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    The annoying whipper snapper and old father time's dad... A sanctimonious pairing that have done too much of whatever it is they've come across.

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    You know the one - can't remember the artist or title, but it's great.

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  1. With more than a little help from Do Me Right... Always makes me smile though.
  2. So did I but he was dead serious - he just wouldn't have it, did my head in. Dx
  3. On the subject of strange... I remember having a fruitless argument with Matchy who is utterly convinced that Eddie Holland and JW are one and the same - with crazy comments like 'no body's ever seen Eddie Holland live' and me saying that Brenda Holloway sees him every Sunday at church falling on deaf ears. Dx
  4. Job to remember but it defo had a bluer label than the one pictured (though that may just be a duff scan). Dx
  5. Mine had/has (not sure if I still have it) labels the same as above but a different version - indeed only knew my version which I at least think is much meatier and better. Dx
  6. Why are people not as pissed off as me at a classic like PR (along with the innumerable others that, unlike this, they can only have come across by exploiting Northern discoveries on compilations) be plundered to be flogged off to the ignorant masses who don't even realise they're listening to rip offs? Dx
  7. A lot of those were not original acetates - they were cut in the UK from tapes.
  8. Roy Hamilton 'She's Got A Heart' - the dog's bollocks.
  9. The AdLibs and Slowly Moulding always struck me a suspiciously similar
  10. Eddie Carlton and Lorenzo Manley... Love em both.

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