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  1. Gonna try my best to get to this Steve. Glad to hear you have a new venue sorted already,nice one! Gail
  2. The General State Of Our Beloved Soul Scene

    Youve never had a problem getting your point across on here Beeks!
  3. Whole Lotta Woman - The Contours - Sorted Thanks

    Great record, wouldnt mind one myself but not for silly money either no!
  4. 2011-07-30: New Century Soul Manchester Allnighter

    @ Martyn (hullsoul above) the Irish 'lad' (use the term loosely as he's practically a pensioner ;-)) you heard play in the R N B room was Bill Kealy (Bill K on here). Brilliant set agreed & I still have the jelly legs today to prove it ha ha!! ...
  5. Millie Foster,dynamics,frank Butle

  6. 2010-08-28: Lifeline Real Deal Rare Soul All-Nighter

    Be nice to see you both after some time Molly! Gail x Will do Kev,you'll have to send me a pic! (of you this time, otherwise I'll be looking for black labs lol!) See you there Tabbers young fellow me lad!
  7. 2010-08-28: Lifeline Real Deal Rare Soul All-Nighter

    May make this yet (its been a while!)
  8. 1 I'd Like Asap Pruddy Please

    ould have sworn it was a pressing when I looked late last night....a lucky escape by the sounds of the last comment/feedback though anyhow. Gracias Mocky! x
  9. 1 I'd Like Asap Pruddy Please

    Had a look but I want an original on Parlophone.
  10. 1 I'd Like Asap Pruddy Please

    Aw thanks chicken!
  11. 1 I'd Like Asap Pruddy Please

    1964 ON PARLOPHONE. (Flip is 'ROBERTA') Anyone? P.M me on here or message me on Facebook if you can! Cheers!
  12. Hello again you soulful lot! Ive listed about a dozen nice ditties from my box up on E-BAY this week...(all with sound files for you to have a listen). DREAM MERCHANTS-STOP (YOU'RE BREAKING MY HEART) ON RENEE THE SHORT KUTS-YOUR EYES MAY SHINE...
  13. Basics Gets Big Boy Pants

    Cannae waaaaaaaaait!
  14. 2010-04-04: Stafford, Fancy Another One ?

    Have decided not to chance it (despite all Beggsy's press-ganging @ Nicolest'other wk-end).....I daren't! Daft maybe, but I have such fab memories of Stafford I just dont wanna spoil em. T'was & always will be Top (of the world) in my head so best leave...

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