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    You know the one - can't remember the artist or title, but it's great.
  1. Northern Scene / Hooligans

    Regardless of some soulies also being into football etc, the original question is based on a fundamental confusion - conflating 'soul boys' with 'northern soul boys' is incorrect - soul boys are what casuals called themselves initally (at least round my way)....
  2. Desert Island Stevie Wonder Song

    PS Love A Go Go always puts a smile on my face too (in fact with Contract On Love, Ain't That Asking For Trouble, I Want My Baby Back and of course Nothing's Too Good For My Baby you can't really go wrong with the whole album)
  3. Desert Island Stevie Wonder Song

    Angie Girl, All I Do, Hey Love and Do I Do all nail it for me. Dx
  4. Twisted Wheel - Sounds ?

    Sam & Bill was pretty big for a while in the 80s. Dx
  5. This is the one for me the unissued original version of Brown Sugar by the writer, Ronnie Walker - listen in light of the fact he's gay.


  6. Man /Woman or just confused?

    Eskew Reeder/Esquerita - one time boyfriend (supposedly) of Little Richard and sometime female impersonator.
  7. Twisted Wheel - Sounds ?

    I was told Bread on the B side of Sunny was played. Dx
  8. Dave Godin / Mick Jagger

    Dave told us that he continued to run the school blues club after he left - hence meeting Jagger. Dx
  9. Ray Pollard was an extra in Ghostbusters. Barbara McNair pops up in various things - including Playboy. Dx
  10. Charlene Spiteri's all-time favourite record is love starved heart. Liz from Corrie went to Wigan and (according to Kev R) was the driver behind the whole Northern story line in Corrie. Steve Davis bankrolled Voices From The Shadows for a few years ...
  11. Twisted Wheel - Sounds ?

    Les Cokell told us he discovered the Four Tracks (it's certainly archetypal Les) - however he also said that it was when he was doing the Mecca - not when he was playing the Wheel. Dx
  12. Think it was the first press actually. Dx
  13. I had a demo with we go together on it. Dx
  14. London soul nights in the 80s

    What was the do Clarkie ran in a pub up an alley in Holbourn? Went to it a few times from Abingdon with Mark Sargeant or Paul Dunne. Went to the Norfolk Arms too once or twice - Terry Davies' do? Richard DJed there one time before we all decamped to the ...
  15. Connie Clark My Sugar Baby

    Er I thought it wasn't Chris Clark - certainly sounds nothing like her. Dx

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