torch boy---and great lad as well.RIP Phil
  14. its,snowing in cheshire xx

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    2. suzannek


      a covering of snow here, thank heavens, but minus 10 degrees, so much for the weather saying it was going to reach minus 6 tonight lol x

    3. good angel

      good angel

      They have had 6in of snow 5,mile away we've had nowt

    4. suzannek


      That's like around where I live, I live 9 mile from Bishop Auckland my nearest town and we can have snow and Bishop doesn't. It is partly because where i live is so much higher up above sea level and also is very exposed to the elements.

  15. julie s

    Keeping The Memory Alive

    Was that because he was he was waiting for the girls? or just because he loved to dance phil loved the torch,twisted wheel catacoombs blackpool mecca and many more. Thanks to lizzie p for this thread it means so much, i know there are many people on here who were to young to remember the torch and the origanal places all you lot used to go but along the years there were great stories and when it comes to times like these you really know who the real soulies are thank you for your thoughts on another memorial of my brother he was a torch boy and many many more xxxx julie


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