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    You know the one - can't remember the artist or title, but it's great.
  1. DaveNPete

    Feel Good Friday - Get them up now!

    A monster main room spin from the days of Morecambe Pier. I still play it regularly - always cheers me up.
  2. DaveNPete

    Talc - yes or no?

    Nowadays I prefer a good roll-on. Dx
  3. DaveNPete

    The Anti-Valentine playlist 2019

    I get told off for listening to this one at home (too close to the knuckle for someone with my suicidal tendencies) but it doesn't get much more anti-valentine than this (defo the best version IMO)....
  4. DaveNPete

    The Anti-Valentine playlist 2019

    Given its controversial status - an anti-valentine record on several levels...
  5. DaveNPete

    The Anti-Valentine playlist 2019

    ...But this one's the right one for my beloved boss...
  6. DaveNPete

    The Anti-Valentine playlist 2019

    These two southern swampers measure up well one for cheating witches, the other for evil poon hounds...
  7. DaveNPete

    The Best Record Ever Played By Soul Sam

    ALL of this is OPINION - YOUR'S TOO. Sam used to play Coffee 'Casanova' when it was in the charts - he told me himself and if that ain't a crap record I don't know what is... The music policy upstairs at Blackburn was as upfront and modern as it is possible to get thanks to Mick, so the snotty oldies comments are well out of order. I heard A LOT of wonderful god garage and soulful house there well before it was gaining mainstream acceptance on the scene. Dx PS Tomangoes - Hooker1951 is probably the only guy on the scene who can say that truthfully.
  8. DaveNPete

    Ronnie & Robyn

    Cheers - I knew she was 'daughter of' - just always seemed a good possibility. Dx
  9. DaveNPete

    Ronnie & Robyn

    Am I correct in thinking the Robin was the Robin in VIP group Rick, Robin and Him? Dx
  10. DaveNPete

    Feel Good Friday - Get them up now!

    Great record - we heard it first when it first came out in a café in Morocco (the youngsters are really into stuff like this over there - you hear a lot of 'wow what's this?' tunes wondering around the streets) and chased down what it was so we could order it. Dx
  11. DaveNPete

    Ronnie & Robyn

    The red issue of ALAYLM has a rare B side too doesn't it - Carl Fortnum used to play it - different from Blow Out The Candle on the demo (which I always liked anyway). Dx
  12. DaveNPete

    The most hated song on the scene. Is this it?

    Once popular - any DJ that plays this today deserves to get twatted... I also have an intense personal dislike of Doug Banks and Romance Watson.
  13. DaveNPete

    first three records to start a set

    Donna King - only fit for a plant pot holder - the other two are completely and utterly brilliant records. Dx
  14. DaveNPete

    The blurred line...

    Sorry but YUCK - the worst dross imaginable and certainly NOT 'new york' disco. Dx


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