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  1. bazabod_downunder

    Jean Adebambo - Say That You Love Me - ADE.J

    Wanted Jean Adebambo - Say That You Love Me - ADE.J AJ101 12" Condition M- or Ex+.........but will consider VG+ PM price & condition. Cheers Baz
  2. bazabod_downunder


  3. bazabod_downunder

    A few bits fof sale

    All prices are in Australian Dollars (AU$) Postage is $7.50 to UK & RoW......Paypal only ,scans can be supplied if required....got a question, ask. Bev Harrell - You Baby - Aus HMV EX+ AU$100 (Same as Jackie Trent but uptempo version) Baltimore & Ohio Marching Band - Condition Red - Aus Stateside VG+ AU$40 The Carrolls - Surrender Your Love - UK Polydor EX AU$120 Royalettes - River Of Tears - Roulette Demo Ex (slight label discolouration) AU$40 Peggy Scott & Jo Jo Benson - Lovers Holiday - Aus Festival EX+ AU$40 Joe Tex - Show Me - Aus Atlantic VG+ AU$25 Dontells - In Your Heart (You Know I'm Right) VeeJay Ex+ AU$40 Spinners - She's Gonna Love Me At Sundown - VIP VG+ (DH) AU$20 Jimmy Norman - I Don't Love You No More - Little Star EX+ AU$20 Marva Whitney - Ball Of Fire - King (1st issue matt label) slight barely noticible ring wear VG+ AU$35 Grading M- Near perfect, possibly unplayed or rarely played, has the appearance of new record, no label damage/marks, vinyl in perfect condition. Ex Light signs of use in the past but not affecting play. Vg++ Has some light marks, may have some scratches or possible little noise but hardly audible & not affecting play Vg+ Has multiple scratches & may play with some noise but in the main not affecting play. Vg Looks worn/used with multiple surface marks plays through with audible background noise. G Is badly scratched/marked may play with clicks, jump, pops, wheezes with bacon frying in background.
  4. bazabod_downunder

    Ady Harley Contact Details

    Ady & Keith Sutcliffe both proving, you can take the boys out of Halifax but not the Halifax out of the boys......this was Sydney a few years ago.
  5. bazabod_downunder

    Event Clash: Gold Medal Winner

    Let's see hope no one get's banged up in the Bankok Hilton.....I'm sure you'll enjoy all the delights that Thailand has to offer, we regularly travel more & further a field than up the motorway......Adelaide for me I'm afraid. KTF Baz
  6. bazabod_downunder

    Which Northern Track You Dislike The Most

    Wade In The Water........& every version...utter drivle KTF Baz
  7. bazabod_downunder

    The Nite Spot Bedford

    Quite right Mick...i was there that night, I'll have to look in my diary to get exact date, it's packed away as we are moving shortly, actually remember it as being quite a good nighter. KTF Baz
  8. bazabod_downunder

    News: Australian National Soul Weekender Nov 12 - 14

    Melbourne 2011, Adelaide 2012, Perth 2013, Brisbane 2014.........Start saving ya pennies KTF Baz
  9. bazabod_downunder

    Australian National Weekender

    Kath, me & Ady Harley last weekend in Sydney. KTF Baz
  10. bazabod_downunder

    Australian National Weekender

    Hi Mick....Kath here replying through Baz's login....Just seen picture, such great time`s hey ! I dont think I know who the guy is on my left in the white tea shirt, I the lad in the middle is that not Gordon Graham ! Where did you get this picture from did you take it ! How are you anyway ? . Kath x
  11. bazabod_downunder

    A Few Bits

    Few up for sale, ALL prices in US $'s postage rates are UK/US/Europe $6 + $1.75 for each thereafter. Payment is by paypal only.....I will refund on any returned item provided it's it the same condition that it was sent........pm off list if you want to secure or arrange payment.....any questions or label scans just ask. M = Unplayed/Perfect (impossible to verify) M- = Near Perfect VG++ = Very light surface marks, no audible surface noise/clicks or other (see discription) VG+ = light surface marks &/or surface noise/slight clicks or other (see discription) VG = Multiple surface marks, &/or surface noise, clicks VG- = just to say you got it G = Frizbee KTF Baz Exciters - Blowing Up My Mind - RCA 1035 (2nd Issue) VG+ (would be VG++ but has sticker residue on label) $30 Dorothy Morrison - All God's Children Got Soul - Electra 45070 VG++ (would be M- but middle missing) $25 The Carrolls - Surrender Your Love - Polydor 2056-152 M- $35 Little Hank - Mr Bang Bang Man / Try To Understand - Grapevine G2K 45-108 M- $15 Willie Tee - First taste Of Hurt / I'm Having So Much Fun - Grapevine G2K 45-128 M- $15 Lorraine Chandler - I Can't Hold On - RCA 8980 M- $35 Ovations - They Say - Goldwax (yellow) 314 VG++ (slight ring wear) $25
  12. bazabod_downunder

    James Brown-There Was A Time-King

    I've a copy.....Burgundy coloured label, visual condition is VG with a bit of ring wear & very light surface marks, plays great. let me know if your interested or want a scan, postage is from Australia so would be $6 US KTF Baz
  13. bazabod_downunder

    Grapevine Wanted

    Hi........I have Little Hank - Mr Bang Bang Man / Try To Understand - G2K 45-108 Willie Tee - First Taste Of Hurt / I'm Having So Much Fun - G2K 45-128 Both are M- with clean labels & solid middles Make me an offer......postage will be from Australia & about $7.75 US for the pair Rgds Baz
  14. bazabod_downunder

    Memories Of The Casino

    The long coach trips from Poole, the numerous times the squad stopped us (one of the girls fathers was DS)......the stupid idea to drive the 260+ miles & about 6hrs to do it in my old clapped out Ford Anglia which developed a radiator leak, so had to stop frequently to fill it up with water, the look on the womans face when I knocked on her door at 10.30pm on a saturday night a few miles from the Casino to ask for water.......she probably thought wtf's this southern lad with his farmers voice doing at my door...lol...it took ages to get back, wasn't funny at the time, but looking back it was a laugh. KTF Baz quote name='webbydublin' timestamp='1280761386' post='1384151'] 3 Please.... 1) Getting in.....Holding your adidas holdall above your head and your feet not touching the ground at times 2) The old fella who cleaned the blokes bogs......The most incompetent employer in the history of work 3) The stairs coming down from the balcony on the right hand-side where one of them( for some reason) was so much shorter than the rest Anymore for anymore
  15. bazabod_downunder

    The Three Biggest Tunes At Yate

    I remember Larry......top guy for many reasons KTF Baz


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