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  1. Not sure how that works because I used to see a large murmuration every night at Port Carlisle on the Solway on the way home from work every night in Autumn in the same place. Dx
  2. Surely Goosanders and Mergansers are different species? Either way they're an ecological disaster in our rivers - stripping them of fish at and appalling rate - and not really native, the first recorded breeding of a Merganser in Britain was 1906. Dx
  3. No this was our place at the beach on the Solway. Dx PS Interestingly given the salty sea air (the wall on the left in this pic is actually the sea wall) we had lots of newts, frogs and toads. We used to get infested with twitchers as the RSPB car park was at the bottom of the garden - we even had some arctic pipit type thing in our garden at one point resulting in dozens of long lenses being poked over the wall.
  4. Actually went up a fell today - Binsey Heights - though it was only a 450 foot tiddler. Wonderful views across Bassenthwaite and Skiddaw and north at least 50 miles into Scotland (to the Teviots well beyond Langholm which is more than 45 miles away). Dx
  5. We used to have one living in our garden when we were at Bowness-on-Solway. Dx
  6. A walk in the mist at Grune Point near Silloth today... The other version of the windswept tree - prefer the ground on this one...
  7. Surprised nobody's mentioned the flip side of Stay bu the Virginia Wolves. Can't be many records about sandwiches...
  8. How about something even ruder than Mr Bang Bang Man? Hard core Mod blues...
  9. CDs when I'm doing cycle training as an LP side is too short, otherwise 45 vinyl only as 'owning' a track still doesn't count in my head unless it's on original 45 or British original... And indeed some of my absolute holy grails I cannot bring myself play off compilation at all because I don't have the 45 itself (and am unlikely to ever be able to afford) and to me it's insulting to the recording to play it any other way - and every note is locked inside my head on a loop anyway - but that's PURELY a personal thing at home, nothing to do with elitism. Dx
  10. Was so very sorry to hear about this - he was a such lovely chap. Me and Pete thought the world of him having got to know him in the early 90s at the White Heather when we co-ran it. Dx
  11. I've decided to get a 'bridge' camera rather than lug my Canon EOS about (specially as it's in pretty permanent use on a tripod shooting closeups of my salmon flies - and occasional cheap and cheerful studio pack shot work, which I used to pay for it last year). Want to use it as a hiking camera - as per the above pics - though it's 600g (the Canon alternative is only 360g, but only 16mp) I am pretty settled on the Sony DSC-HX350 Digital Compact Bridge Camera - 50x optical zoom, 20mp - £294. Any thoughts or counter suggestions and reasons? Don't want to spend much over £300. Dx
  12. Went for a walk round Loweswater again - had some fun with the fog - made for some shots I was really pleased with - I really MUST get round to taking my proper camera (or buy another one for the purpose). Dx
  13. Did a nice circular walk round Grasmere and Rydal water today - only about 7 or 8 miles. Dx
  14. Sunrise this morning from the battlements. Merry Christmas everyone. Dx
  15. Seathwaite at the head of Borrowdale today - officially rainiest place in Britain (at 3.5 metres annually more than most rain forests) I got soaked to the skin! Dx

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