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    The annoying whipper snapper and old father time's dad... A sanctimonious pairing that have done too much of whatever it is they've come across.

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    You know the one - can't remember the artist or title, but it's great.

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  1. Give it a week and Discovery will have a documentary out on 'The Lancashire Roswell', complete with 'ex-MI6' experts saying that the aliens must be monitoring British Aerospace at Salmesbury.
  2. His main car I remember was the manky matt black Volvo he used to turn up to scooter rallies in with Bear etc.
  3. I believe a certain spouse still has a her N 5 OUL plate. Dx
  4. How about 'Trade My Soul To The Devil'. Same feel and very much the same period of popularity. Not heard this for a LONG time - the other one that goes with 'the set' to me is Otis Lee's 'Hard Row To Hoe'. Dx PS In a weird way Chuck Wright's 'Palm of your hand' has something of 'Don't turn away' to it too (at least in my drug addled brain).
  5. What happened to The New Holidays??? Paid a fiver for it not that long ago - I see it's much the same price on Discogs as JM's auction. Is it the Levana factor? Dx
  6. You should try it with roaches out of the ash tray. Dx
  7. Sundown on the Solway (again!). I really ought to use my proper camera. Dx
  8. No it was never previously issued - RS will have played it off an EMIdisc/newly cut Acetete made from the tape. It was later released legally licensed to Grapevine of course - which since had never previously been issued can be considered the 'original' release. Dx
  9. Those lyrics look very like HB Barnum to me.
  10. Was all messed up today so I went for a walk on Bowness Common - a slightly higher ground peat bog than the nearby Glasson Moss and halfway between where I live now in Kirkbride and the next village, Bowness where I used to live. Dx
  11. Went for a wander on Glasson Moss (a lowland peat bog) - not much more than a mile from my house. I love the utter miles of wilderness of them - there are quite a few locally, but you'd just never know they were there in this area as they're always screened by silver birch woods. They're so primordial I always feel like you could easily be surprised by a Mammoth browsing in the bushes...
  12. Have a fantastic birthday JB. Dave
  13. Love the waders pic especially - sorry I'm useless on the species when it come to waders (they're my LBB). Dx
  14. Unusual instrumentals? How about 'Strange' Mecca ones : )

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