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  1. John Edwards Satin James Phelps Nate Evans Magnetics . In this order for me.
  2. Would be great if you could release the Paul Kelly as mentioned in the show.
  3. John Siret

    Poll: Version Battle - I Have No Choice

    Johnnie Mae Matthews for me. The others are good but Johnnie Mae Matthews is exceptional - beautiful piece of music.
  4. Nearly 5 hours long - a mixture of Northern 60's & 70's Soul.
  5. John Siret

    Mtume / Lucas Picks

    Stephanie Mills - Whatcha gonna do with my lovin '
  6. John Siret

    Poll: Version Battle - Not My Girl

    Both great but the Platters is the better vocal.
  7. Half hour early set 28/4/18 1.Ty Karim - All At Once 2.The Bee Jay's - I'll Find You 3.Tobi Lark - Happiness Is Here 4.Leon Ware with Minnie Riperton - Instant Love 5.Bobby Thurston - I Want Your Body 6.Anthony White - Yes, You Need Love 7.The Charisma Band - Ain't Nothing Like Your Love. 8.Little Dooley - It's Got To Be Now Or Never 9.Bobby Hutton - Come See What's Left Of Me 10.Sam Ward - Sister Lee very busy night.
  8. John Siret

    Between the Two 'take a little time' (super disco edits)

    Brought a copy a couple of weeks ago. Wanted to say thanks for posting the video hadn't seen that.
  9. Juno had one earlier in the week could ask if they are getting any more. I brought the Leon Ware from them which they still as of now have copies of. Prefer Leon Ware version + you get Instant Love on the flip side. Could check frequently cdjapan they sometimes have them there are a couple of sellers on this site who have listed titles from the series.
  10. John Siret

    soul on internet radio

    Kev Roberts is Saturday morning 10 - 12 on Solar radio, think its requests if remember correct.
  11. Was only reissued again a few weeks back. Hope it sells well but I ain't interested.
  12. John Siret

    Darrow Fletcher Secret Weapon

    If its on a Kent cd then obviously Kent have the rights to it.
  13. John Siret

    Witney Soul Club early set @ Christmas gig

    Hello Tom Great records played all night & all different ! Banbury was a fantastic night & very busy. See you soon, John
  14. I like looking at playlists so thought post up my part of early doors slot. Tata Vega - I Need You Now Eddie Kendricks - Date With The Rain Bloodstone - Just Wanna Get The Feel Of It The Adorables - Ooh Boy Buddy Lamp - Save Your Love Cody Black - I'm Slowly Molding The Volumes - That Same Old Feeling Ronnie McNeir - Isn't She A Pretty Girl Belita Woods - Magic Corner Rose Battiste - Hit And Run The Originals - I'm Someone Who Cares


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