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  1. mojorecords

    Vernon Green - A Lover's Prayer

    Hey there! PLEASE HELP! I need an upgrade of my VG- copy. Looking for a very clean copy of VERNON GREEN - A Lover's Prayer - Dooto 1st pressing ONLY please! PM ME! Happy new year Chris
  2. R&B, SOUL, MOD, POPCORN, BLUES ROCKER, GOSPEL, LATIN, TITTYSHAKER ALL ORIGINAL US pressings unless stated. Sound's taken from actual record. PM for reservation! Make sure that you listen at full volume. Here you go: http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/jmercybaby.mp3 J. Mercy Baby - I Messed Up P&P 105 VG+ to EX £390 (RAW & MASSIVE RnB MONSTER! DAMN GOLDEN RARITY!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/cletegrayson.mp3 Clete Grayson - Nature Girl Pacific 111 VG to VG+ £200 (RARE MOD POPCORN BEAUTY! A 100% WOW ONE & HARD TO LOCATE!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/bunker.mp3 Bunker Hill - You Can't Make Me Doubt My Baby Mala 464 EX £180 (AWESOME RARE ROCKIN SCREAMIN RnB BOMBER! SPICK & SPAN CONDITION!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/lalupe.mp3 La Lupe - Fever Tico 516 VG to VG+ £65 (THE RARER LATIN VERSION ON TICO! MUCHO HOT HOT HOT!!!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/duffy.mp3 Duffy Power - A Woman Made Trouble Parlophone 5059 VG+ (missing center) £65 (IMO HIS BEST! DAMN COOL UK SOUL MOD SOUND! DANCER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/jimmyellis.mp3 Jimmy Ellis - Work With What You Got Ride 144 VG+ £55 (YES! FUNKY RnB SOUL BOMB! WORKS GREAT!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/tef.mp3 Tennessee Ernie Ford - Sixteen Tons Capitol 5425 VG+ £50 (MONSTER VERSION FROM '65! ALWAYS A WINNER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/jimmylynch.mp3 Jimmy Lynch - Notions Of Mr. Motions/The Broadway La Val 867 VG to VG+ £45 (WOW! UPTEMPO FUNKY SOUL SAX 2-SIDER! Listen both sides!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/pete.mp3 Pete Hartfield - Mighty Man Baby 610 VG- (plays NICE!) £40 (BOOOM! THAT'S A SOUL RnB PARTY STARTER FOR SURE!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/titus.mp3 Titus Turner - Last Of The Big Time Spenders Glover 3006 PROMO VG+ to EX £40 (CRACKIN! SOUL! FLOORPACKER! A WINNER! YES!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/bigmaybelle.mp3 Big Maybelle - Goin Home Baby Savoy 1595 PROMO EX £40 (A REAL RnB BEAUTY! WHAT A VOICE! CLASS!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/luis.mp3 Luis Barreto - Rock & Roll Cha Cha/Yo No Camino Mas Tico 359 VG+ £40 (RARE TICO 2-SIDER! RnR CHA CHA & A UPTEMPO LATIN!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/sentinals.mp3 The Sentinals - Tor-Chula Era 3082 PROMO VG+ £40 (LATIN SURF TITTYSHAKER! RARE ORIGINAL ERA PRESSING!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/ruthprice.mp3 Ruth Price - Shadrach Contemporary 373 VG+ £35 (BONGO DRIVIN JAZZ MONSTER VERSION! WOW!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/gospel.mp3 The Gospel Believers - Saints Go Marching In Fortune 1402 EX £35 (ROCKIN GREAT GOSPEL BELTER WITH AN UPTEMPO END! WOW!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/annie.mp3 Annie Laurie - Nobody's Gonna Hurt You DeLuxe 6151 PROMO VG+ £30 (MOODY! LOVELY! WONDERFUL MIDTEMPO RnB POPCORN!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/ronniesavoy.mp3 Ronnie Savoy - Jungle Love Call MGM 13042 VG+ £30 (CRACKIN EXOTICA ROCKABILLY! TUNE!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/bobbybryant.mp3 Bobby Bryant Sextet - 58th Street Cadet 5582 PROMO VG+ to EX (warp DNAP) £25 (MASSIVE UPTEMPO JAZZY FLOORPACKIN INSTRO! WOW!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/naomi.mp3 Naomi Bradly - A Fool In Love Big Beat 108 VG- £25 (PACKIN FEMALE RnB SOUL STOMPER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/gloria.mp3 Gloria Becker - Sixteen Pounds Real 1304 VG to VG+ £20 (GREAT FEMALE VERSION! LOVELY JIVIN DANCER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/checkmates.mp3 The Check Mates - Hey Mrs. Jones Arvee 5030 VG £15 (FLOORPACKER! SHAKER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/freddie.mp3 Freddie Carpenter - Money Money Money EastWest 112 PROMO VG to VG+ £15 (CRACKIN RnB DOO WOP SHAKER! SHAKER! SHAKER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/billyhambric.mp3 Billy Hambric - NYC Baby Soho 5001 EX £15 (DAMN GREAT RnB SOUL DANCER! OH YES!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/adalee.mp3 Ada Lee - Moanin ATCO 6189 VG+ £15 (SEXY, COOL & JAZZY NON-VERBAL MOVER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/iketina.mp3 Ike & Tina Turner - Worried & Hurtin Inside Sue 774 VG to VG+ £15 (ALWAYS A FLOORSHAKIN WINNER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/jamiecoe2.mp3 Jamie Coe - The Dealer/Close Your Eyes Enterprise 5005 EX £15 (TOP R&B SOUL MOD 2-SIDER! Listen both sides!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/williewest.mp3 Willie West - A Man Like Me Rustone 1403 VG+ £15 (ROLLIN GREAT R&B MOVER BY HIM! TUNE!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/customs.mp3 Customs - Earthquake Arlen 511 VG to VG+ £15 (ROCKIN R&B INSTRO TWISTER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/titus2.mp3 Titus Turner - Soulville Enjoy 1015 VG+ £15 (RAW & COOL VERSION! R&B SOUL MOVER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/billheyman.mp3 Bill Heyman - I Want My Baby Aladdin 3323 VG £15 (RARE 50s JUMP BLUES! GREAT R&B ROCKER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/cleo.mp3 Cleo Page - Goodie Train Goodie Train 007 EX £15 (ROCKIN GREAT RnB GOSPEL POWER MOVER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/jamiecoe.mp3 Jamie Coe - School Day Blues Addison 15003 VG+ £15 (GREAT ROCKABILLY BY HIM!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/ronnieromantic.mp3 Ronnie Romantic - Dresses Getting Shorter Royal Standard 101 VG to VG+ £10 (POUNDING 60s DANCER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/kingpins.mp3 King Pins - Won't Have It Federal 12517 VG+ £10 (SUPER LOVELY RnB DOO WOP MOVER! LOVE IT!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/henry.mp3 Henry Lumpkin - Mojo Hanna Motown 1029 VG+ £10 (SUPER COOL MOJO MOVER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/linda.mp3 Linda Hopkins - Shiver & Shake ATCO 6096 PROMO VG £10 (NICE LIL RnB MOVER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/therobins.mp3 The Robins - What Ya Want Spark 110 VG (worn label) £10 (AWESOME RnB DOO WOP ROCKER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/jerry.mp3 Jerry Jackson - Hey Sugarfoot Columbia 4-43231 PROMO VG+ £10 (UPTEMPO SOUL SUGARFOOT DANCER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/benkrass.mp3 Ben Krass - Nagasaki South Street 1001 VG+ £10 (ODD R&B SOUL SHAKER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/rodwillis.mp3 Rod Willis - Old Man Mose Chic 1010 VG+ £10 (SUPER COOL ROCKIN ROCKABILLY!) Cheers Chris
  3. R&B, SOUL, MOD, POPCORN, BLUES ROCKER ALL ORIGINAL US pressings unless stated. Sound's taken from actual record. PM for reservation! Make sure that you listen at full volume. Here you go: http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/billyhamlin.mp3 Billy Hamlin - If You Ain't Got No Bread Bethlehem 3053 VG- to VG (plays GREAT!) £330 (GOSH! GOSH! GOSH! HOLY TROPHY! R&B MONSTER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/lorraine.mp3 Baby Neal & Smart Brothers - Lorraine Vantage 713 VG- £290 (EXTREMELY RARE SOUL MOD COPY OUT OF ALBUQUERQUE!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/joannhenderson.mp3 Jo Ann Henderson - Baby Please Don't Go Phonograph 1020 VG+ £170 (R&B MONSTER BELTER! CRACKIN WINNER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/inuzmoore.mp3 Inuz Moore - If It Ain't One Thing It's Another Gardin 501 VG+ (worn label) £160 (DAMN GREAT R&B TOP TUNE! AWESOME DANCER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/thestarrs.mp3 The Starr's - Ain't Got No Home Phantom 2 VG+ to EX £150 (SUPER COOL '60 VERSION on this VERY RARE LABEL! R&B STORMER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/bobbybennett.mp3 Bobby Guitar Bennett - You Did It Again Junior 1009 VG+ £90 (SUPER CLASS IN DEMAND SOUL!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/johnnie.mp3 Johnnie Jackson & Merle Spears - What You Gonna Do J-Mer 101 VG+ to EX (warp DNAP) £50 (CRACKIN RnB BELTER! AWESOME FLOORPACKER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/ternieford.mp3 Tennessee Ernie Ford - Sixteen Tons Capitol 5425 VG+ to EX £50 ('65 MONSTER VERSION! AWESOME UPTEMPO DANCER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/larrybene.mp3 Larry Bene - Come Back Certified 5002 VG to VG+ £50 (CRACKIN & CATCHY STORMER! IN DEMAND WOW ONE!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/rooseveltgrier.mp3 Roosevelt Grier - Struttin N Twistin Liberty 55413 PROMO VG to VG+ £40 (GREAT R&B SOUL TUNE! DAMN WOW ONE!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/butlers.mp3 Butlers - She Tried To Kiss Me Liberty Bell 1024 EX £40 (UPTEMPO SOUL DANCER! CLASS!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/genevell.mp3 Gene Vell - I Done Got Over Whiz 505 VG to VG+ £35 (CRACKIN done got over VERSION! R&B FLOORPACKER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/derchotzog.mp3 Derc Hotzog - Church Going Girl Hamilton 101 EX £35 (SWEET & NICE R&B SOUL DANCER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/thedukes.mp3 The Dukes - Shimmies & The Shakes Imperial 5401 PROMO VG to VG+ £35 (OOOH YA! ROCKIN DOO WOP R&B JIVER! TOP TUNE!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/murrayschaff.mp3 Muray Schaff - Tombstone Number 9 King 4977 PROMO VG to VG+ £30 (MOODY MOODY R&B POPCORN JAZZ!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/customs.mp3 Customs - Earthquake Arlen 511 VG to VG+ £25 (ROCKIN R&B INSTRO TWISTER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/lulureed.mp3 Lulu Reed - Your Love Keeps A-Working On Me Federal 12457 VG+ £25 (GREAT LIL R&B SHAKER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/maryannfisher.mp3 Mary Ann Fisher - It's A Man World Imperial 5853 VG- (plays nice) £20 (DAMN WOW ONE! NICE AND EASY R&B SOUL MOVER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/williemae.mp3 Big Mama Thornton - I Smell A Rat Peacock 1632 G (plays okeh) £20 (RAW! BRILLIANT! CLASS!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/bobbydarin.mp3 Bobby Darrin - Minnie The Moocher ATCO 6334 VG £20 (SUPER COOL MOD JAZZ SOUL THING! ALWAYS A WINNER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/arethafranklin.mp3 Aretha Franklin - Rough Lover Columbia 4-42266 VG £20 (SOUL POWER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/geneburks.mp3 Gene Burks - Shirley Jean Arock 1006 EX £15 (ROCKIN & PACKIN R&B SHAKER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/youngguitar.mp3 Young Guitar Red - Red Hot Red Formal 1007 EX £15 (ROCKIN GREAT INSTRO!) Thanks for looking Chris
  4. R&B, POPCORN, MOD, SOUL, LATIN, TITTYSHAKER, BLUES ROCKER All original US pressings unless stated. Sound's taken from actual record. PM for reservation! Make sure that you listen at full volume. Here you go: http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/dickjordan.mp3 Dick Jordan - I Want Her Back Jamie 1218 PROMO VG to VG+ £110 (A WINNER! AWESOME TUNE!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/sambutera.mp3 Sam Butera - Goin In Cadence 1281 EX £95 (THE GREAT BUTERA! RARE ROCKIN SAX INSTRO!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/rayrivera.mp3 Ray Rivera - Mojo Mojo Poli Poli Neale 717102 VG to VG+ £90 (EXOTICA POPCORN RARITY! A REAL PEARL!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/candyman.mp3 Candy Man & The Candy Bars - Voodoo Man Roulette 4707 PROMO EX £80 (VOODOO RARITY! AWESOME FLOORPACKER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/walterwilliams.mp3 Walter Williams - The Cat Turn Tage 1609 VG+ £60 (UNKNOWN RnB DOO WOP RARITY! Use it!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/tennessee.mp3 Tennessee Ernie Ford - Sixteen Tons Capitol 5425 EX £60 (A WINNER VERSION FROM '65! BOMB!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/pjgentry.mp3 PJ & The Gentry - The Wounded Camel Beaver 7642 EX £60 (DAMN WOW ONE! GARAGE--ORIENTAL-FLAVOURED!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/thedelmen.mp3 The Delmen - You've Got What It Takes Jell 196 VG to VG+ (slight warp DNAP) £60 (A R&B BEAUTY! NOT EASY TO FIND & A DANCER FOR SURE!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/themarvelows.mp3 The Marvelows - Your Little Sister ABC Paramount VG+ £50 (CLASS! INDEMANDER! TUNE!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/theoriginals.mp3 The Originals - Little Lonely Girl Original Sound 13 VG £50 (ULTRA AWESOME MIDTEMPO R&B TUNE! A WINNER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/thepeppernotes.mp3 The Pepper Notes - El Tren Disco Grande 1017 VG- (plays great) £45 (ROCKIN TITTYSHAKER MONSTER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/duffypower.mp3 Duffy Power - If I Get Lucky Some Day Parlophone 4992 VG+ £45 (DAMN COOL HAMMOND MOD SOUND! TUNE!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/pearlwoods.mp3 Pearl Woods - Don't Tell It All Crackerjack 4004 VG £45 (A GREAT R&B SHAKER! FLOORPACKER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/naomibradley Naomi Bradley - A Fool In Love Big Beat 108 VG- (plays nice) £40 (SUPER COOL VERSION! UPTEMPO R&B SOUL FLOORPACKER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/guitarcrusher.mp3 Guitar Crusher - The Monkey/Itch With Me Bethlehem 3056 VG to VG+ £40 (CRACKIN R&B 2-SIDER! Listen both sides!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/frankiebrent.mp3 Frankie Brent - Bangin On The Bongo Cameo 181 PROMO VG £35 (DRIVIN BONGO-FLAVOURED SOUL DANCER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/sugarnspice.mp3 Sugar N Spice - I Got A Man Groove 580050 PROMO VG to VG+ £35 (BRILLIANT R&B SOUL FLOORPACKER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/frankdell.mp3 Frank Dell - Baby You've Got It Valise 6901 VG+ £30 (UPTEMPO R&B SOUL DANCER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/jerrynaylor.mp3 Jerry Naylor - I'm Tired Skyla 1123 PROMO VG+ £30 (DAMN COOL MIXTURE! ARSE COOL TUNE!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/bettyjean.mp3 Betty Jean Morris - Shack Daddy/I Ain't Gonna Mambo Capitol 3296 VG to VG+ £25 (SUPER COOL R&B SHAKER! 2-SIDER! Listen both sides!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/lowellfulson.mp3 Lowell Fulson - Loves Grow Cold Checker 1046 EX £25 (SUPER COOL R&B SHAKER in AWESOME CONDITION!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/thevisions.mp3 The Visions - Cigarette Original Sound 32 EX £25 (POWERFUL R&B DOO WOP DANCER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/tommylove.mp3 Tommy Love - Your Heart Is Like A Swingin Gate Rev 1001 EX £25 (AHHH SO GREAT! A CALLUM S. RECOMMENDATION! COOL R&B TUNE!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/johnnywells.mp3 Johnny Wells - Lonely Moon Astor 1001 VG- (plays great) £25 (ONE OF THE BEST MOODY POPCORN IMO! TUNE!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/thesolitaires.mp3 The Solitaires - Big Mary's House Old Town 1059 VG+ £25 (R&B ROCKER! DOO WOP FLAVOURED!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/iketina.mp3 Ike & Tina Turner - He's The One Kent 418 VG+ to EX £20 (R&B SCREAMER! NICE POWERFUL SHAKER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/williewest.mp3 Willie West - A Man Like Me Rustone 1403 VG+ £20 (SHOULD BE CALLED WILLIE BEST! DAMN NICE R&B MOVER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/charliebaker.mp3 Charlie Baker - You Crack Me Up Liberty 55226 PROMO VG+ to EX £20 (PUSHIN R&B POPCORN POWER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/earlking.mp3 Earl King - Love Me Now Imperial 5730 VG+ £20 (NICE & EASY R&B MOVER! GREAT ONE BY HIM!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/priscillabowman.mp3 Priscilla Bowman - Don't Need Your Lovin VeeJay 213 VG to VG+ £20 (MOODY FEMALE R&B BEAUTY!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/louisjordan.mp3 Louis Jordan - Run Joe Decca 25741 VG to VG+ £20 (COOL CALYPSO BY THIS GENIUS! GREAT ONE!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/pittman.mp3 Barbara Pittman - Handsome Man Phillips 3553 EX £15 (FEMALE POPCORN R&B JAZZ MOOD! SUPER NICE ONE!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/lavernbaker.mp3 Lavern Baker - Love Me Right Atlantic 1150 VG £15 (R&B POPCORN BEAUTY!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/clifford.mp3 Clifford Scott - Beach Bunny Aura 409 VG+ £15 (MOD JAZZ SOUL THANG! HAMMOND DRIVIN BIKINI SHAKER!) Cheers for your curiosity!
  5. QUALITY SALES - LOTS OF 8 R&B SOUL MOD 45's All original US pressings unless stated. Sound's taken from actual record. PM for reservation! Make sure that you listen at full volume. Here you go: http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/tommyandre.mp3 Tommy Andre - One More Try (MISPRESS) Boradway 503 PROMO EX £350 (AWESOME TUNE! RnB BOMBER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/inuzmoore.mp3 Inuz Moore - If It Ain't One Thing It's Another Gardin 501 EX £220 (AWESOME RnB BELTER! RAW FLOORPACKER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/jimmypreacher.mp3 Jimmy Preacher Ellis - I Won't Stop Lovin You/Since I Fell For You Cross Road 1001 EX £130 NOW REDUCED! (RARE & BRILLIANT 2 SIDER! SOUL MOD JAZZ THING! Listen both sides!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/lroybaimes.mp3 L. Roy Baimes - Hey L. Roy/Split Pea Soup BJR 1004 VG to VG+ (plays great) £130 (CRACKIN RARE RnB SOUL BOMB! HARD TO GET DANCER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/linkwray.mp3 Link Wray & The Wraymen - Mary Ann Epic 5-9419 PROMO VG to VG+ £120 (RARE BLUES GUITAR MONSTER! TUNE!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/jimmieknight.mp3 Jimmie Knight - Little Ann Phynk 1753 VG+ to EX £95 (STORMING UPTEMPO TEX RnB DANCER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/littlebetty.mp3 Little Betty - Twistin School Alto 2006 VG+ £80 NOW REDUCED! (ROCKIN GREAT RARITY!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/bigbertha.mp3 Big Bertha - Little Daddy Savoy 1119 EX £65 (EXCELLENT RnB MAMBO ROCKER! TUNE!) Cheers Chris
  6. mojorecords

    Quality Sales - Lots Of 7 R&b Soul Mod 45's - Mp3

    not sure kel...never investigated. hope you and mik are well! thoughts by your german boy are at ya!
  7. QUALITY SALES - LOTS OF 7 R&B SOUL MOD 45's All original US pressings unless stated. Sound's taken from actual record. PM for reservation! Make sure that you listen at full volume. Here you go: http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/tommyandre.mp3 Tommy Andre - One More Try (MISPRESS) Boradway 503 PROMO EX £350 (AWESOME TUNE! RnB BOMBER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/billyhambric.mp3 Billy Hambric - Flaming Mamie Fury 5005 EX (plays with static) £240 (RARE SOUL DANCER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/jimmypreacher.mp3 Jimmy Preacher Ellis - I Won't Stop Lovin You/Since I Fell For You Cross Road 1001 EX £150 (RARE & BRILLIANT 2 SIDER! SOUL MOD JAZZ THING! Listen both sides!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/littlebetty.mp3 Little Betty - Twistin School Alto 2006 VG+ £90 (ROCKIN GREAT RARITY!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/sisterrosetta.mp3 Sister Rosetta Tharpe - Jericho Mercury 32 EX £90 (GOSPEL FLOORPACKER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/jebstuart.mp3 Jeb Stuart - A Big Blue World Pure Gold 316 VG- (plays nice) £70 (A TOP RnB BEAUTY NO DOUBT!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/notetoe.mp3 Note & Toe - I Got A Cold Calypso LHS 1001 EX £50 (ROCKIN COOL RnB CALYPSO DANCER! HOT!)
  8. R&B, POPCORN, MOD, SOUL, LATIN, TITTYSHAKER, BLUES ROCKER All original US pressings unless stated. Sound's taken from actual record. PM for reservation! Make sure that you listen at full volume. Here you go: http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/doriewilliams.mp3 Dorie Williams - Tell Me Everything You Know 635 VG+ to EX £270 (TUNE! RARITY! FLOORPACKER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/littlejoe.mp3 Little Joe Hinton - I Won't Be Your Fool Arvee EX £200 (BRILLIANT RnB FLOORPACKER! CLASS TUNE!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/charliestarr.mp3 Charlie Starr - Number One United Artists PROMO EX £110 (MOD SOUL MONSTER! DAMN CRACKIN PACKER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/lalupe.mp3 La Lupe - Fever/Ooh Mercury PROMO VG to VG+ £110 (LATIN BOMB! FLOORPACKER! Listen both sides!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/wynonieharris.mp3 Wynonie Harris - Git With The Grits King PROMO SPECIAL VG+ £100 (EXCELLENT RnB JUMP BLUES JIVER! RARE ONE!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/sheppardbro.mp3 The Sheppard Brothers - Mess Up My Mind Gaye VG to VG+ £75 (RARE SOUL RnB OUT OF ATLANTA! TUNE!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/jackieshane.mp3 Jackie Shane - Comin Down/In My Tenement Sue EX £65 (AWESOME 2-SIDER! A WINNER! Listen both sides!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/pj.mp3 PJ & The Gentry - The Wounded Camel Beaver PROMO EX £65 (DAMN WOW ONE! ODD GARAGE-FLAVOURED & ORIENTAL-TOUCHED!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/tennessee.mp3 Tennessee Ernie Ford - Sixteen Tons Capitol VG+ £65 (VERSION '65! MONSTER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/terrytimmons.mp3 Terry Timmons - Daddy Be Good To Me RCA Victor PROMO VG+ to EX £65 (HOT & SEXY MID-TEMPO RnB RARITY!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/demons.mp3 The Demons - El Lobo Gemco VG+ £60 (COOL ROCKIN & CRAZY TITTYSHAKER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/ronnienorth.mp3 Ronnie North - I've Gotta Hear It From You Holly VG+ to EX £55 (ARSE COOL UPTEMPO FUNKY SOUL DANCER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/tnttribble.mp3 TNT Tribble - The Groove 20th Century VG- (plays nice) £55 (RARE TITTYSHAKIN SAX-POWERED JAZZ ROCKER! 2-SIDER! Listen both sides!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/kingcarl.mp3 King Carl - I'm Just A Lonely Man La Louisianne VG- (plays nice) £55 (WONDERFUL MOODY RnB POPCORN RARITY!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/albrown.mp3 Al Brown & Tunetoppers - Take Me Back Amy PROMO VG+ £55 (TIP TOP RnB TUNE!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/hookscoleman.mp3 Hooks Coleman - Black Widow Spider Vaco VG £50 (Semi-known TOP BEAUTY!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/finneymo.mp3 Finney Mo - Shake It Rainbow VG- to VG (plays nice) £50 (AWESOME RnB RARITY! SHAKE IT BABY!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/skyliners.mp3 Skyliners - I Can't Sleep DOC VG+ £50 (GREAT early RnB MOVER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/titusteeturner.mp3 Titus Tee Turner - Bow Wow Enjoy EX £45 (MASSIVE ONE!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/otisblackwell.mp3 Otis Blackwell - Wake Up Fool RCA Victor VG £45 (GOSH! HOW I LOVE HIS VOICE! SUPER COOL RnB PEARL!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/anncole.mp3 Ann Cole - Each Day Baton EX £45 (QUALITY TUNE! CLASS!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/zircons.mp3 The Zircons - Mama Wants To Drive/No Twistin On Sunday Federal VG+ to EX £40 (THUMBS UP! RnB DOO WOP DANCER! 2-SIDER! Listen both sides!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/earlking.mp3 Earl King - You Can Fly High Ace VG £35 (AWESOME ROCKIN RnB DANCER by him!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/thedukes.mp3 The Dukes - Groceries Flip PROMO VG £35 (RARE JUMP BLUES JIVER! TOP ONE!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/lbwilson.mp3 L.B. Wilson - Don't Vivid VG+ £30 (COOL RnB LATIN SHAKER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/sunny.mp3 Sunny & The Sunliners - Something's Got A Hold On Me Tear Drop PROMO EX (slight warp DNAP) £30 (IMO MONSTER BOOYA VERSION!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/ottobash.mp3 Otto Bash - Lookout Mountain RCA Victor VG+ to EX £30 (ARSE COOL TUNE by him! SUPER GREAT ONE!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/countyates.mp3 Count Yates - Chimpanzee Regis VG+ £30 (CRAZY & COOL ROCKIN MONKEY RnB DANCER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/sammytaylor.mp3 Sammy Taylor - Next in Line Enjoy VG+ to EX £25 (MASSIVE ONE TOO!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/hannibal.mp3 Hannibal - All Nite Long Sharob VG+ to EX £25 (LOVELY UPTEMPO RnB SOUL SHAKER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/alfredito.mp3 Alfredito - Honeydripper Mambo Rainbow VG (red wax) £25 (GREAT LATIN INSTRO on the rarer red wax!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/ludaway.mp3 Ludaway - The Pig Duel VG+ to EX £25 (Oink! Oink! Oink! Don't stop and do THE PIG! YEAH!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/iketina.mp3 Ike & Tina Turner - Worried And Hurtin Inside Sue PROMO VG+ £25 (EXCELLENT RnB SCREAMER by her!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/thecelebrities.mp3 The Celebrities - Mambo Daddy Music Makers VG to VG+ £15 (GREAT MAMBO DOO WOP SHAKER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/rodwillis.mp3 Rod Willis - Old Man Mose Chic VG £10 (ROCKER! ROCKABILLY! DAMN COOL ONE!) Cheers Chris
  9. R&B, POPCORN, MOD, SOUL, LATIN, TITTYSHAKER, BLUES ROCKER All original US pressings unless stated. Sound's taken from actual record. PM for reservation! Make sure that you listen at full volume. Here you go: http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/teddymcrae.mp3 Teddy (Mr. Bear) McRae - Hi Fi Baby AMP 3 PROMO VG- (plays great) £320 (HOLD ON... BOOOOOM! MONSTER RnB ROCKER! RARE ORIGINAL!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/holydisciples.mp3 Holy Disciples - Trying To Make A Hundred Song Bird 1208 VG+ to EX £320 (AWESOME GOSPEL BELTER! RARE JEWEL!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/elilee.mp3 Eli Lee - I Get The Feelin Redbug 2 EX £220 (GOSH! MASSIVE RARE MOD DANCER! A BEAUTY!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/rickydee.mp3 Ricky Dee - I'm Gonna Make Her Mine Big Sound 14001 VG+ to EX £220 (RARE MOD NORTHERN SOUL BEAUTY! CRACKIN FLOORPACKER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/joebataan.mp3 Joe Bataan - Subway Joe Fania 455 EX (flip noticable off-centered) £100 (LATIN MONSTER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/jasperwoods.mp3 Jasper Woods - Hully Gully Papa VPM 1 VG- to VG (plays great, slight off-centered) £90 (INDEMANDER! ALWAYS A WINNER! FLOORPACKER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/barbaralynn.mp3 Barbara Lynn - I Don't Want A Playboy Tribe 8324 PROMO EX £85 (IMO her BEST! 100% FLOORPACKER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/thenitehawks.mp3 The Nite Hawks - Chicken Grabber Del-Fi 4122 PROMO VG- (plays nice) £75 (RARE & SLEAZY TITTYSHAKER! TUNE!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/eugenechurch.mp3 Eugene Church - Sixteen Tons King 5715 VG to VG+ £75 (ARSE COOL VERSION! RnB POPCORN!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/jimmyricks.mp3 Jimmy Ricks - Daddy Rollin Stone/Homesick ATCO 6220 VG+ £65 (Oh yes, he's the Daddy! Damn great and super cool 2-SIDER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/bkanderson.mp3 B. K. Anderson - The Minimum Wage Swirl 111 PROMO EX £65 (PURE GOLD! AWESOME BEAUTY! RnB POPCORN! A WOW ONE!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/walterwilliams.mp3 Walter Williams - The Cat Turn Tage PROMO 1609 VG+ £65 (UNKNOWN & TOUGH RnB DOO WOP SHAKER! Use it!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/maggiethrett.mp3 Maggie Thrett - Soupy Dyno Voice 205 EX £55 (CRACKIN FEMALE SOUL FLOORPACKER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/chuckwright.mp3 Chuck Wright - The Palm Of Your Hand Ember 1091 PROMO VG (plays nice) £55 (PERFECT TUNE! SIMPLY PERFECT!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/deanjones.mp3 Dean Jones - St. James Infirmary 88 Brand 801 VG+ to EX £50 (ARSE COOL VERSION! Damn great!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/joebragg.mp3 Joe Bragg - If I Had A Lover Like You Atlas 1208 VG+ to EX £50 (Great & hard to get RnB POPCORN DANCER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/frankiecastro.mp3 Frankie Castro - The Restless Breed RKO Unique 396 PROMO VG+ to EX £50 (FANTASTIC ORCHESTRA RnB POPCORN SOUND!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/buddylucas.mp3 Buddy Lucas - That Thang Mohawk 716 VG+ £45 (AWESOME PARTY SOUND! A WINNER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/earlking.mp3 Earl King - Come On Imperial 5713 PROMO VG £45 (The Imperial version of Darling Honey Angel Child! GREAT!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/sonnydavedaye.mp3 Sonny Dave Daye - Merry Go Round Ring-O 305 EX £45 (RnB HARP MONSTER! SUPER COOL ONE!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/lonesomesundown1.mp3 Lonesome Sundown - You're Playin Hookey Excello 2254 VG+ £40 (AWESOME DRIVIN RnB MOVER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/lonesomesundown2.mp3 Lonesome Sundown - My Home Ain't Here Excello 2213 EX £40 (DRIVIN RnB DANCER! Lesser known but GREAT!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/chuckwillis.mp3 Chuck Willis - Watcha Gonna Do When Your Baby Leaves You Atlantic 1112 VG+ £30 (That's a RnB POPCORN MOVER! TUNE!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/ettajames.mp3 Etta James - Mellow Fellow Argo 5485 VG+ £30 (DEAD CERTAIN! CRACKIN RnB! ALWAYS!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/billdoggett.mp3 Bill Doggett - The Worm Columbia 4-42792 VG (plays EX) £25 (HAMMOND SAX TITTYSHAKER! TUNE!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/eddygiles.mp3 Eddy Giles - Eddy's Go Go Train Murco 1034 EX £25 (FUNKY UPTEMPO TEXAS DANCER) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/ermafranklin.mp3 Erma Franklin - Don't Wait Too Long Epic 5-9559 VG+ £25 (FAB UPTEMPO RnB DANCER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/frankbutler.mp3 Frank Butler - Build A Little House For You Space Age 250 VG+ £20 (ROCKIN NICE RnB DANCER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/francesfaye.mp3 Frances Faye - Night And Day Capitol 2224 VG £15 (Fantastic 50s version by her!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/jimmywilliams.mp3 Jimmy Williams - The Half Man ABC Paramount VG+ to EX £15 (Really nice clappin MOVER!) Many thanks Chris
  10. R&B SOUL MOD POPCORN TITTYSHAKER 45's Sorted and listed a few shiny & lovely 45's! All with sound! Any questions or interest PM me please. Cheers! http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/bennyscott.mp3 Benny Scott - No Other Woman But You Mellow Town 1012 EX £200 (Rare uptempo NORTHERN DANCER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/swindell.mp3 The Swindell Brothers - Holy Train Savoy 4212 EX £190 (Rare Gospel BELTER! AWESOME! Hard to get!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/bbbrown.mp3 B.B. Brown - Low Down Dirty Tramp Dit Dot 100 EX £70 (BOOYA TUNE! RAW AS MEAT! DAMN!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/wailers.mp3 The Wailers - Mushi/On The Rocks Imperial 66045 PROMO VG- to VG (plays GREAT!) £50 (2 SIDER! BOMBER! ROCKIN TITTYSHAKER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/lefty.mp3 Lefty Guitar Bates - Ninety Days Apex 951 PROMO VG+ £50 (Hot Chicago sound! Def a winner!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/johnnyadams.mp3 Johnny Adams - Spunky Onions Pacemaker 240 EX £30 (Funky RnB floorpacker!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/troopers.mp3 The Troopers - Get Out Lamp 2009 ORIGINAL! VG- (plays nice!) £25 (Awesome moody RnB Popcorn DANCER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/darrowfletcher.mp3 Darrow Fletcher - That Certain Little Something Groovy 3009 VG+ to EX £25 (Top class!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/sunnylandslim.mp3 Sunnyland Slim - Shake It Prestige Bluesville 816 PROMO VG to VG+ £25 (RnB! Rockin! Jivin! Jazz! Def TUNE!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/eddiebo.mp3 Eddie Bo - I Got To Know RIC 985 VG to VG+ £20 (Really nice RnB shaker!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/grandison.mp3 The Grandisons - Daddy Roll 'Em RCA Victor 47-8200 VG+ £20 (Super nice RnB dancer! Female chorus!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/albertking.mp3 Albert King - COD Coun-Tree 1006 EX £20 (Drivin RnB SHAKER! Really cool one!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/tommyridgley.mp3 Tommy Ridgley - What'cha Gonna Do Herald 501 VG+ £20 (Really nice RnB mover!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/bobby.mp3 Bobby Marchan - Snoopin And Accusin Sphere Sound 706 VG+ £15 (Rockin great RnB DANCER! '65 release after FIRE 1960.) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/moekoffman.mp3 Moe Koffman - Koko Mamey Jubilee 5324 VG+ £15 (Great SAX powered TITTYSHAKER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/chico.mp3 Chico O'Farril - El Bodeguero Panart 21308 CUBA VG+ to EX £15 (Latin pearl! Cuban mood! Listen it whilst drinkin Ron Mulata!) Best wishes Chris
  11. mojorecords

    R&b Soul Mod Popcorn Tittyshaker 45's - All With Sound

    and that's it for today... http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/sammypagna.mp3 Sammy Pagna - In A Persian Market Le Pa VG+ £25 (UPTEMPO MOD INSTRO! COOL ONE!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/dianjames.mp3 Dian James - High Blood Pressure Groove PROMO EX £25 (Fantastic Northern RnB DANCER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/bbking.mp3 B.B. King - My Baby's Comin Home ABC Paramount VG+ £20 (Great RnB stormer! Works always!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/kingpins.mp3 The King Pins - I Won't Have It Federal EX £20 (A forgotten one... WHY? SUPER GREAT RnB DOO WOP-flavoured MOVER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/gloriabecker.mp3 Gloria Becker - 16 Pounds Real VG+ (warped DNAP) £20 (Beautiful version by her!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/johnlee.mp3 John Lee Hooker - She's Mine VeeJay VG £20 (Tequila-flavoured RnB SHAKER! OH YEA... ROCKS!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/charlesbrown.mp3 Charles Brown & Amos Milburn - Educated Fool ACE VG £15 (Great rockin RnB duet!) Enjoy Chris
  12. mojorecords

    R&b Soul Mod Popcorn Tittyshaker 45's - All With Sound

    10 more... http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/williecobbs.mp3 Willie Cobbs - My Little Girl Whirl-A-Way VG to VG+ (slight warp DNAP) £30 (COOL RnB DANCER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/tommybush.mp3 Tommy Bush - Stop & Think Specialty PROMO VG+ £30 (Agree with my SOUL MATE Tommaso... Excellent FUNKY SOUL!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/thevisions.mp3 The Visions - Cigarette Original Sound VG+ to EX £25 (GREAT RnB DOO WOP-flavoured FLOORSHAKER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/chuckrio.mp3 Chuck Rio - Big Boy Flair VG- (plays great) £25 (Rockin Tequila-flavoured INSTRO! GREAT OPENER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/dakotastaton.mp3 Dakota Staton - My Babe Capitol VG+ £25 (A BEAUTYful version! Great swingin RnB DANCER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/lavernbaker.mp3 Lavern Baker - Love Me Right Atlantic VG+ £25 (Always a WINNER sound! Great MOVER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/fayeadams.mp3 Faye Adams - Johnny Lee Imperial VG+ (off-centered) £25 (RAW FEMALE POWER! Love that!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/countyates.mp3 Count Yates - Chimpanzee Regis 1 VG+ to EX £25 (Rockin Rockabilly Oddball! WORKS VERY WELL!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/roylee.mp3 Roy Lee Johnson - Black Pepper Okeh PROMO VG+ to EX £25 (The most poetically lyrics ever... BLACK PEPPER ROCKET!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/lyrics.mp3 The Lyrics - The Side Wind ABC Paramount EX £25 (RAW & UPTEMPO FLOORPACKER!)
  13. mojorecords

    R&b Soul Mod Popcorn Tittyshaker 45's - All With Sound

    10 more... http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/oscarbrown.mp3 Oscar Brown Jr. - Humdrum Blues CBS SWEDEN VG+ £60 (RnB MOD BOMBER! SUPER COOL ONE!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/bigmaybelle.mp3 Big Maybelle - Going Home Baby Savoy EX £50 (GOSH! What a voice & sound... def gets under your skin! TOUGH ONE in perfect condition!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/ganimsasia.mp3 Ganim's Asia Minors - Daddy Lolo East West VG+ £50 (ORIENTAL SUPER PEARL! Buy it, play it and let your girl dance in a dress made out of nothin, (at home)!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/haroldburrage.mp3 Harold Burrage - I'll Take One Sue UK VG+ £45 (TIP-TOP RnB FLOORSHAKER! Thumbs up!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/ervinrucker.mp3 Ervin Rucker - Done Done The Slop Astra VG+ £45 (PACKIN RnB FLOORSHAKER! TOP ONE!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/eddieperrell.mp3 Eddie Perrell - Hot Footsie Part 1 Good Sound VG+ £45 (UNKNOWN ROCKIN UPTEMPO semi-instro BOMB!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/bennycurtis.mp3 Benny Curtis - Ain't That Tuff Dynamite PROMO VG+ to EX £40 (AWESOME WILD FLOORFILLER! DAMN GREAT DANCER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/sugarnspice.mp3 Sugar N Spice - I Got A Man Groove PROMO VG to VG+ £40 (Fantastic SOUND! TOP DANCER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/titusturner.mp3 Titus Turner - Big John Wing (blue label) VG to VG+ £40 (Hard to get RnB BEAUTY!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/nutmegs.mp3 The Nutmegs - Gift O Gabbin Woman Herald VG+ £35 (Doo Wop RnB SHAKER! COOL ONE!)
  14. Hey there! Some nice beauties for your jukebox! Sales list below. All original US pressings unless stated. Sound's taken from actual record for sale. PM for reservation! Here we go: http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/jimmymoore.mp3 Jimmy Moore - Church Street Sally SPQR PROMO EX £330 (NO WORDS needed for this AWESOME BOMB!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/sugarboy.mp3 Sugar Boy Williams - Little Girl Take Your Time Raines VG+ to EX (XOL) £195 (BAM! SUPER COOL RnB RARITY! EXCELLENT SPIN!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/johncarol.mp3 John & Carol - Get Your Hat Botone EX £195 (Rare uptempo SOUL MONSTER! A WOW ONE!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/kingcoleman.mp3 King Coleman - Crazy Feelin/Down In The Basement Togo VG+ £65 (Same! NO WORDS needed! AWESOME 2-sider! Listen both sides!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/georgeallen.mp3 George Allen - Come On Home SotoPlay VG+ £65 (Crackin RnB uptempo mover! Tough indemander!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/joesimon.mp3 Joe Simon - Just Like Yesterday Irral VG+ £65 (DEF A SUPERB DANCER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/sonnytil.mp3 Sonny Til - Hey! Little Woman CP PROMO VG to VG+ £65 (Ah sh*t... so so good! All-time FAV! SEXY RnB MOVER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/thetikis.mp3 The Tikis - Big Feet/One More Chance Minaret EX £65 (Stunning 2-Sider! LISTEN BOTH SIDES! Tittyshakin INSTRO and great 60s DANCER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/ellafitz.mp3 Ella Fitzgerald - These Boots Are Made For Walkin Salle VG+ to EX £60 (Class! Class! Class! FLOORPACKER!) http://www.jesterwild.com/sales/paulinerogers.mp3 Pauline Rogers - I'm Just A Woman Flair X VG+ £60 (POWERFUL female RnB Popcorn MOVER! HARD & GREAT one!)
  15. mojorecords

    R&b Soul Mod Popcorn Tittyshaker 45's - All With Sound

    Thank you, Ricardo!


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