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  1. Hi Mike. Could you please tell me when the soul library artists and tracks lists will be available again please. Missing them badly. Regards Denise.
  2. Thanks for the info Mike. Regards Denise
  3. Hi Mike - I appreciate the refosoul updates are still on going, so am I correct in assuming that the missing tracks and artists will eventually be uploaded? eg the 'A' tracks finish at Al. Also many artists have disappeared. Regards Denise
  4. upsydaisy

    LOWTON Christmas Special

    Oh dear Lowton, what should have been a great night was completely ruined by freezing cold temperatures inside the venue. It seems that there is always an issue with the heating at Lowton. Last night was the final straw for me having sat frozen for 5 hours. And don't anybody say 'you should have danced more' to warm up. A soul night is about doing what you want to do and enduring the cold all night isn't fair for a 7 quid entrance fee. You need more than a good dance floor to have a good venue, other factors have to be taken into consideration. Might return in the warmer months unless somebody can guarantee the heating issues are resolved before then. ps. Why offer a free cd and fail to deliver.
  5. upsydaisy

    LOWTON Christmas Special

    Looking forward to a good night at Lowton as usual. It's got to be a cold 'un, so make sure they've got the heating on Baz! See you there.
  6. Hi mike, Any news when this might happen.Miss it like mad. Regards,Denise.
  7. upsydaisy


    Can someone confirm that it is the 12th June for next Lowton soul night please.
  8. upsydaisy


    Oh dear That's a bugger.Its Grand national weekend . We come over from Yorkshire and usually stay at the travel lodge or premier inn,but they've both wacked their price up to the 70 pound mark,so unfortunately that's going to rule us out.Is there no chance of bringing Lowton back to monthly in the future ?
  9. Hi Sue - received your blank emails,sorry but can't make it tomorrow or next month due to baby sitting and holidays. Hope the night goes well and see you in September. Bob and Denise
  10. Went to Soul Sanctuary for the first time last night, thought it was a brilliant venue with excellent dance floor, good music and cheap beer. Already booked Travel Inn for January 28th. Many thanks to Les and Sue for making us feel welcome and for organising us a lift back to the Travel Inn in the blizzard with Sue and her navigator - many thanks to them. Would thoroughly recommend this venue for a good night out. Bob and Denise
  11. Wow what a night!! Went to Soul Sanctuary for the first time last night, really different music policy, lots of underplayed stuff, I had never heard any of them but dance floor packed all night doing totally different moves!! Hope some of the other venues follow this new music policy Nothern Souls future will then be assured. WELL PISSED OFF £70 DOWN THE DRAIN ON HOTELS, TAXIS AND PETROL!!!!!!!!!
  12. Innkeepers Lodge, (Toby Carvery) on the A580/A572 crossroads - tele 08451126028 price also includes free breakfast
  13. Baz - when will we know if these nights are back on, it's getting a bit near February and we need to sort out over night accommation
  14. Is there going to be a soul night at the Longfield Suite, Prestwich this Saturday or has the venue shut down already.
  15. BUSYBEE-GD December 21st is on a Monday - do you mean December 19th.

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