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  1. Must admit I preferred the profile. Dx Went up Rannerdale Knotts today - it's the big spiky thing that you have to drive round at the top of Crummock Water. Quite pleased with myself as it was a very steep climb that beat me last time due to high winds and being -5ºC (at least that was my excuse). Dx
  2. Sunrise off the battlements of Fort Greyhair this morning...
  3. Another fantastic circular walk this afternoon from Caldbeck up to the top of Faulds Brow (a baby sized fell with fabulous views over the Solway) then down along a lovely little river and through a hidden gorge. Only about 4.5 miles all-in and only 12 miles from home! Dx
  4. Over to St Bee's head today as it's too windy and bright for fishing - not too much of a walk as the high winds were effing cold (up to the top of the head and then along the beach). A Stonechat and one of the local Ravens - couldn't get an angle that wasn't directly into the sun as it was on the cliff edge. It's the Isle of Man in the background on the pic the cliff and Scotland on the horizon on the shot looking along the cliffs. Dx
  5. Ennerdale Water today - not been here since before we moved up permanently and still had Corner House at High Lorton as a holiday cottage - so about 27 years. This is a fantastic walk right round the lake - about 7.5 miles, most of it fairly easy, though it's a bit scrambly here and there. Funny last weekend there was thick snow on the tops - now it's like mid summer. Dx
  6. It was a claim to fame of mine in the late-mid 70s that I'd seen a pair of Red Kites in the middle of nowhere in the Upper Dovey valley at the old farm my school had been given to use as an outward bound centre. I also saw 14 European Vultures high in the Pyrennes when on a family holiday around '79 when there were supposed to only be about 20 pairs in the whole of Europe - they were amazing, circling only 30 or 40 feet above us - they really are huge. Dx
  7. Wandering about this afternoon - went and took some pictures of some of the thousands of geese on the marhes first - these are only about 250 yards from the house (hence it being called Greylag) but their favourite field is normally screened from us by a hedge (or swamped out with Hooper Swans) - I popped a short way up the Silloth road and just leant over the gate. Then I went over to Glasson Moss for a quick stretch of the legs. Dx PS I also saw my first Swallow of the year on the wires outside the house - saw two others a couple of minutes later - we tend to get them quite early
  8. Today I walked up to Force Crag Mine up above Braithwaite near Keswick. It's an old lead, tin and bauxite mine. It was bloody windy but, good skies for photos. Dx
  9. I actually ventured up a real fell today - along the river and then up and over the long ridge of High Rigg between Thirlmere and Keswick. The weather was great once the low cloud burned off. Really chuffed with the first one. Dx
  10. Manky weather again today so I just went for a wind blown, rain lashed trudge round Wedholme Flow, a couple of miles from home. It's a lowland heath, with about half of it partially abstracted for peat that is being re-wilded. Was hoping to capture some frisky frogs, toads and newts - I've obviously missed all the fun as it was much more 'Solway Land of Spawn' than 'Cumbria Amphibian World' today. Dx
  11. Given all the rain I thought it was a good day to visit the fabulous Lodore Falls in full flow above Derwentwater. Bovine route planning meant I totally missed the easy path and essentially ended up scrambling straight up alongside the falls. I then continued up the river to Watendlath Tarn and returned in a big figure of eight - though the weather closed in and was really grotty by the time I was descending to the car. Dx
  12. Another visitor to the Pete & Dave's Greylag Zoo - a female Great Crested Newt on its way down our steps, presumably, looking how skinny it is, having been busy breeding in the old pond just over the lane from us. I gave it a lift down stairs as I presume it wasn't after coming in the house (though that's the front doorstep in the background). Dx
  13. Went for what turned out to be a 17km+ mondo slog today - not one I'll be repeating in a hurry - a full circuit of Wastwater - the trouble is that about 1/5 of that was on very steep screes and boulder fields (what the south bank of Wastwater is famous for - think 60º slopes made up entirely of loose jagged rocks varying in size from suitcases to fridges and small cars - see pics)... Definitely the toughest thing I've done. On the way back down the easy side I was amazed to see that virtually every piece of standing water - including roadside puddles! - was crammed full of frog spawn - as
  14. Lend a child a bike and they can cycle for a day - give a child a pair of bolt cutters and they'll never be short of a ride home. Dx

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