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  1. Dave Godin Interview

    Message for you, Barry.
  2. Dave Godin Interview

    Mmm, yes you're right. To be fair to Dave, he wasn't doing that well wen I met him. His memory was fuzzy and I had to go and redo a few things because he admitted he couldn't always remember that well.
  3. Dave Godin Interview

    Hi there, I'd just put up an interview with Dave Godin that I did in 1998, not long before he passed away. Thought some of you chaps might find it of interest. It's here >
  4. George Kerr

    Hi there. Anyone know if George Kerr is still about and contactable? I'm trying to trace him for an interview if anyone has any leads. Thanks.
  5. Richard Searling Contact

    Hi there. Does anybody know how I can get in touch with Richard? It's for an interview. Thanks.
  6. This England Documentary

    Does anyone the name of the bearded fella featured in the This England documentary about Wigan? |I don't think it mentions his name but he talks about having a stall on Bury Market selling 45s.
  7. Pics Of Ian Levine And Colin Curtis

    Thanks chaps! Keep 'em coming. And, Ian, I've still got that comp for ya mate! Gimme a shout next time you're in town
  8. Pics Of Ian Levine And Colin Curtis

    Hello there. I run the DJhistory website (www.djhistory.com) and over the years we've done quite a few interviews with old northern DJs and we're gradually putting them all online. At the moment we've got Colin Curtis', Ian Dewhirst's and Levine's up there: ...
  9. Collecting Stories

    What are the most extreme stories of collecting you've heard about? Not necessarily the most money you've paid for something, but the funniest story, the most extreme methods you've used to acquire a record?
  10. Preacher Caston

    Hi Tenyu, no it's definitely Love Is The Message. I've got it on a CD-R but I've never seen the actual 45 and the guy who recorded it for me sold his collection... I strongly suspect it came from Beatin' Rhythm since this guy was always shopping in there.
  11. Preacher Caston

    Hello there. Has anybody ever heard of an artist called Preacher Caston? I was given a mix by a friend several years ago and the best song on the mix was a tune called Love Is The Message (no relation to the MFSB of the same name). It's gospel, but with...
  12. Reading All-dayers

    Cheers, Col, interesting stuff...
  13. Reading All-dayers

    Anybody know the story about Cockney mick and the Reading all-dayers in 77? Is it true he got escorted out of ther building by Chris Hill after an altercation on the decks?
  14. Belgium Popcorn Music

    Thanks. I found that stuff myself already, though. I meant anyone with first hand-ish knowledge of it, really. Thanks anyway.
  15. Belgium Popcorn Music

    Don't know if there are any Belgian collectors on here, but I was wondering if anybody knew much about this music. I know it's kind of similar to northern (and also Beach music, too), but they also played ska stuff and jazz, too, but guys like Major Lance and...