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  1. Top job from Boston Spas finest! Superb stuff fellas Josh
  2. Event Title: Limetree Festival:- Live Soul + Funk,plus Northern,Jazz, Reggae +loads more... Event Author: kelvinx Calendar: Allnighter/Weekenders Event Date: Fri 26 August 2011 ------------------------------------------------- If you fancy something different check this out... Limetree Festival voted no1 festival by the Guardian for live funk and soul... Yorkshire's funkiest and friendiest festival, Limetree in G..
  3. kelvinx

    Soul & Motown Nights

    Ive never understood a music policy being described as "strictly across the board"...seems a contradiction imho.
  4. kelvinx

    York Soul Club

    Some pics from last week and a few from May can be found at
  5. Loads of pics from the weekend here...
  6. kelvinx

    Soulboy - The Movie. You've Seen It So . .

    My expectations were pretty low but i thought it was worth 6/10...Its been a long time but i thought they did a good job of recreating the casino and liked the old footage mixed in. I was a bit irritated that the first tune heard was "Tiger Feet".Even the credits at the end didnt have a soundtrack...what a waste. The story wasnt great,the dance off was cr+p and whole thing wasnt a patch on "Once upon a time in Wigan".However ..
  7. kelvinx

    York Soul Club 5Th Feb

    For whats its worth i think the more funk based sounds are musically a breath of fresh air to the scene and its great to hear some getting played at progressive northern venues....Anything that gets the younger crowd interested has got to be a bonus as well..Also great to hear Gibby play Roy Roberts - You Move me on Saturday...
  8. kelvinx

    York Soul Club 5Th Feb

    Some pics from last night...
  9. kelvinx

    There Was A Time - Kennedy's, York

    Looking forward to blowing away the xmas cobwebs A list dj times would be grand if poss
  10. Some pics from December and November can be found here
  11. kelvinx

    Detroit Sounds Of Friction

    Intro = Brilliant Vocal = Brilliant Chorus = Brilliant Middle bit = Brilliant Fade out = Brilliant Even the name DETROiT SOUNDS OF FRICTION is firkin brilliant. imvho
  12. kelvinx

    York Soul Club

    A belting,sweltering night at York Soul Club... Some pics here
  13. kelvinx


    Another point to consider from a punters view... PROMOTERS PLEASE TAKE NOTE When 2 events clash plenty of punters fear numbers will be low at both.Instead of going to one or the other they dont go to either...
  14. kelvinx

    York Soul Club 2Nd July

    Pics are on website but please be aware there a few that may not be suitable for those of nervous disposition... You have been warned http://www.yorksoulc...ttingMessy.html more at
  15. kelvinx

    There Was A Time - Kennedy's Bar, York

    First visit to this venture for me and had a great night.I think what made it special was the fact that it is not overly publised in the bar upstairs so its more of a word of mouth event, so although it was very busy it was a really mixed audience. Many of the younger crowd are probably just going out of curiosity for an hour or so but hopefully will be back and could support other events in the city as well.... I think it..