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  1. Hope to be there !! Jim.
  2. Hi Vanda Yeah still got them, give me a call and we can have a chat. mobile 07738370896 Jim.
  3. Due to ill health I have two passes plus hotel booked for three nights 10 min walk away from the winter gardens £100 for the passes. Please pm me if interested or call 01782 868604 or 07738370896 Cheers Jim.
  4. Love Detroit Spinners - I'll Be Around, just blows me away, and The Majestics - I Love Her So Much. Cheers Jim.
  5. A good night all round Cheers Jim.
  6. until

    Never missed one yet, we will be there with all our mates as usual, bring it on Cheers Jim & Liz.
  7. Round the corner from my house, i'll be there Cheers Jim.
  8. Really enjoyed last night, loads of lovely people, and great music by all the djs Cheers Jim.
  9. Looking forward to Soul Lib, missed a couple lately so will be up for this one Cheers Jim.
  10. One on Manship's auction now, check out the flip side.
  11. Not seen Mick since the early day's of Cleethorpes w/e, just gutted to this sad news. RIP Mick. Jim+ Liz
  12. Hopefully be there, health permitting
  13. I play mine almost every day, I have LP or certain artist sessions, although I've been selling for a while I still have loads to go at. Cheers Jim.
  14. Great night, great music played by all the djs, packed to the rafters, wonderful crowd, and top notch promoters, thanks to everybody Cheers Jim & Liz.
  15. Defo Baz see you both later
  16. Looking forward to the Archibald again, tickets bought & hotel booked, always a great night. Cheers Jim.
  17. Same for me , love it Cheers Jim.
  18. oldsoulgit


    Had a good day, lots of buyers through the day. And we had a good laugh to boot Cheers Jim.
  19. Looking forward to Dab, always a great night of music & great people Cheers Jim.
  20. Hotel booked, Prem inn £29.50 at the moment, if you haven't been to this awesome do yet give it a go you won't be disappointed. Cheers Jim.
  21. Awesome day, top notch music, brilliant people Shelly hope you and Baz got home o.k. Cheers Jim.
  22. Great night, great music all night, loved it. Cheers Jim.

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