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  1. Mavis Staples

    Seen Mavis a few times in recent years. Thoroughly recommend going. Such a wonderfully warm and inspiring performer. Love her.
  2. Brenda Holloway Interview

    You're right, she still seems to maintain that enthusiasm. Many of her answers were prefixed with an excited "Oh my God!" but I edited most of them out as it looked a bit too repetitive in print. She did speak well of the Beatles and there was one funny...
  3. Brenda Holloway Interview

    Hi people, Was thrilled to chat to Brenda Holloway the other weekend. She came across really well and was lovely to talk to. The resulting interview, if you're interested, is here. http://monkey-picks.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/my-life-has-been-...
  4. Was flipping brilliant I thought. Dashed off a few excited words about it here http://monkey-picks.blogspot.com/2011/06/impressions-at-barbican.html but if you're going tonight maybe best read it afterwards if you don;t want to know the set. Reall...
  5. Betty Lavette, Meltdown, London

    Agree with Noss. I wrote a bit earlier about it here: http://monkey-picks.blogspot.com/2010/06/bettye-lavette-at-meltdown-festival.html if anyone is interested. Monk
  6. Va Va Vroom

    Been a little while since I went to a soul (rather than R& night and enjoyed it. Nice to catch up with a few faces too. Well done all. See you NYE.
  7. The Impressions

    Anyone got a copy of the Impressions "Love's A Comin'"/"Wade In The Water" (ABC 10869) for sale? A quick look on the net surprisingly drew a blank. Thanks, Monk
  8. Groovesville

    Belated thanks to everyone for this night - especially for asking me to DJ a bit in the R&B room. Great to read the positive feedback on here - was a nice friendly atmosphere. Good luck with the next one. Mark
  9. How Many Copies Known?

    Got mine from Manship for about that price probably two and a half years ago. Could well be the same one (or, of course, there's bundles of them about).
  10. How Many Copies Known?

    If you mean "Little Girl" - then yep, been a constant in my sets for about two years, and def one of my absolute all-time favourites. Brilliant.
  11. Complete Motown Singles: 1966 (cd Set)

    Thanks. Although I said "name your price", wasn't quite expecting that!
  12. Been buying the Complete Motown Singles CD sets and now stuck on Volume 6: 1966. If you've got one - name your price. Many thanks, Monk
  13. Mary Wilson Of The Supremes

    I went and thoroughly enjoyed it. Slightly disappointing it had to be kept to the hour as I'm sure Mary coulda spoke til the cows come home (fair enough why though). Stuart did an excellent job in keeping her on track due to the time constraints. ...
  14. All Innercalm Soul Clips Taken Off Youtube

    Spent many an hour wading through those clips. Gutted.
  15. Wanted: Little Mary Staten

    Okay then Souljazera - as no-one has yet e-mailed me - it's yours for £100.

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