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    You know the one - can't remember the artist or title, but it's great.
  1. Classic Twisted Wheel Vol 3.

    The Poets I've Got Two Hearts played? I don't know one way or another, but I'm surprised (the boss, who went, didn't know it when I got it). A wondrous record either way. Dx
  2. Northern Soul was and is a very broad church that can only really be defined as 'records that were/are played at venues that label themselves northern soul clubs'... Within that wide range are an extensive selection of once big, but utter sh*te pieces of viny...
  3. Sonny Daye - Long Long Road

    Frank Wilson was from LA
  4. St Germain do some great stuff. Dx
  5. Blue-eyed Soul?

    Don't think this chap has been mentioned (you could do a whole CD of the different vocals he's done to this tune)...
  6. Blue-eyed Soul?

    Unless I've missed it, nobody's mentioned this... Or on the moddy/club side... ...Or : ) ...Or ...Or
  7. Pete Smith Acetate Collection

    Yes I remember the muscles on Jon Buck : ) Dx
  8. Pete Smith Acetate Collection

    The price of scrap aluminium nowadays you'll be quids in Pete! Dx
  9. Cover versions -The Good, The Bad, The Ugly ?

    This goes beyond Good-Bad-Ugly to be genius...
  10. Best Intro. To Record

    ...And another very different one I bought as new release, strangely it sounds more dated than the Impressions to me...
  11. Best Intro. To Record

    One of the best intros ever...
  12. best under priced record under 20 pound

    Another dead common cheapie that you can easily get for about a tenner - the Millionaires 'Never For Me'... Oh wait a minute... Dx
  13. best under priced record under 20 pound

    Not sure if I'll be told off by some pricing 'expert' because it's now £20.50 according to JM and mine's defo a bootleg because I paid £4 for it, but Chained to your heart is another Bobby Moore cracker that's dirt cheap too. Dx
  14. best under priced record under 20 pound

    Another classy track for next to nowt. Dx
  15. best under priced record under 20 pound

    Well gosh, exactly the same as mine.