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    Rare soul events that has a progressive quality just as they should be.
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  1. A very reasonable question to which I would also request a precise reply prior to travelling any distance. (The only surprises I look forward to will have been on the day prior & if I can only contain myself, I would like to venture out............)
  2. As the times when certain DJ's are due to play will make the difference as to whether some of us attend, or not, if any information is available, then please list it. TYIA
  3. Are there any DJ times set yet? If not, is it likely that there will be, please?
  4. Without a doubt, your editorial is the best, concise summary of the various DJ's involved in a new venture. However, having read it, & much as I personally believe that 'our' scene is a Broad Church, I hope that none of the DJ's would feel compromised, but, stating the obvious, the best events must lay somewhere between "unsurprisingly, too rare" & "top 500 attended by born-agains that were never 'there' in the first place" It is difficult to get it right, & must be an unenviable task. I still subscribe to the view that the kind of musical event I wish to attend should be progressive, much as was the case in the 70's when I started out. Preferably, an 'under the radar', dark 'niter too...... Nowadays, the events that get closest to that ethos are SoulFunktion, Empty Bottles, GGC, Polish in Bolton & (simply because it has no policy!) Rugby. Deserving of merit are Dark Horses & 'that place in Sandy' (sorry Danny!) Fundamental to all of those events are the DJ's that are enthusiastic & have not become stale, yet play to the crowd, neither too Mod or R'n'B, not even too rare for that matter. Their playlists are those that get adopted by the other DJ's that lack the initial enterprise. And if you are a DJ that plays a sound that empties the floor, turning your back on everybody does not endow you with some kind of immunity. So, my comments are not meant to be bleak or discouraging, but I am certain you are aware that keeping afloat is not easy, & you need to keep your fingers on the pulse, as well as be cautious as the scene is in a constant state of flux, due to many factors. Many things may contribute, but you have to suspect that bar takings will often be the make or break for a Club committee! Also, maintaining the impetus during a change of venue (for whatever reason) must be extremely hard, & best intentions may never materialise. Consequently, some time ago we witnessed the demise of the Embankment, though Lenny will pop up somewhere again, looking unbelievingly young, despite his appalling 'sports' jacket. Also regrettable are the cessation of Burnley, Radcliffe (then Bury) & Ibstock, to name a few. Good Luck!
  5. Looking forward to the multi-faceted feast! Top tunes & cake! Apologies in advance if I make a pig of myself, again....
  6. Manus. Looking for the postcode for the Kestrel Suite so can you suss that out for us, please? See you later @ yours...
  7. Okeh. Thanks. Pushing my luck here (Gulp!) but I'll bring this along, too, just in case......
  8. I could bring this along if anybody dares to play it....? Jamo Thomas - Stop The Baby.mp3
  9. Cake? If I ever wasn't sure, I'm now definite if there's cake! No marzipan though! Uuurgh! See you later Manus. Invite sent to Kimbo but no RSVP yet...
  10. 70's sounds are where it all began, for me, in a journey still on-going. I may have moved a bit sideways & relish the funky sounds that have freshened up the scene (in my, not very(!) humble opinion) but that often encompasses great 'off-your-head' sounds such as The Delreys Incorporated - Destination Unknown, which I'm glad to say I own. I hope to hear it during the night, along with other defining tunes such as Black Nasty - Cut your motor off & Babe Ruth - Elusive.... Fingers crossed. Mark
  11. Just saying that if anybody needs to get back to Peterborough & I'm returning from that event with, say, Manus, to his kennel, they can have a lift... We're still in Europe for the moment....
  12. Manus is from PeterBogHorror. He's on this Forum. It's just that if he is going.....
  13. I apologise if this has been posted in the wrong area, but.... I have a couple of questions relative to the value of my vinyl collection. One concerns establishing & verifying their condition for the purposes of valuation & insurance. The other is how to realise the best price of any that I may wish to sell. To flesh out my first question, it occurs to me that any record of value should be verified as a genuine article & its condition established so that the value may be estimated. I don’t see the point in an expert valuing each record as the prices fluctuate year on year, the worth generally increasing. Does anybody else agree with that &, if so, know of any trustworthy body that would be willing to certify the condition of my collection? The second question is self explanatory but I should clarify that I am probably unusual in that, fortunately, I hung on to my records from the 70’s. Some of them I still love to this day whilst others I am unlikely to ever wish to play again. Can anybody make any (genuine!) suggestions as to how I should proceed, please?

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