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  1. Everybody's favourite OM. Dx
  2. Dave Reed's Dedicated Soul Club that took over the Fleet in 82 (he went away as part of Cross Bow), later (86ish) Bucky took on the Fleet (with Danny Everard initially I think). Dx
  3. And green logo Action from memory. Dx
  4. Hasn't this gone on since the absolute dawn of Northern Soul with Clifford Curry be flogged for serious cash covered up coz you could it was still available on general release on Pama? Certainly in years gone by I've bought things like Larry Wedgeworth for what at the time was pretty serious money with the details scratched off because it was still available on general release in the States. At the end of the day as has often been said - a record is only worth its original sales value - all the extra is paying someone else to have the nowse to track it down (or indeed buy it when it was still easy to get) so you don't have to. Dx
  5. My understanding was that it was some kind of Block project - at least my old copy (bought from Gene Robertson and flogged to Mark Sargeant) came with a sheet with information on everyone involved. What killed it for me was that horrible slow break at the end - that drover me to sell it in the end. Dx
  6. Aren't we into the realms of appalling pop-sh*te that we should be ashamed was ever played rather than 'blue eyed soul' here?
  7. Not SO underground with Musique and Keep on Jumpin and In the Bush, as well as Atmosphere Strut. Dx
  8. A lot of this is too light and fluffy to me - perhaps what I like is more corrrectly 'disco' but it's got major balls to it... Between the boss' collection of this stuff, stuff we inherited from Les Cokell and my own records we have shed loads of this stuff - frankly I'd rather listen to this and its soulful house/god garage soundalikes at a nighter nowadays (we loved upstairs at Blackburn when it was this sort of stuff) than most of the sorry excuse for northern that's played... Undisputed Truth has to rank as one of my alltime favs. Dx
  9. Most/almost all of the issues are duff go for a demo. Dx
  10. Rufus Lumley!
  11. The CD/Album has a great set of tracks on it. Dx
  12. Yes - there hangs a tale for another time. As it happens I did the artwork for the new labels and the CD and LP. Dx
  13. At its best Northern is a perfect storm of soulfulness, danceability, stunning performance, backing and production - that 'true' northern ideal is a very rare thing IMO. What's played at ALLNIGHTERS though varies wildly around that ideal; from pop sh*te to jump blues garbage, through excessively poppy motown, disco and garage psyche to inappropriately slow tempo deep-ish soul stuff - a broad church of secondary shades of the true god ; ) Dx
  14. Re-him 'hating' soul music. Wasn't Sandie Sheldon supposed to have come out of his collection????? Dx
  15. Sorry without any qualification this is a silly question.