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  • Birthday 25/04/1975

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    Sean Casey
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    Fast women and slow horses WW1 writing, dancing, collectin friends and records
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    Imperial Wonders Love Come Down its only cheap but grabs me by the balls every time

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  1. bonhsoulie

    RIP Aretha

    RIP LADY SOUL. Endless legacy. At peace.
  2. My Home is your Home Nice!!
  3. bonhsoulie

    Hull Soul Club

    One of Best in U.K. for music and atmosphere all ages
  4. bonhsoulie

    Let's Get Together by Jonny Benavidez and Cold Dia...

    Nice another winner
  5. bonhsoulie

    Dave Rimmer. Birthday

    Many happy returns Dave!!
  6. bonhsoulie

    Dave Rimmer. Birthday

    Brilliant DJ!!
  7. bonhsoulie

    Dave Rimmer at Cleethorpes

    A maginificent set as always-but as with so many times and in different places, I wait for hours usually to the back end of a night for Daves set. Please someone push him forward, he fils the floor, his choices are magnificent, imho and I’m never off the dance floor-he should be up in the first half, to me he’s one of the best, certainly in my top ten. Just saying!
  8. bonhsoulie

    ' A youth culture left in the hands of old men'

    I hope you persuaded the poor girl back in-dance properly?? Cant have been a good soul who said that. I should have been booted out of every venue Ive gone to then for my efforts . There are some twats. At the 100 club you get quite a lot of try outs and it makes it thoroughly interesting because theyre seeing the scene with fresh eyes...its not a WMC they should get a grip and all with the same hattitude.
  9. bonhsoulie

    email notifications

    OK Mike cheers ill give it a go
  10. bonhsoulie

    email notifications

    Hi I have changed notifications a few times now-some of which are irrelevant to me, cant think why I get them-for photos-I keep getting a rash of emails regarding photo notifications-but still no joy..any ideas? cheers Sean
  11. bonhsoulie


    I can guarantee A GREAT NIGHT SPACIOUS FLOOR (AT TIMES) a new venue where an old historical building meets modern facilities-friendly staff too
  12. bonhsoulie

    A Few mixed sales

    Kudos Big Up to Lady Dee for fantastic sales and items received. Highly recommended
  13. bonhsoulie

    how-to tell original records

    Sparky you will find many people with a kind and patient ear, if you decide to buy a biggie put a photo of it on here first if in doubt and get an opinion. There are many honourable men and women on this site who will be happy to help and will soon tell you if you are going to be bamboozled
  14. bonhsoulie

    how-to tell original records

    A frequently asked question my answer would be Research Research Research. Not every record has deadwax stamps marks etc depends on the silkiness of the studio. Sound quality is a big giveaway though some records were in studios that were little more than a padded room at home or done in one take-how much per hour...right let’s do it in one. John Manships book, Tim Browns book, discogs and MusicStack reputable dealers and knowledge. Read threads on here and on sales section you get very honest dealers, the best in the biz. Research. As th bookies say-when the fun stops, stop
  15. bonhsoulie


    All the above and a touch of plain silliness -in many cases-cheaper as well-one dealer contacted me last month on basis of me buying off him 6 months ago example record X was £40 on his lists yet I’ve seen two genuine copies of it go for £4-6 recently on EBay-do the math—people are also buying a lot of cheaper records on EBay far above the price (2 sold recently 4 times discogs sale price) so the post ticks all boxes. Seen some bargains about though it has to be said


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