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    You know the one - can't remember the artist or title, but it's great.
  1. DaveNPete

    Looking for a title

    You're not talking about 'My Aching Back' by Lowell Fulsom are you? Dx
  2. DaveNPete

    Yarmouth Weekenders 1990/91 Video

    Yes, but the later half of the footage (Darling Take Me Back and The Drifter) is the 100 Club - look at the background - I was at both, he was much better at the 6Ts evening do (was it the Tuesday before, or the Saturday?) . The last guy is Garland Green I think - he certainly performed at Yarmouth and it looks like him. Funny I don't remember Pat Lewis or Lorraine Chandler, but I must've seen them as I was all these weekenders. Dx
  3. DaveNPete

    Yarmouth Weekenders 1990/91 Video

    Ray Pollard's at the 100 Club - I was there as it happens. Dx
  4. DaveNPete

    Sporting Heroes Who Cut Soul / R&B Records

    I understand his career as a pit pony jockey didn't go so well either. Dx
  5. DaveNPete

    Feel Good Friday - Get them up now!

    Always preferred this to the other side, which is of course wonderful. Dx
  6. DaveNPete

    Sporting Heroes Who Cut Soul / R&B Records

    The least you can do is post 'Cheer Me Up' : ) Larry Wedgeworth - 'No More Games' was a Boston Celtics promo song. Thought Roosevelt Grier was a baseball player (specially given the EP cover with him in whites and a baseball cap), how about Babe Ruth (anyone going on rise to that one : ) ). Cassius Clay - forget, wasn't it 'Get Ready' he did on CBS? Johnny 'R' (The Champ), boxer, Kenni Thomas, boxer. Major Lance, boxer. Supposedly Jackie Wilson put Berry Gordy in hospital at one point following some disagreement or other. ...Talking of music moguls, we mustn't forget the global cricketing sensation that is our own beloved Adrian Croasdell. Dx
  7. DaveNPete

    best under priced record under 20 pound

    Used to blow the roof off Bradford in the late 80s. Dx
  8. DaveNPete

    best under priced record under 20 pound

    Seriously over priced - absolutely dreadful rubbish to my ears : )
  9. DaveNPete

    Best Intro. To Record

    Was it not known at the Wheel? Dx
  10. DaveNPete

    first three records to start a set

    Much as I love it, I have to say that programming 'I have no choice' in the first three would totally destroy the dancefloor and mood and simply does not work with the other two - though it has to be the perfect ender. Dx
  11. DaveNPete

    first three records to start a set

    Surely a decent DJ plays records that reflect the tail end of the previous set in terms of tempo etc, whilst providing a bridge to your own set and also singalling what you're going to do musically. Follow Your Heart? Yeh that'd be a good one : ) The first three mentioned (Karmen, Santos, Gallo) would simply have me feeling dejected that I was going to hear yet another unimaginative 'me too' set. Dx
  12. The backing's too frantic for me. I used to have a different vocal to it by the Shirelles called something like 'You Are My Last Chance' - anyway Ady Pierce got very excited when I flogged it to him 30 odd years ago, one I should've kept. Dx
  13. Proposals for other votes with numerous great versions: Did My Baby Call Just Keep On Loving Me Dx
  14. Like the O'Jays, but it's just gotta be the Whatnauts - it's still amazes me when Ms Jones fires up those pipes. It's just a shame how relatively little product there is on her that's of interest to us (at least Northern that is), such a shame she died young - always loved the nuttiness of 'Your Love Hit Me Like TNT' (heard the obvious ones simply too much and sold them both a long time ago - kept TNT!) - I heard it said she was only 14 when she knocked it out, don't know how true that is. Dx
  15. DaveNPete

    Feel Good Friday - Get them up now!

    According to Hank D it's actually music from an advert for a furniture shop. Dx


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