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  • Birthday 25/04/1975

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    Sean Casey
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    Fast women and slow horses WW1 writing, dancing, collectin friends and records
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    Imperial Wonders Love Come Down its only cheap but grabs me by the balls every time

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  1. bonhsoulie

    Switching Utility a*seheads?

    Hat sounds good -I’ve been using Peoples energy, I don’t know how they are on a 1/10 scale but they have slashed my npower bill in half. i used the website lower all my bills (LAMB) who are obliged to send you a cheaper deal if it occurs.
  2. bonhsoulie

    In Mourning NSOULCHRIS YOuTube gone

    Thanks I thought as much-ah well managed to store a bit away before the cull.
  3. bonhsoulie

    In Mourning NSOULCHRIS YOuTube gone

    Some of the videos are still up but I was working my way through them. Is Chris on any other media now?
  4. bonhsoulie

    Feel Good Friday - Get them up now!

    It really is jolly good
  5. bonhsoulie

    Northern soul collecting!! Is it a con?

    Manship's first pure law it is then.
  6. bonhsoulie

    Northern soul collecting!! Is it a con?

    What we tend to forget is that there are other genres of music that are collectible and I often reflect that at fairs and record shops-some people just see us coming. Luckily for me I had my mobile when I looked at some stuff I hadn't heard of when I went to Kirkgate market I walked away for 5 mins and looked at last week. Way above the mark, above even JM cat price in terms of vinyl quality. Went to a record shop afterwards in Headrow and found some proper bargains. My ratio is about 80pc shops 20pc on line and Im moving back to shops n stalls more and more-its so much more fun and cheaper too-the cheaper the better obviously. Someone wrote about doowop prices-its still very popular across Europe as is Rockabilly, but be warned-the latter was extremely popular here in the 80s-was collected-and prices are and interest are now mostly as dead as a dodo-a ton is top price for a record of Rockabilly on a popular bidding site. I think of the economy of records here in UK to the dollar is $1 record in the States is equal to 20 quid here. $30 becomes 200quid. The further you fly online the cheaper it becomes. That should be a law of physics. What could we name it? Of course it costs money to import, travel in and out of Britain- If you don't like British prices, you know where Heathrow is. Theres some hard work put in by big dealers, that's for sure. All in all If its good its good no matter what the price, and Id much rather talk about the quality of the artistes than the price tags of their produce. Its all great music for all tastes and wallet sizes. The following conversation took place in the 100 club 8 years ago. Whats he playing? Havent a f***ing clue... Ask him what it is! He says it cost him 4000 More fool him, its crap!! (Stadtler and Waldorf the 100 club 2010)
  7. Hand It Over. Now hand it over please
  8. bonhsoulie

    best under priced record under 20 pound

    Al yes Otis yes I’m not swung on Ann at present. Incrnse by the Anglos for me at under £20 does the trick. Also Catch Me Esther Phillips snip at couple of quid.
  9. bonhsoulie

    RIP Aretha

    RIP LADY SOUL. Endless legacy. At peace.
  10. My Home is your Home Nice!!
  11. bonhsoulie

    Hull Soul Club

    One of Best in U.K. for music and atmosphere all ages
  12. bonhsoulie

    Let's Get Together by Jonny Benavidez and Cold Dia...

    Nice another winner
  13. bonhsoulie

    Dave Rimmer. Birthday

    Many happy returns Dave!!
  14. bonhsoulie

    Dave Rimmer. Birthday

    Brilliant DJ!!
  15. bonhsoulie

    Dave Rimmer at Cleethorpes

    A maginificent set as always-but as with so many times and in different places, I wait for hours usually to the back end of a night for Daves set. Please someone push him forward, he fils the floor, his choices are magnificent, imho and I’m never off the dance floor-he should be up in the first half, to me he’s one of the best, certainly in my top ten. Just saying!


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