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  1. oficrete


    Always thought you were a bit of a mincer Pete See you Saturday
  2. Come on soul people this event is for a good cause Mark is lucky to still be with us after a serious road traffick accident , hopefully he will be back behind the decks at the park in the near future . Thanks to Andy and Tina and all the dj's for putting this day together and also a big thank you to Mandy from the Park for her help without it this would not be happening .
  3. oficrete

    Soul At The Park

    Great to see Bill Murray back . Love his taste in music always a great set . Really looking forward to Sunday
  4. Going to be a great day lots of people coming as no work Monday .Nice and friendly club with great mixture from RnB Underplayed,modern and oldies
  5. oficrete


    Some of my best ever night's and also one that was the coldest night I have ever been to .Going to miss the place .
  6. oficrete


    Unfortunately these big company's are only interested in a quick profit and have no intention of keeping the building for use by the local community.
  7. oficrete

    northern soul night

    Really lucking forward to this event .Run by Mark and Paula who have a great knowledge of soul music between them .Very easy to get to venue . This is a brand new event so why not give it a try
  8. oficrete

    Soul At The Park

    look forward to hearing them mark
  9. oficrete

    Soul At The Park

    Ps what's new Mark ? Or will we have to wait ?
  10. oficrete

    Soul At The Park

    Looking forward to this event .Great turn out at the last one with people traveling from as far as Wolverhampton and Yorkshire ! Growing in popularity . Well done Andy and Tina
  11. Spot on . Leave the bidding game to eBay .
  12. oficrete

    "Soul At The Park" 2016

    Look forward to seeing you and Paula mate , seems like ages . Taking the day day off work so that I can enjoy the full day . Always a great event with top sounds from Carole McCarthy , Mark Bryany , Tina and Andy and guests . Give it a try and I'm sure you would come back
  13. oficrete

    "Soul At The Park" 2016

    Looking forward to another great Sunday at the Park . Great mixture of music and fantastic hosts in Andy and Tina . See you Sunday
  14. Looking forward to another great night at the Trimple . Always a great night with Dereck,Garry , playing a good mixture of soul .
  15. oficrete

    “Soul At The Park”

    See you all later on . Looking forward to another great day

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