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    Not sure what to put here -  A 100 Club regular for many years, although I don't get down there as much as I used to (Life gets in the way don't it?) My 'Golden Years' were the 90's - Winsford, Wilton, The 100 Club, Albrighton, The Ritz Manchester (Boxing night was fantastic!), along with the few various Soul nights that were dotted about - A time when we all went to the same places / and there was respect between promoters i'm still 'doing it' as much as I can, it's not the same as it was for me, but I still make the most of when I do go out! The best scene / the best people! Cheers, Len 

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    Len Dopson
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    The Debonaires - How's Your New Love Treating You

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  1. until

    Fire pit is out (I think) Nice set Simon - Now for Pete C..... It's been a great day, thanks guyz. Len
  2. until

    I think Simon did that on purpose! Len
  3. until

    I'll post a couple of 'fire' pics soon - I got to DJ in a bit Len
  4. until

    ......"Robert Tanner - Tune! Do you like this one Tabitha?"......."Yes"......."Brilliant! This is a beautiful tune"........"I thought you were talking about the crisps"........ We're no match for Smokey Bacon flavour Monster Munch guyz Len
  5. until

    Don't forget Mick - 'BootlegLenny' isn't me either! 'The original' Len
  6. until

    I just lit our fire pit thanks to you - Been sitting out there listening with my 11 year old daughter (Tabitha). I have a can o' Bud / She has a lemonade in a wine glass Fire and Northern Soul - You can't beat it! Len
  7. until

    And now my day is complete - A thoroughly enjoyable, sincere introduction to tonight's proceedings by Pete Crampton (I panicked that I'd missed his smooth introduction earlier today) Right - Sir Bob time! Len
  8. until

    A fantastic opening hour of the All-nighter - Thanks Wilxy. I wish it was a bit louder, alas Mrs D wanted the blo*dy sausepan back! 'The Dopson' family sat down to dinner listening to your set Wilxy. My leg was tapping and apparently did something else (Still a mystery to me) Great start - Really nice music Len
  9. until

    'SWITCH' - See you on the All-nighter thread.....Wilxy is up right now Fab requests all day - We really enjoyed them. Len
  10. until

    3 minutes until The All-nighter - And we're already here anyway! A great day's music, thanks to everyone's fantastic requests. Enjoy the All-nighter! Len
  11. until

    I'm gonna get the show on my phone and ('Top Tip' here) I shall put my phone in a sauspan - No need for new fangled Blue Tooth Speakers when a sauspan does the job! Enjoy the day everyone Len
  12. until

    Hi Martin, Tom, and all - It took ages to blo*dy park, so we were 4 mins late! Did I miss Pete C's smooth introduction, or is that for later tonight? 'Little Anthony' - I'm off to dance! Len
  13. until

    2 minutes until doors fly open! See you in there. Len
  14. until

    I've just done my texts and smoke signals to friends - All looking forward to it. Let me know what time you want picking up Johnny, and don't worry, I presumed we would be stopping off for a cuppa at the Bury care home on the way Len
  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Martyn. As for everyone having Birthdays during these strange times - I hope you can go out to celebrate next year's Birthday All the best, Len

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