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  1. Hi Mike! Are you going to see Womack? If so, see you there. if not see you at Retford! (ps The Imps were awsome!) Kev
  2. Thanks for the 'batting order' Graham!! I was trying to memorise it on the night but got caught up in the emotion!! What a great night and performance from the guys, still can't believe that the place wasn't packed. Shame on those who missed it!! Hard to pick a highlight but "I'm So Proud" was incredible!! Kev Briscoe
  3. This is great news Sean!! Well done to all concerned!! See everyone on the July 2nd (if not at The Impressions or Womack first!!) Kev
  4. I'll strap a piece to the inside of me' trouser leg!!
  5. Looking forward to it Rob, always a great crowd to play to. A little fried black pudding wouldn't go amiss with brekkie as well!!! Kev (P.S. Wuss scrapped through against Bedford didn't they??)
  6. Thanks for mentioning the rooms Adam, I was going to post myself and let people know. There is a wedding on at the Belle the same night as the next 'Just Soul' (2nd July). As a result most of rooms had already been taken and those that weren't were snapped up on Sunday morning! I think there is a travel lodge down toe road and I'm guessing demand will be high! Once again another great night!! Kev
  7. How Much!?!?!?!?! Got the 'Hooked' and 'Don't Burn Me' albums for 25p each back in the day!
  8. What's all this cryptic 'Lion to Lamb' all about then? Do I have to wait until the weekend to find out?... it all sounds very intriguing! Check out the album John!! Kev
  9. Bloody 'ell is it that time again so soon?!?! Must get the three piece white suit of to the dry cleaners sharpish! Good Luck mates with tomorrows show. I'll be tuning in and doing 'mate watch', the last time I counted you used the word 103 times, mates Your mate Kev
  10. Great choice of tracks Tony, but do really have to wait twelve months for the follow up?!?!?! Kev
  11. Thanks for the tease Tony....I'l be buying it come what may!! Have a great Christmas! Kev
  12. Great to see these two tracks being made available on vinyl and hopefully more to come! Tony / Ady - I'm also looking forward to this CD at the end of January; Sweet Inspiration - The Songs Of Dan Penn & Spooner Oldham Could we have a track listing please? Kev
  13. Thanks for the invite Wayne, really looking forward to it! Although, now that Sean and Tats are 'Radio Stars' they'll be talking to 'em!! Kev
  14. I trust Ian got a mention as well? I was hoping the good looking half of the 'Just Soul' team got a name check!

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