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    You know the one - can't remember the artist or title, but it's great.

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  1. DaveNPete

    Your Fave Motown Track.

    Another blinder...
  2. DaveNPete

    Your Fave Motown Track.

    The other side's (in the UK) a far better piece of soul music IMO. Dx
  3. DaveNPete

    The blurred line...

  4. DaveNPete

    The blurred line...

    Bobby: Modern Soul - Vicki Sue: Disco - Both brilliant, but Vicki Sue Robinson defo the more 'Northern' and the more played - a favourite at the Whitney-Carnes:
  5. Rita defo - the pained, yet resigned sound of her voice nails it. Betty Willis sounds like a bad school band with the key to the tambourine cupboard - and I think the brass section is playing a different tune altogether. Dx
  6. DaveNPete

    looking for a value on this Fascinators

    Best of the best - probably my all time favourite 60s track - in fact we booked Dickie Watt to DJ Carlisle Allnighter in the late 90s specifically coz he had it (amongst other things). Dx
  7. DaveNPete

    Picture Framed Three Before Eight

    No yellow Mala pattern in the background and a clearly stuck on label on profiled vinyl rather than flat styrene for Musicor? Is it not obvious? Dx
  8. DaveNPete

    Moody blues at tha casino

    Just occurred to me, I remembered it was a cover - and look at the writer - J Hayward.
  9. DaveNPete

    Moody blues at tha casino

    Yep Ellen and the Shandells on Lasalle, also released as Dry Well. Dx
  10. DaveNPete

    The blurred line...

    That's coz you're a disco bunny mate : ) I'm more thinking Kelly Marie 'Feels Like I'm In Love' than D Train 'You're the One' I always found this amusing - look at the credits...
  11. DaveNPete

    The blurred line...

    Kev Roberts reckoned the 'vote' was simply based on claimed membership numbers and the assumption that the huge membership meant it was the best 'disco' - though I've also heard that it's actually just another RW invention and that that 'vote' never happened at all. Chalky - you're assuming I even dumber than I am - I FULLY understand what disco is (between me and Pete we own as much in the way of GQ, BB&Q, D Train, New York Port Authority etc as we do Northern and Motown), my point here is that WE are pigeonholing into genres that don't really exist to separate what we think of a 'quality' modern versus disco dross - it's just good soulful disco and nasty pop disco - you may hate it, but you can't argue with the fact P&P and Patrick Adams not only produced something as gloriously soulful as Daybreak, but also did In The Bush. In the same way the only real definition of 'Northern Soul' that works is 'music played at venues that consider themselves Northern Soul venues', 'Disco' is merely music played at 'discos' which (as in the original Discotheque in Paris) are simply dance clubs that play music from records rather than having live bands - at various times that's been Motown and the like, Philly, New York Disco, plastic pop sh*te and house. Dx
  12. DaveNPete

    The blurred line...

    Interesting to see that a lot are basically saying 'if I like it, it's modern soul, if I don't it's disco' - if it's 70s and danceable it's ALL aimed at a disco of one sort or another (as was 60s essentially) and is therefore 'disco'. Don't forget that Gloria Scott came out on Casablanca - the most 'notorious' of all disco labels. The problem is that people are conflating REAL disco with the cash-in pop garbage by the likes of the Bee Gees, Abba and Cliff Richard - when straight white folks jumped on what had been a pretty hardcore mainly gay and/or black and/or latino scene with more in common with Northern Soul culturally (and musically in terms of the early 70s clubs like The Loft) than it did with Saturday Night Fever. Dx
  13. DaveNPete

    The blurred line...

    I tend to agree - whilst I LOVE proper disco - it's synth drums, electro beat etc that I utterly detest. Dx
  14. DaveNPete

    Precisely what is it...?

    Have to say this is a bit of a silly question akin to 'describe the colour blue' or 'what do roses smell like' - it's an unanswerable.
  15. DaveNPete

    Dave Owen - Funeral Details

    Very sad news - had huge respect for Dave (and of course Wendy) - as Roger says they were the very best of the real thing. Pete & Dave


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