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  1. Chris53


  2. Chris53


    No problem youth.
  3. Chris53


    So here we are again, back from the Skegness Weekender and raring to go, some new tunes and the Skeggy man himself, Dave Raistrick with us for the evening with Mr Sleevless Soul himself Coops as our other guest. Should be a night of different music See you at the gogo
  4. Chris53

    P P Arnold

    P. P. Arnold would like a copy of her song, everything gonna be alright, Anybody got one for her?
  5. Chris53

    Hollingwood Hotel

    No idea whos the red jag was, pity it isnt mine though
  6. Chris53

    Whats Your 3 Most Hated Tunes

    Dont do it me, it grates me every time I hear it.
  7. Chris53

    Whats Your 3 Most Hated Tunes

    I would like to add Touch of Velvet something or other of brass, Nick Nack Paddy Wack In orbit
  8. Chris53

    Hollingwood Hotel

    Thats come out different to the way I listed it
  9. Chris53

    Hollingwood Hotel

    So here goes, in no particular order Stemmons Express woman, love, thief. Carol Anderson Sad Girl Pat & the Blenders Just Because, played the instro by accident, Fabulous Apollos Some Good in everything bad. T J Williams Baby I Need You Pookie Hudson This Gets To Me Detroit Soul All Of My Life Otis Smith Let Her Go Emanuel Laskey dont lead me on Agic Night Ifyou and I Had Never Met Life Tell Me Why Todays People SOS Curtis Lee Everybodys Going Wild Bobby Hutton Lend A Hand Donald Lee Richardson You Got Me In The Palm Of Your Hand. Denise Lasselle Love Reputation Malibus Gee Baby. Moses Smith Girl Across The Street (request) little Anthony Use Your Head (request) Ethics I Want My Baby Back Nothing particularly rare i know But that wad my spot. y
  10. Chris53

    Hollingwood Hotel

    Thanks for the comments Patto, we were only saying among ourselves about how the night semms to take a while to get going, but it does eventually, must be something missing in the Hollingwood ale, lol must say I've heard Glyn many times over the years but I dont think I've ever heard him better than he was last night. Mr Smith to, in my humble opinion spun some cracking tunes and I think he really appreciated the opportunity to do so. It isnt easy trying to run anight based on rare and underplayed , along with the classics, when so much around these days is just the same old same . But it can be done, and folks will dance to it just as much as the regular stuff as I saw the previous night at Davys when Sean Chapman blew us away with his set. Looking forward to Mr Raistrick and Coops next month. Will post a play list later when I can get me backside out of this chair
  11. Chris53


    Went up to Davys mainly to see of that owd sod Dave Tidswell and try and nick a few cheap reissues of him. Haha got myself into a really good couple of hours of top music from Mr Chapman, thought he was supetb, who says regular soul night punters wont dance to something different. Superb spins Mt Chapman thanks Chris
  12. Chris53

    Hollingwood Hotel

    Well lets hope the weathers kind and no snow, see you there Richo.
  13. Chris53

    The Dynells Plus 3 Others

    Hi big H, did you sell that Dynelld? Chris


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