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  1. Nice, Carl. Thanks for letting us know ITV did a good piece just now on Good Morning with Lisa Stansfield.
  2. My sis was an original member for about the first 4 years & I clearly remember her saying that about the front near the stage. I also remember her saying most left the floor when Granada showed up with their cameras but then I suppose if you were there the same night & didn't see that you may think it didn't happen. A lot of how something is remembered can come down to personal perspectives.
  3. Take a look at the Facebook cinema group (link in original post) & then arrange/propose a screening on the OurScreen website, yourself. That's how the vast majority of screenings have happened with this film ; people taking control & generating the demand. Good luck!
  4. That's mostly why I'm taking my 19 yr old son on Sunday, Ian. He only thinks of Northern Soul as 'Dad dancing' as came to a club I was running a few years back & it was full of us old'uns
  5. Great insight into Elaine's passion.. http://youtu.be/_XdPvqEfJzE
  6. I can still remember going to an alldayer at the Top Rank Reading, about late 70's I think.
  7. Kudos to all on here who have set up a screening at your local cinema. If you're also on Facebook, why not share your event info on the official Northern Soul the film's page & it will be added to the big list here: http://bit.ly/NorthernSoulCinemas Also, if your local Soul Club has a Facebook group, bung it in there too & make an Event for it & invite your friends
  8. Good to see it's got us all nattering again Just to get back on track to the title of the thread, The Prince Charles off Leicester Square have confirmed they've SOLD OUT the 9pm screening & therefore have extended a 18:10 performance to accommodate public demand! Here's the link to their page for buying tickets: http://www.princecharlescinema.com/events/events.php?seasonanchor=northernsoul Batten down the hatches!
  9. The Prince Charles Cinema, just off Leicester Square in London has just agreed to schedule 7 screenings of Northern Soul! On Friday, October 17th there will be one especially scheduled for 21:00 to serve as as a warm-up for the 100 CLUB PARTY which Ady & Elaine are hosting to celebrate the film's official release. The Screen on the Green in Islington will be doing the same - so you'll have the choice of two that night! Here's the complete listing for The Prince Charles & links to buy tickets: http://www.princecharlescinema.com/events/events.php?seasonanchor=northernsoul A
  10. The Cinema list over on Facebook appears to be getting updated daily now & as it includes links to where to buy tickets. The link again is: https://www.facebook.com/notes/northern-soul-the-film/cinemas-showing-northern-soul/706097146133178 For anyone on the South East coast, The Dome cinema in Worthing, West Sussex confirmed yesterday that it will now be showing the film & tickets are available directly from their online box office: http://www.domecinema.co.uk/films-out-now/ Friday 17th @22:00 is on the main screen (screen 1) & the other 2 dates are upstairs on screen 2
  11. Have just posted an up to date list of cinemas in the other thread on here. If you need to buy tickets for any of them, use the Facebook page as it has 'Book Now' links: https://www.facebook.com/notes/northern-soul-the-film/cinemas-showing-northern-soul/706097146133178

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