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  1. Northern PhanTom

    Cream Cracker Soul Club 10th Anniversary - Penultamate

    Wow what a night, Kev after ten years think you have finally reached perfection. Not sure if you planned it or it was a stroke of good luck but for me having Andy Martin & Coops kick off the night with two outstanding spots of "Across the Board" quality is what CC has been crying out for. Followed on with cracking spots of 60's Rare, Underplayed Oldies with a dab of RnB came messr's Ian James, Smiggy, Nige & Al Shaw. Followed by some young eager enthusiastic chap who for the last 10 years has put himself out to provide us with some great nights aka The Cream Cracker. Not sure about those ultimate pens you was selling as didn't spot any myself lol. Here's to your next 10 years in what ever guise to decide to continue. This is one Jacob that went home well entertained. ATB Tom
  2. Northern PhanTom

    Pure Soul at Hartshill sportsclub

    Cheers Rob/Rob see you Saturday.
  3. Northern PhanTom

    Pure Soul at Hartshill sportsclub

    Hi Rob, what times kick off and where's best place to park. Cheers Tom
  4. Northern PhanTom

    sonic soul december 2011 flyer

    © Sonic Soul

  5. Northern PhanTom

    sonic soul october 2011 flyer

  6. Northern PhanTom

    sonic soul september 2011 flyer

    © Sonic Soul

  7. Northern PhanTom

    Sonic Soul Playlist

    Great sets and to echo what Ray said, nice to see the efforts in posting your play lists. Tom
  8. Northern PhanTom

    Sonic Soul Club, Lutterworth

    Thanks for kicking off the thread Rob, also for playing my requests on the night especially "The Pussycats" not heard that one out since Tony's @ Blackburn in the early nineties. What a Brilliant night of tunage, spine tingling or what! Our two guest DJ's Molly & Steve Scotney were superb, backed up by regulars Rob Gray, Moldie, Ralph Forster & Pat Wallace, who between them belted out a full across the board selection of gems. It wasn't just the quality of the tunes which were played, it was also the passion by all DJ's in presenting them, with all their energy and input, one things for sure, the soul scene is still alive and kicking. Big thanks to the traveling army of souls who once again created a great buzz on the night. Just like the tunage its not quantity that counts, but quality. See you all next month Tom
  9. Sonic Soul Lutterworth A passion for soul music essential Raincoat, umbrella and wellIes optional. Lol See you all l8r Tom
  10. Don't forget your leopardskin umbrella! Rolleyes Tom
  11. You had better bring your big box in case someone don't turn up. lol plus it will give me something to eat my chips off or a seat whilst we are waiting for Pat to open the door. lol lol what's the odds of it NOT raining? Tom
  12. Plus a written letter of permission from home. Not a self written forgery either Ralph, Not like when you used to bunk off school Sports so you could go for a crafty drag at the back of the bike shed. Lol Tom
  13. Three requests Moldie from your outstanding plays @ Wellingboro' please. Ringleaders Bud Harper Harvey Averne


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