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    lord hill /dab of soul /Bagley club , Cornwall beaches
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    lord hill /dab /newquay wk end/7side soul club

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  1. Hi guys looking forward to another great night at Bagley tonight , there are no floods lol so bring your dancing shoes and leave the Wellington's at home ,
  2. Dab of Soul 11th Anniversary Special! 11yr have flown by , looking forward to another great night of top quality soul music
  3. hopefully everyone had a good New year', looking forward to the first Bagley soul night of 2020 ,
  4. soul wv10

    SevernSide Soul Shrewsbury

    Happy Christmas to everyone from seven side soul club , hopefully see you on Saturday for another great night off across board soul music
  5. until

    Looking forward to another great weekend of top quality soul by the sea ,
  6. Hi guys and girls ,looking forward to seeing you all for another great night of across the board soul ,something for every one
  7. soul wv10

    SevernSide Soul @ The Bagley

    Hopefully see you guys and girls on Friday for another great night off across the board soul
  8. top quality soul night as all ways
  9. Any one looking for some across the board great soul music in a nice venue with cheap beer see you on Friday
  10. Looking forward to another great night at Bagley , hopefully see you there
  11. soul wv10

    Northern Soul Night Shrewsbury

    Can't promise you a Easter egg ,but you will have some great xcoss the board music on Friday , hopefully see you there
  12. soul wv10

    SevernSide Soul Shrewsbury

    Nice to have CHIC back home in shrewsbury ,alway playes some top tunes
  13. soul wv10

    Shrewsbury Northern Soul night

    looking forward to another great night tomorrow with our guests DJ this time Nik Krneta
  14. soul wv10

    SevernSide Soul night

    Hope everyone had a great new year , hopefully see you at Bagley on Friday for a great mix of music , something for everyone
  15. soul wv10

    SevernSide Soul Christmas Party

    Thanks for that, hopefully it's my spot your refunding to , got plenty more lined up for Saturday ,

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