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  1. also has the best sound system around
  2. wildtiga

    Movin' On A Groove

    turning out to be one of the best sunday sessions around, hits all the right spots
  3. the hottest place to be on the 19th Jan, in the cowshed
  4. thanks steve s 60 i saw it after i asked the question lol
  5. what time does this start ??
  6. let me have some flyers and i'll drop some at venues for you
  7. wildtiga

    Manhattan Lounge - Harrogate

    Natasha Watts & the Legendary DJ Ginger Taylor under 1 roof on the same night plus some great pictures from Terry Kneeshaw, a night not to be missed
  8. wildtiga

    Manhattan Lounge - Harrogate

    tickets going well for this one, should be another good crowd in the modern room
  9. wildtiga

    Movin' On A Groove

    looking forward to this one
  10. wildtiga

    Outwood’s Got Soul

    whos the dj's for this one ?
  11. wildtiga

    Manhattan Lounge - Harrogate

    if this is anything like the one in august, this will be another great night, all 3 rooms then were buzzing, and Louise Mehan of Soulutions topped the night off with a great performance...cant wait for October and Natasha Watts
  12. wildtiga

    Manhattan Lounge - Harrogate

    The 3rd of our live acts for 2018, the fabulous voice of Natasha Watts, fresh back from touring america. You really are in for a treat, this powerful Female soul artist with a big powerful voice, just for you at the Manhattan Lounge. 3 rooms of soul , Northern, Modern & the new "Harlem room" which went down a storm in august. Our Guest DJ in the Northern Room, is none other than the legendary "Ginger Taylor" , get your tickets early, as this will surely be a packer £5 reserve tickets.. Nigel 07957 465223 Doors open 5pm
  13. wildtiga

    Manhattan Louge - Harrogate

    Louise Mehan ( Soulutions) live on stage @ 9pm, if you've not heard her amazing voice, your missing out... promises to be a great night in all 3 rooms
  14. wildtiga

    Manhattan Louge - Harrogate

    be good to see you all, what a night this will be
  15. wildtiga

    Soul In The Wardrobe

    shorty bringing some soulful tunes all the way from manchester, always a great day

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