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  1. Nella Dodds - Honey Boy, Wand Demo

    Pricing to sell - Reduced to £300. Grab a bargain for this quality tune. I have not seen a demo version for sale in recent times.
  2. Hi, Copy of my Nella Dodds - Honey boy for sale. This is on a VG++/Ex Wand demo, slight red writing & US DJ label sticker £400 + postage. Cheers Paul
  3. Notre Dame Hall Leicester Sq

    Kev - I think Greg Fay has the honour of getting phoned up still every other day by Kieron. If you ever want to go round and visit him, give me a shout and I will come with you> Paul
  4. I have a copy for sale of: The People's Choice - Savin' my lovin' for you / Easy to be true - Palmer (P-5020), Promo Copy Condition: Vinyl: Ex/VG++, Label nice and clean Price: Offers This copy recently came from the states and therefore h...
  5. Subway Soul, Waterloo, 100 Club Warm Up

    I'll be there Paul. Glad to hear it Paul. I'll buy you a beer Paul. Thats great mate. Thanks alot. Will you stop talking to yourself though Paul, only if the other fookers turn up. ok mate. Paul
  6. I was going through my records last night ready for a set this Saturday at Subway Soul, Lower Marsh, Waterloo . I always have thought I have in comparison no records of substance when I think about my DJ heros - Clarkey, Guy, Keb come to mind in particular. ...
  7. This Saturday 9th July brings the 2nd Subway Soul nite down in the basement at the Scooter Cafe, Lower Marsh, Waterloo (5 mins from the stn/tube) DJs: Jeff Valle, Paul Franklin, Big Tony, Val Palmer. Playing across the board range of Northern, Mode...
  8. Subway Soul at the Scooter Cafe, Waterloo

    This Saturday sees the 2nd 'Subway Soul' do DJs: Jeff Valle, Paul Franklin, Big Tony, Val Palmer. Playing a selection of across the board Soul - 60s, 70s, Modern, Northern, R&B Start 7:30 - 12:00. Entrance is free. The Scooter Cafe, used to be a fully functioning Scooter Shop (Scooter Works). The owner then discovered he had a good passing trade from his drinks served from his Italian 1950s coffee machine and switched over to a full time cafe. In the meantime he decided to dig out his basement and let a bit of music be played. The basement has a wooden dancefloor and a few chairs/tables scattered around. Lots of cats just seem to wander around - Soul Cats obviously. Lower Marsh is about 5/10 min walk from Waterloo Stn & tube. Also quite close to Lambeth North tube Pop down for a beer (they sell an interesting selection) and head down to 100 Club after.
  9. Notre Dame Hall Leicester Sq

    I've still got most of my memberships, along with bags of flyers and a matching set of youth travel card photos!
  10. Notre Dame Hall Leicester Sq

    Hi Gary mate - I think you have remembered more than I have forgot (then all the tunes come flooding back). Hello to Mark and Ion too. They were certaintly good times. I seem to recollect that it was probably some of us that got the venue (notre dame) s...
  11. And you mate. 2 days to go and counting...
  12. Dave - Really looking forward to this. I am going to really dig deep for a neat selection of semi-knowns, a splash of oldies and sprinkle of X-over. I had the pleasure to spin at the last Rethink do and we had a cracking night with a really friend...
  13. 2010-04-04: Stafford, Fancy Another One ?

    Certaintly thought I should get a photo with the legend.
  14. 2010-04-04: Stafford, Fancy Another One ?

    Hi Mace, If any record dealers turn up charging 1980's prices please could you ask them to PM me in advance! lol ;-) Can't wait for it. Paul