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    Granville T Woods
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    Trains, street cars and the Multiplex Telegraph.
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    Columbus, Ohio
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  1. United Sound

    Coalville soul club

    What are the DJ times
  2. United Sound

    Monroe Taylor

    Monroe Taylor Proud Guy Chesapeake records £75 inc P&P within UK Please pm if interested
  3. United Sound

    Gene Anderson - Baby I Dig You

    Gene Anderson Baby I dig you Royal-Tone Records (Red) RT 1000B Lots of light marks and slight background noise £70 P&P included within U.K. PM if interested
  4. United Sound

    Couple of second issues

    Malibus - Gee baby I love you Sure Shot second issue (ABC/Dunhill) Percy Wiggins - That's lovin you Abet second issue Both in good condition £25 each including UK postage
  5. Jerry Williams If you ask me Caĺla 1973 reissue Bellsound stamp £60 Darrell Banks I'm the one who loves you Volt issue (couple visible scratches NAP) £135 Sonny Daye Long long road to happiness (some spiral ballpen marks on label otherwise Ex) £150 Contacts You gonna pay Quadran (lots of stuffs and Katie written on label light crackles in background) £145 Post extra PM if interested please
  6. United Sound

    Richard Anthony

    Wanted Richard Anthony Keep on livin on Virtue label Price and condition please if you have one to shift Thanks
  7. United Sound

    Jerry Williams

    Wanted Jerry Williams - If You Ask Me Calla original issue (not 73 reissue) Reseanable price please Please PM if you have one/considering selling Regards
  8. United Sound

    Tempos - Countdown

    Probably been asked before, but what is the original issue like, vinyl or styrene, details in run out groove, etc Any info appreciated Regards
  9. United Sound


    btw excellent price for what is a rare British release
  10. United Sound


    Massive record at the Torch, probably due to the Action release. Is on Black/Green as said
  11. United Sound

    Ellingtons Destined to be a loser DJ Copy

    How much does an original go for? Does it still get plays at all? Regards
  12. United Sound

    Price please on Four Sonics

    Any idea on current value of Four Sonics The Greatest Love Easier Said Than Done See photos Info appreciated thanks
  13. United Sound

    [SOLD] Lovelites SOLD

    This track methinks
  14. United Sound

    Jeanette Harper on 20 CF

    Jeanette Harper PMUAPMIYP 20th Century Fox Issue £425 + p&p pm if interested
  15. United Sound

    Stronger than her love - Flirtations

    Definitely styrene, but was mislead by MR stamp Regards


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