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  1. Early doors warm up. I think it lasted 2hrs before we were relieved, nearly cleaned the box out! No particular order. Linda Griner Goodbye cruel love Vonciel Myers It won’t be easy The Chantelles & The Aqua Lads I’ll never know Mandrill Too late Johnny Bartel If this isn’t love Paul Smith I’ll run The Tiffany’s Happiest girl in the world The Shirelles Look away Marva Josie I love New York The Stereophonics Run on little girl The Barons A teardrop fell for me Marilyn Calloway Shut up The Exits Under the street lamp The Me
  2. Here’s our’s Glen. Early doors, so quite a few. Sugar Lumps Won’t you help me Johnnie Taylor Blues in the night Milt Grayson Your old standby Mousie & the Traps How about you Minzi Berry Don’t you dare to cry The Turnarounds Ain’t nothing shaking The Foxes Mighty good sign Sharon McMahan Love is wonderful The Embers First time Barry White Tracey Bud Harper Wherever you were The Star Dolls & Astro’s Nothing can change Harriet Laverne A letter to my love Doty Roy You got my boy The Other Ones Girl in the shade of
  3. Looking forward to the first one of 2019. Always a great mix of music!
  4. It's time for our annual Christmas party at the RAFA club. As usual, music will be across the board but with a tendency towards rare & underplayed 60's. Events start early at 3.00pm with open decks until 6.30. Main deejays on the night are Glen Walton, Steve Wilson, Col Denham, Pete Gardiner, Roddy Brass and Melvin McShane. Both the Edinburgh lads played some top quality stuff last time and we're all looking forward to their return. As usual, entrance is £3 on the door. Events finish when everyone goes home. Cheap bar prices, a friendly atmosphere and something a bit different, what more d
  5. Anyone got a copy for sale? Any condition considered. Thanks
  6. Once again we are having another night at this great little venue. As usual, music will tend towards rare and underplayed 60's with some oldies, crossover and R n B. DJ's on the night are Sean Wigley Smith, Glen Walton, Steve Wilson, Col Denham plus others. The club has a nice intimate atmosphere with a friendly crowd, cheap bar prices and easy access. Hopefully you'll hear something different. Events start at 7.00 pm and finish when everyone's gone. Entrance is £3 on the door.
  7. Second time at this venue for us. It's a great little club that's big enough to create a good atmosphere but still feels intimate. The music policy tends towards rare and underplayed without forgetting classics and current favourites, all on original vinyl. DJ's on the night are Glen Walton, Steve Wilson, Col Denham plus others. Entrance is £3 on the door, events start at 7pm and finish at 2am (at the earliest). It's Glen's birthday, so things will probably be lively. Hope to see you there! Address is Bishop Auckland RAFA club 43 Cockton Hill Road Bishop Auckland DL14
  8. Despite the rave reviews for the last event, we've decided to have another one. "Industrial Ceramics Monthly described the last event as "The best one yet, held at Bishop Auckland Rugby Club this year". Narrow Boating Weekly said "Fantastic music, I had severe arthritis in one knee but just had to dance. Now I'm cured". As usual, this is a free night as we're just having a piss up. DJ's on the night are, Glen Walton, Steve Wilson, Col Denham, Bob Armstrong, Steve Hadden & a few others. Original vinyls only, bar open till everyone goes home, nothing too serious. Everyone tries to play somet
  9. deardrooper

    Soul Uprising

    We're really going to make an effort to try and get to this event. Checked out the playlist and thought it was a superb blend of quality soul music from all genres. It's good to see someone trying to break down the barriers and push the boundaries of what's played at soul music events. Hope it leaves everyone wanting more!
  10. deardrooper

    Soul Uprising

    What a fantastic coup, will be great to meet Lamont Dozier. Will he be doing a live set?
  11. We are having our Easter party at Bishop Auckland Rugby Club. Anyone who wants to join us are more than welcome. As usual, there will be a varied selection of music and hopefully you might hear something new. D.j's on the night are Bob Armstrong, Mike Mcgannon, Steve Wilson, Glen Walton plus a few others. Events start at 7.30 and finish when people have had enough. It's always good to meet different people, so hopefully we may see some new faces.
  12. Apologies but we've had to cancel due to the snow, getting to the venue is ok but getting away will be a problem. We are all completely pissed off! Very sorry for the short notice!
  13. In order to celebrate the festive season, we are having another get together at Bishop Auckland Rugby Club. Anybody who wants to join us is more than welcome. Entry is free as usual so if you want to hear something a bit different, pop along. DJ's on the night are Glen Walton, Col Denham, Steve Wilson, Bob Armstrong and Mike McGannon (plus others). Events start at 7.30 and finish when everyone has had enough. Hopefully everyone can join us and help us celebrate!
  14. Everybody welcome at this free soul night. Glen Walton and friends will be playing their usual variety of classic, rare and obscure soul. Hopefully you might hear some new sounds that get the pulses racing. Dj's for the night are Glen Walton, Steve Wilson, Col Denham & Paul Shoulder plus a few local collectors. Events start at 7.00pm and finish about 2am (ish), entry is free. Bring an open mind or a bucket of warm tar and a bag of feathers! Address is:- Bishop Auckland Rugby Club, West Mills Playing fields, Bishop Auckland, DL14 7PA
  15. If you're looking for something different, why not come along to Bishop Auckland Rugby Club. Glen Walton, Steve Wilson, Paul Shoulder, Nev & Nancy Griffiths and various others will be playing a fantastic variety of soul music. They'll be playing anything they think deserves a listen. All got great taste for different things so you should hear something out of the ordinary. Entry is free as it's just an excuse for us to enjoy ourselves. Proceedings start at 7pm and finish at 2am (or later) The address is West Mills Playing Fields, Bridge Road, Bishop Auckland, DL14 7PA

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