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  1. John Manship`s listing of Ruperts People and mention of Procul Harum`s masterpiece reminded me of how many classical pieces of music that have been ripped off by the popular music business. Both Gary Brooker & Keith Reid with “A Whiter Shade Of Pale” and Rod Lynton with “Reflections Of Charles Brown” used Johan Sebastian Bach`s “Air on a “G” string” for their melody. Whilst on the soul front, Denny Randell and Sandy Linzer took “Minuet in G major” by Christian Petzold (via J.S. Bach) as the basis for the “Toys - A Lovers Concerto”. Similarly, when Nashville legends Billy Sherrill & Larry Butler were given The Poppies to work with they purloined Johannes Brahms “Lullaby” for their debut hit “Lullaby Of Love”. This tune was also used by former Beathovens singer Jimmy Stevens with his killer 1966 Fontana single “I Love You” A fabulous arrangement but a terrible vocal (I actually played it once at Prestatyn and got a few chin scratchers). I am sure that “The Fathers Angels – Bok To Bach must reference one of JS Bach`s tunes but my knowledge of that great man`s work doesn`t stretch that far. Anyone got a clue about that one and are there many others out there?
  2. Now I know it has often been said that virtually every artist that was around in the 60's has made a "Northern" record but I don't think Dame Vera's 1952 offering will get many rushing to the dance floor. I've got this on a shellac and wax cylinder first press if anyone is interested - best offers only. he he. https://www.ebay.com/itm/NORTHERN-SOUL-45-VERY-LYNN-FORGET-ME-NOT-WHAT-A-DAY-45RPM-LONDON-451265/282921933667?hash=item41df761b63:g:mTkAAOSwp0paoAhT
  3. Am I missing something here? Thought it was about $40 not $400 Northern Soul 45 TEDDY VANN Theme From Coloredman CAPITOL promo HEAR See original listing Item condition: Used Ended: Jan 08, 2018 , 4:58PM Winning bid: US $405.00 [ 11 bids ] Shipping: $8.00 Economy International Shipping Item location: Saint Louis, Missouri, United States Seller: funkyou! (43844 ) | Seller's other items
  4. I think I have got the only copy in existence of the original version of this - Barbara Jean English - that actually plays all of the way through. I played it at the last Prestatyn Weekender (2017). You can find it on my Youtube playlist taken from my sets from this event. It starts at 22:25.
  5. A simple question to those who do not rate instrumentals. Given the choice which would you prefer to listen to. An acappella, vocal only version of a northern classic or the instrumental track to the same tune. For me unless it was a brilliant vocal group like The Dells, Whispers, Hesitations etc I would take the track every time.
  6. Just got around to listening to Ian's latest podcast and to all soulies out there, forget the politics and your prejudices and give it a play - you will not be disappointed. Of course, do not expect a rehashing of "The Northern Soul Top 500" you can listen to that stuff anywhere. What Ian brings to the party is his insightful view of a musical genre that we never tire of exploring. From the outrageous R&B bust out from Jon Thomas with his original version (one I had never heard before) of Little Willie John's - Heartbreak (it's hurting me) through the 60's finger snappers of Ramona King and Jack & Jill to the on fours stomping of George & Gwen on through the 70's with the sublime Delilah Moore and up to the present day with Lack Of Afro and Mayer Hawthorne. 3 hours plus of fabulous music with something for everyone. Ian has never been afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve and it was as emotional listening to this as it was for Ian in creating it. Personal highlights for me are always the records that I have never heard before and the Betty Wright and Olivia Carmichael tunes were a revelation. Surprise for me was The Okaysions - Little Miss Flirt - which is track that I have been playing for years from the groups ABC 33rpm jukebox E.P. but I never knew there was a different version on a 45. I have posted the ABC version on youtube as part of one of my DJ spots if anyone wants to give it a blast. Link to Ian's podcast - http://www.mixcloud.com/ianlevine35/solid-soul-sensations-ian-levines-twenty-second-northern-soul-podcast/ Link to Frosties DJ spot -
  7. Well said. Ian Levine has always been the guvnor, often imitated never equalled. Great to see him back. Love and best wishes from Chris Frost
  8. Just watched that Culture show on Northern Soul - Thought Paul Mason was a proper presenter and pretty cool with a love of the music. It makes a change from the usual carve up you get with these types of programmes. Clearly a bit of a promo for Elaine Constantine new film but none the worse for that. Nice to hear a few different tracks played on the sound track especially the brilliant TURLEY RICHARDS - I FEEL ALRIGHT - COLUMBIA might just play it on Sunday at The Ommaroo. My only gripe is the bit when Paul asked Fran Franklin whether the dance style came from the USA and she said no and trotted out that crap about Bruce Lee and Kung Fu. That misinformation was originally put out there by ace dancer Keb Darge who admittedly put some of that into his routines but that was long after the original mods created the style in the late 60's. Those original mods were almost entirely influenced by the visiting American soul acts that performed live at clubs like The Twisted Wheel. Some of these acts like The Vibrations were legendary dancers and performers and when they appeared in the UK they just blew away the audience with their footwork and acrobatics. Just watch this clip from Hollywood a-go-go especially the last minute and a half and you will see where it all came from
  9. Kev is absolutely right, definitely the real deal on this one. Ian (Levine) sent me a load of his stuff last year as part of a 1800 piece record swap and this was one of the records that he gave me. Chris Frost
  10. "I had a girl I thought was so good, the prettiest thing in the neighborhood, She ran around with other guys, breakin' my heart with all of her lies My room is only six by six, that cheatin' little woman put me in a fix. I killed her out of jealousy, I'm doing 25 years in the penitentiary."
  11. I have played the Joe Simon many times over the years and surprisingly not many seem to know it. I always get asked "what was that". Great track though and fairly unique in that there is only one verse which is just repeated to seem like two verses. I guess messrs Orange and Wilson just ran out of ideas!!
  12. Of course you are right I got my B B's Mixed up with my J J's. I know Carol did a lot of session work for Motown out in L.A. but certainly not on any of their Detroit sessions. Some of these session players were so prolific it must be difficult for them to remember what they did or did not play on. I guess they always remember the sessions that resulted in big hits but the more obscure stuff is probably just a blur. Also tracks were often rerecorded with different musicians or edited with more than one player or over many takes.
  13. Also if you have the time check out this feature on Carol Kaye - a true virtuoso and brilliant musician - Quite a dame in her day I reckon. http://www.snapshotsfoundation.com/index.php/articles/95-carol-kaye-interview-sp-26593
  14. The Frank Wilson connection is a popular misconception. The Frank Wilson that was Barry White's lifelong friend and some time musical collaborator is not the same one who we know and love for his Motown work. Barry's pal was a completely different chap. V Wilson is Vance Wilson who together with Frank, other brother Henry and David Cason performed as The Remarkables for Madelon Bakers' Audio Arts set up. He also recorded with Brother Vance as Frankie Vance for Revue records. As for the musicians on the Wagner record and also on the Bronco stuff they were part of that notorious L.A. studio outfit Tommy Tedesco's "Wrecking Crew". The bass hook on these records is laid down by the legendary Carol Kaye who together with The Funk Brothers James Jamerson was the most influential electric bass player of the 60's. I am sure most of you will have seen the Funk Brothers movie "Standing in the shadows" If you get the chance you must see the "Wrecking Crew" film. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jvXvTySfWMU
  15. I have just been playing the old - CHRIS BARTLEY - THE SWEETEST SIDE OF HEAVEN - VANDO - album and was struck by the similarity between Bartley's vocals and those of CHRIS (MARKE) JACKSON - I'LL NEVER FORGET YOU - JAMIE. could it be the same chap? Obviously Van McCoy was heavily involved with both recordings and they both have his trademark swirling strings and falsetto leads. What does the team think ? I have put up Chris's version of the Tony Talent track for comparison purposes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UcwLYgRhyrs
  16. There has been a bit of discussion on another thread about the original version of PEACE OF MIND - MAGNIFICENT MEN written by lead singer Dave Bupp. I thought others would find this very interesting (if it has not been put up before) not sure if the film was ever made/released but this trailer is brilliant.
  17. the get hep track i had played to several top d.j's and they didnt know it so covered it for fun . at end of the day tracks like this deserve air time far better than the same top 500 i hope you agree . as for the chose words no harm done mate That sounds about right - most DJ's are so 45rpm obsessed that they wouldn't recognise most of the album only killers out there. In addition to a vast collection of singles I have also collected albums since the early 70's and have often done DJ spots where I have played only obscure album tracks - causes much head scratching and puzzled looks from some of the punters. Interesting that someone mentioned the original version of Peace Of Mind by The Magnificent Men on this thread because they have recorded some brilliant album only Northern tracks also - KEEP ON CLIMBING and JUST WALK IN MY SHOES - for starters.
  18. Have to choose my words carefully here!!! Why would someone claim " Why did i lie " was originally played by me way back in the early 80's covered up as Riley Hampton when the record was and is quite common and generally well known by most collectors since the late 60's early 70's. Also the album only track GET HEP TO LOVE is also very well known and has been played at northern nights since the early 70's. I sold a copy to Ian Levine in '73 and he played it at the Mecca. Just goes to show that some of you out there think an unknown is just something you have never heard regardless of whether the rest of us know it. Perhaps I should come to one of your gigs and uncover all of your exclusives if they are as well known as these tracks.
  19. Never been booted and never on a styrene demo. The geezer is a chancer fight this all the way mate.
  20. Donnie Elbert wrote a ballad called - BABY WALK RIGHT IN - Which he registered with B.M.I. Originally from New Orleans Elbert was living in Buffalo N.Y. at this time and his friend and fellow Buffalo native Darrell Eubanks was looking for a song to launch his career. Elbert gave the song to Eubanks who took it to Revilot in Detroit, where he claimed the song was his own composition. He changed the title to OPEN THE DOOR TO YOUR HEART, upped the tempo, changed his name to Banks and had a huge hit. There was a protracted legal battle that was only settled just before Banks death. Although Elbert was proven to be the sole writer of the song 50% of the credits were attributed to Banks whose name appears on most writing credits when the song has been covered by other artists.
  21. Oh yeah - top bloke and top tune. I think if you are a man and you listen to soul music (especially the really sad emotional stuff about heartaches and break ups) you often put yourself into the position of the singer and pretend/imagine it is you that is singing. There is nothing quite as invigorating as a good old tearjerker. I like to listen to one every morning - sets me up for the day - Originals - Baby I'm For Real - usually hits the mark or perhaps Sam Fletcher - I'd Think It Over.
  22. Unlikely, it has never been about vocal talent it has always been about the right material and the right people pushing you. Although to the ears of most northern soul fans all of these Detroit underdogs sound fabulous, the fact is that the particular sound that we love did not find mass appeal Stateside and was always overshadowed by the mighty Motown machine. Banks did record what is, by most soul fans calculation, one of the top ten tunes of all time - OPEN THE DOOR TO YOUR HEART. But the fact that he stole this song from Donnie Elbert and then claimed authorship himself together with the manner of his demise leads me to suspect that he perhaps was not the nicest of men. Of course this is pure conjecture because none of us got to know the man himself so he might have been a lovely chap. Either way I feel he was always destined to be one of soul musics unsung heroes.
  23. Here is a video playing the aforementioned track - any know anything about it?
  24. Yes I have and here it is. Martin Scorsese I am not !!!

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