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    The annoying whipper snapper and old father time's dad... A sanctimonious pairing that have done too much of whatever it is they've come across.

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    You know the one - can't remember the artist or title, but it's great.

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  1. Very sad news - we had a lot of time for Billy. P&D
  2. I reckon it's the Funky Sisters (who are supposedly blokes with their voices processed - Brooks & Jerry?).
  3. Both Abhardi owned - my old boss used to go to the Blackpool club - they all got sold bootleg tickets to see Junior Walker at Whitworth Street and arrived to find they weren't allowed in. Blackpool was a lot more poppy from what he told me. Dx
  4. Being a mere pup of 55 it was Curtis Mayfield at Hinckley in 83 - the boss started in 70 at the Wheel. Dx
  5. Can't beat a bit of Margie J - we have most of the albums, they've all got good stuff on them. Dx
  6. Or Margie doing Originals records...
  7. Tata Vega 'Givin All My Love' for Give It Up For Love (released on single I think) and the wondrous 'Ive Got My Second Wind' with GC Cameron: ...Plus lots of Margie Joseph albums and ALL the Originals' albums.
  8. 80s rather than 70s but I would've thought that the Khemistry album's gotta be pretty high up the list:
  9. The thought of that price makes me blue : )
  10. Remember when he did it on Wogan? (down to Ian apparently) Wonderful record.

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