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  1. Kinell coops, that's a bit strong mate? "Emperor with the New Clothes"

    Let's get a reality check, no one is forced to go to Blackpool, no one is even forced to watch the dancing competition that is free for ant one and every one to join in and the crazy thing is that the winner receives a decent wedge, struggling to see how any of that can be criticized?

    I hope I am misinformed but I was told by a friend of Chippy's that the decent wedge the winner received was a wedge of tickets that need to be sold by him to actually get hold of the cash............ apologies if I am wrong but I also know of another dancing competition that was held a while ago in Wigan and the prizes have still not arrived. Entertainment or exploitation???

  2. Stef

    I wonder if you can help me, I am really interested in Sunday's add on event, the one at Monaco Ballroom Hindley (in the venue that Bob Brierley has been running soul nights at for the last ten years)

    I see that you advertise 'The first ever every Northern Soul Awards' at 8pm, at www.wigan-casino.co.uk

    Can you give a little more detail about this part of the event.

    What are the categories?

    Who are the nominees?

    Who nominated them?

    How were they voted for?

    Can I still vote?

    Who's counting or counted the votes?

    Who will be presenting The first ever Northern Soul Awards?

    Sorry I can't make the Saturday event as I am at Lifeline Allnighter in Wolverhampton, but if you can let me know about the questions listed above I will paypal my £6 plus £1.50 booking fee straight away

    Think I can guess who has won 'The Lifetime Achievement Award

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