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  1. Well I don't drink but sure like to meet one of the days. your a good fellow, i already know that.
  2. nice of you to say, think you are aware in my respect to you, yea I'm no author but I've tried to tell a story of their legacy, something the music media seemed to have missed, D. Ross this, D Ross that, Temptations.... if the Masqueraders had been at Motown, media would have something to write about. And as for these cock wavers who only buy records £1000 min, or it looks like £10000 these days only stopped for a minute and look into the background of the people who made these £10000 records, and gain a bit of knowledge, and respect. best Gilly
  3. Yes, still got a few left, they are trickling out steady but hey above a 1000 sold, not bad, I thought of only having 300 or so printed. When the venues open up again I'm hoping to shift a few, either way I aint bothered. Ive done something that I never thought i could do. Non of what i did as regards the production of the book is world standard, i know but i had to learn to use a computer, learn Word 365, learn how to insert photos, and so much more. That 1st printer done me for a £1000 i had to start again, luckily i found through Phil Dick one Ian Gregory (the guy that does most of the Soul
  4. Speak to Sammy Kaplan on Facebook, or his Lovelane page on YT mate
  5. Another story is about when the Capitols recorded 'Cool Jerk' (it was originally going to be called 'Pimp Jerk' but that title wouldn't have been acceptable back then.) The group were booked to do the first session of the day, the venue was at Golden World Studios (one of the last recording sessions at that studio under Ed Wingates ownership before Berry Gordy JR purchased the studio, then to be called 'Studio B') The track and the vocals will be laid today, on hearing that first take Ollie McLaughlin said it needed 'more kick to the rhythm', so they set up extra microphones in order to
  6. the reason is explained in the book as best I can establish
  7. ''Popcorn'' told me about a wedding in Detroit one time, i don't know of he was in attendance or not, but this is how it goes. At the wedding reception some guy barges in holding and pointing a gun, he knew who he wanted to shoot (the groom) he took aim towards the intended victim at which point the best man stood in front of the groom declaring ''if you shoot him, you're gonna have to take me out too'' The gunman shot and killed them both. Nice Wedding ! ''Popcorn'' having given me a lift to the airport for my return flight there was two guys having a row between one another.
  8. Only as I write in the book, although I spent a few hours with him, music was of little interest to him, and being told how big his name is in the UK even less of an interest. Still proud that I managed a visit though.
  9. Back in November 2020 I hoped to have my book out by Christmas of that year, at the time I blamed it on the pandemic, not true. It was the printers themselves that messed me about, so I had to find a replacement printers and quick. Though getting it out by Christmas was impossible, we did manage to meet a January release. Because of me racing a few things got missed, so I have now published on here a couple articles omitted at the time of going to the printers; A lady I met in more recent times having had the pleasure of her wonderful stage appearance at the UKs Cleethorpes's

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