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  1. tinytim007

    Some For Sale

    Soundfiles form the copys Bottom & Company(MOWTWON) A: Love Pains B:Spread The News VG++ 50 Euro http://www.divshare.com/download/25180635-f6c Bottom & Company (MOWTOWN,white Promo) A: You’re MY Live B: You’re MY Live VG 30 Euro http://www.divshare.com/download/25180642-48b Noble "Thin Man" Watts (BATON) A: Hot Tamales B: Flap Jack VG 30 Euro http://www.divshare.com/download/25180638-5fb BIG MAYBELLE (SAVOY) A: THAT'S A PRETTY GOOD LOVE B: Candy VG++ 40 Euro http://www.divshare.com/download/25180639-8db INVICTUS A: New Babe (Since I Found You) B: Cotton Candy Lane VG++ 20 Euro http://www.divshare.com/download/25180633-50d Payment via Paypal Shipment to germany 3,50, Rest of the World 5,50 Euro
  2. tinytim007

    Frances Faye - Summertime Vg+

    Frances Faye - Summertime/Mad about the Boy (Capitol F2842) VG+ 75 Euro http://www.divshare.com/download/25087145-f3e
  3. tinytim007

    Popcorn, R&b

    Bobby Darin - SIMILAU/Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (ATCO) - VG++, 45 Euro Ruth Brown - Sweet Baby of Mine/I'm getting right VG++(ATLANTIC) 40 Euro Peyton Park - Blue Norther/BDA Mouth (ALTA) VG (WOL) 40 Euro James Duncon - Too Hot Too Hold/Out of Sight (KING) VG++ 20 Euro Registred Shipment 5 Euro all over the world Paypament: Paypal as Gift
  4. tinytim007

    Popcorn R&b 45

    Lavern Baker - Love Me Right (Atlantic) VG+ 30 Euro Freddy And The Jades - Too Much (RcA-Promo) VG+ 30 Euro Louis Armstrong - Spooks (Brunswick) VG+ 40 Euro Joe Tex - Wanna Thank me Woman (Dial) EX 20 Euro Swing a Little-Kim a Little VG+ (German Cigarettes Promotion VG+ 15 Euro Rita — Erotica/Sexologie (Barclay) VG+ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RnuLLS0Rhw 20 Euro clips are not from the copys paypal pls 5,50 Euro Shipmet international
  5. tinytim007

    Mack Rice: ”Baby im coming Home” SORTED

    iam interested in Thurston Harris: ”One scotch, one bourbon, one beer”, Aladdin, EX 25 possible to get a reduction
  6. tinytim007

    Lavern Baker Batman To The Rescue

    Lavern Baker Batman to the rescue (Brunswick) VG+ 100 Euro
  7. All Records are originals, has some scratches, Sounfiles are from the records, Hear what you get, Payment via Paypal, Feel free to ask! Barbara Lynn — I'm A Good Woman/Running Black (Strong Vg) — Tribe + 65 Euro http://www.divshare.com/download/19732978-4b9 Curtis Knight — Little Doe — Doe/Your're Gonna Be Sorry (VG-, WOL) — Shell + 50 Euro http://www.divshare.com/download/19732962-d39 Annisteen Allen — Fujiyama Mama/Wheels of Love (Strong Vg) — Capitol + 45 Euro http://www.divshare.com/download/19732971-13d Ella Fitzgerald — Get Ready/Open Your Window (Vg+) — reprise + 40 Euro http://www.divshare.com/download/19732974-b42 Al Saxon — Evil Eye/What More Can I Say (VG+ without Center) — Piccadilly + 50 Euro http://www.divshare.com/download/19732966-16e Jackie Riggs — His Gold Will Melt/The Great Pretender (VG+) — Media + 30 Euro http://www.divshare.com/download/19732984-d0d Jeanette (Baby) Washington — Move On/Too Late (Strong VG) — Neptun + 40 Euro http://www.divshare.com/download/19732999-493 Marvin & Johnny — Mamo Mamo/Ding Dong Baby (VG+) — Specialty + 40 Euro http://www.divshare.com/download/19732997-9bf Xavier Cugat — Watermelon Man/Swingin Shepard Blues (VG+) — Mercury + 40 Euro http://www.divshare.com/download/19733003-26d Bo Diddley — Greatest Lover In The World/Surfers' love (VG+) — Checker + 35 Euro http://www.divshare.com/download/19732979-0d9 Carol Fran — I'm Gonna Try/Crying In The Chapel (VG) — Port + 30 Euro http://www.divshare.com/download/19732996-2f9
  8. tinytim007

    David Hill + Wild Child + Vg++

    ich glaub nicht mehr er ist mit der esther philips zufrieden
  9. tinytim007

    David Hill + Wild Child + Vg++

    David Hill A: Wild Child B: Big Guitar Label: RCA Victor VG++ 130 Euro inlclusive shipment (offers a welcome) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uzz1VqXztBw
  10. Mike Berry & The Innocents A: Oh My Mind Label: His Masters Choice (little lable damage) Condition: VG (-) (many scratches, some surfoice noise, but plays very well without skips) http://www.divshare....ad/18867271-18b (taken from the record) 40 Euro The Deltas A: Work Song B: My Own True Love Label: Philips Condition: NM unplayed stock copy http://www.divshare....ad/18867284-ac8 (taken from the record) = SOLD 65 Euro Milton Grayson - It Ain't Necessarily So Label: Keen (Promo) Condition: VG+ light scratches, plays great, stemp on the label = SOLD (not taken from the record) 65 Euro
  11. tinytim007

    4 Popcorn, R&b For Sale

    Bobby Scott - Pity The Poor Poor Man VG+ (Sticker on Label) - ABC Paramount - 50 Euro Billy Duke - Timbuctu NM - 20 th Fox - VG++ to NM - 50 Euro Al Saxon - Evil Eye - Piccadilly Records - NM 50 Euro Frankie Vaugahn - Pity The Poor Poor Man VG (decent sourface noise) - 50 Euro Shipment 5 Euro all over the world
  12. tinytim007

    Chee Chee & Peppy + The Crystals

    The Crystals - Let's Dance The Screw PI + PII Phillies Records (blue label) VG+ 40 Euro inklusive shipmet (open for offers)
  13. tinytim007

    Chee Chee & Peppy + The Crystals

    Chee Chee and Perry I Know I'm in Love My Love Will Never Fade Away semi unkonwon Jackson Five style floor filler double sider VG+ 30 Euro inclusive shipment http://www.divshare....ad/17171582-60e http://www.divshare....ad/17171570-b4a soundfile is taken from the record
  14. Jimmy Clanton - Cindy (ACE) VG++ 50 Euro inkl. shippment
  15. http://www.ebay.de/sch/kermit_tim/m.html?item=170798542986&sspagename=STRK%3AMESELX%3AIT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649&_trksid=p4340.l2562


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