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    F*** your stupid Records Sean I’m leaving you
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    Barton Upon Humber/Isle of Wight
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    Imperial Wonders Love Come Down its only cheap but grabs me by the balls every time

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  1. Definitely-some great sounds- Ady Croasdells releases-some crap like on Juno-depends on sound quality really but new band and solo releases.
  2. Wombat Wombat and Wombat and whoever dropped that needs it sticking up their wombat-I am not providing a link-nothin f to do with soul. It sounds pervy.
  3. Always great to hear these new releases on one of the most if not the most trusted label around.
  4. Rest in Peace Ronnie Walker x Prestatyn x
  5. No need-the same bastard sold me a load out of his boot wen I it’s stared collecting-specials he said-the prat-I got rid
  6. Might be interesting to turn up at a disposal of goods auction?
  7. Well I’ve just listened to the William Askew podcast-converted-some superb sounds and neweys Cor!
  8. Brilliant yeah I just opened a new window-but too much to drink last night I think
  9. Hi Chalky Ignore me I’ve found the keys am enjoying the show/the only thing is if I move to another page on Soulsource I lose the show see what I mean?
  10. Can I suggest to admin team that I can only hear in mobile (iPhone X) in single window-I don’t know if there’s an alternative cheers!
  11. Is this the same Stuart Cosgrove who wrote the soul books?
  12. Hat sounds good -I’ve been using Peoples energy, I don’t know how they are on a 1/10 scale but they have slashed my npower bill in half. i used the website lower all my bills (LAMB) who are obliged to send you a cheaper deal if it occurs.
  13. Thanks I thought as much-ah well managed to store a bit away before the cull.
  14. Some of the videos are still up but I was working my way through them. Is Chris on any other media now?

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