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  1. I'm absolutely made up to be asked to be a resident. GGC has always been about playing exciting and different tunes and was the reason so many of us kept coming back for more. I'll do my best to keep that tradition going along with one eye on the floor. Dr Pickles
  2. For me, the whole funky edged, raw 60's, underplayed scene that I love, started with Middleton, Burnley and a tiny club in Coventry called Move On. Move On was run by Adam Topping & Matt Male I had been moving away from oldies nights and playing my own sound in backrooms for a little while when Johnny Fingers said to me "you need to get yourself to Move On". He said he had arranged a spot for me and off I went with a box of my sounds. On a freezing cold Friday I drove from Somerset to Coventry unsure of what I would find. Move On was like a collective of lost souls and I was greeted with open arms. We all had similar tastes, there were very few cover ups and we swapped sounds like mad. We were all looking for something different. To listen to sets where you only knew 2 in 25 records was very exciting. The scene changed dramatically for us after that. Modern rooms were sidelined for uptempo underplayed sounds which led to nights just for our music and saw the birth of Empty Bottles, That Driving Beat, Ghetto Soul, Top of The Stairs and Soul Funktion. Saturday 13th Feb sees a lot of the friends coming back together to play, dance and listen to some very exciting music. I'll be celebrating a friendship that started on that cold Friday night, trying to carry the decks and speakers down an ice coated set of stairs. We'll have a laugh but the music will be serious Everyone's invited, see you there. Dr Pickles
  3. Have a read of this, from some well known SS names, before the night is even on ........... https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/609149172529061/615503468560298/?notif_t=group_comment ATB Doc
  4. Ezzie Answer your PM's. Doc
  5. I think I'm starting to find my mojo again. I'm loving the new funk edge stuff we play but it was great to immerse myself in some dark and dirty R&B on Saturday. Got ourselves based in the Pow Wow room and ended staying in there most of the night Great new room with a low ceiling that had the hours flashing by. Loads of great tunes from DJ's that looked like they were engaged with and bouncing off the dancers and loving it. Great set up with the decks so close to the dance floor, that created a vibe from DJ to dancer and back again. Many thanks to all involved. Doc
  6. Oh Pete, you'd be surprised what else some of us listen to. I'm not suggesting it's played out, I just thought it was interesting.
  7. Philistine. I like it and it reminds me of mid to late 70's funk. I'll be looking forward to Saturday and your unique view on the soul scene. I'm especially looking forward to our "cut and thrust" critique of what's being played by the dj's. Doc
  8. Not rare soul, but............. Ignore the video and turn it up loud, this would fit in with an upfront funky set. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imi9Smkt_cI ATB Doc
  9. If you love driving R&B, check out both Ray Charles numbers above. If you don't know them you'll be surprised. Doc
  10. Have to agree, we were paying £75 from Craig Moerer when this first started to get plays. A great record indeed. Doc
  11. Sorry to hijack your thread but this album is worth it just for this track......................... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNe6BZnPBOA Doc

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