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  1. The Internet

    i've read (most) of the replies on this thread and i thought i'd throw in my two cent worth. for a guy like me who has lived his life in ireland the internet has been an integral part of my soul life. I no longer am at the mercy of the inflated prices th...
  2. Jeepers that brings back memories......Back in the eighties when i was a green teenager and having made my first tentative steps into the Mod world of Dublin i bought a copy of a tape that some lads fresh back from an exotic 'northern soul night' in england h...
  3. Your Favourite Modern Soul Choons ?

    Goldie Alexander - Go Back feckin great tune
  4. Perpignan (se France)

    What Id number? my soul source ID number?
  5. Perpignan (se France)

    Hows it going lads. Does anyone know if there is a train from Beziers on saturday evening that links to Perpignan, i'd rather not drive as i'm a boring c*nt when i'm not drinking . what about getting back to Beziers on the sunday morning - what time do train...
  6. Perpignan (se France)

    Lads - where abouts in Perpignan is the venue(s) . can someone add a map pin to google earth i'll be staying about 1.5 hours away (near agde) so could very well make this pending a few issues 1) Wife doesnt rip the knackers off me for pissing off on fam...
  7. Dancers

    Paul Mulholland from Galway is nifty with his footwork, it has to be said. Theres also a girl from Belfast (forget her name) that is amazing - nothing special about her moves but very graceful when she gets going
  8. Getting My Retaliation In First

    Pete - 400 quid for Monique is a bargain. listened to the soundfile and i dont think theres any complaint to be made. love that fact the way everyones last played track in their profiles is the mp3 of the disputed record.
  9. Bobby Dukes-just To Be With You(calla Wdj)

    Nev - thats the instrumental and really doesnt do justice to this top tune. Great all the same
  10. Famous People Into Soul, Not P.weller

    Bronagh Gallagher (The Commitments, Star wars TPM, Pulp Fiction) is very much into Soul Music and was a regular at the irish soul clubs some years back - Remember Rob Thomas and his crew getting loads of photos taken with her when they met her. Havent seen h...
  11. Soul Or Nothing Radio Show Today At 2pm

    Liam - good man i had a feelign it was Mixed EMotions - got to have it now the hunt is on!!!! Joe
  12. Soul Or Nothing Radio Show Today At 2pm

    LAds - what was that last track before speed up?
  13. Soul Or Nothing Radio Show Today At 2pm

    Erin Go Bragh! Loving the show Lads choonz are top notch once again can you give Soul 45 a mention - dublin 31st August ? With deejays Paul Grant, Gavin Condon Soulengraver and JoeM
  14. Soul Radio Show Today 2pm To 4pm.. Steve Cato

    Steve - more than generous but would love a copy of it mate - catch me on the irish soul forum and we'll exchange details mate - yer a gentleman !!
  15. Soul Radio Show Today 2pm To 4pm.. Steve Cato

    Steve - your killing me mate - loving it completely !! is that off the LP?

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