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    Enjoying all that the richness that Northern Soul can bring if an open mind is kept, travelling to new venues, encouraging new people into the scene, appreciating other views/takes on NS and buying the vinyl! DJ'ing when lucky enough to be asked! Keeping The Faith!
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    you want to change me - bobby herb

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  1. Sheffield Sunday Soul Sessions at the Mulberry Tavern

    An afternoon of outstanding quality tunes on original vinyl, a well put together eclectic DJ list, top company as well as an intimate venue - really enjoyed it -big thanks to John, Gary and all concerned.with this event.
  2. Modern Soul - no boundaries

    Great Post!
  3. Rotherham Trades Club S60 1RB

    Northern Soul & Motown across the board tunes @ this new club type venue-decent seating, nice bar- great sound system-large venue-(100+)town centre location - easily accessible by train/bus or car- via Corporation St-(turn right at Bridge Pub as road outside Rotherham Station is closed due to roadworks/or off the parkway roundabout)-the plan is to have one "do" on every 6 weeks (if there is demand)-also guest DJ's needed for 1 hour spots - if you're interested and you have vinyl- please get in touch with me via here. 7-30 pm start til 12.00 am ish-£3 otd. Cheers Mick
  4. Northern For A Saturday!!

    PMd Des
  5. Soul@the Grennel Mower-Lowedges

    Friday 2nd June-across the board-Northern Soul@the Grennel Mower, 264 Lowedges Rd, Sheffield S8 7JD-we kick off at 8.30pm, pop in and say hello. Atb Darren and Mick C.
  6. Thank You Paul and all the Horse & Groom crew for a fab day of music -superlative as always - this has to be the Definitive Sunday Chillout atb
  7. New 70s Soul Mix

    Thanks Steve!
  8. Attercliffe Libs Soul Club

    Friday 26th May-Attercliffe Libs Soul Club - music policy is across the board 60's/70's as well as contemporary soul music. Previous DJ's who have guested down here include Steve Myers, Dean Fox, Barry Holland, Micky Lait & Jon Hucknall not forgetting Nigel Filmer, Dave Hill & JAS - as expected the flavas are quite eclectic. A late late bar receptive steward and friendly people welcome all positive soulies. £2 otd.
  9. Tavares and Freda Payne

    The price just shot up! Tavares under rated soul band... remember Madam Butterfly alongside this as well as Whodunit etc
  10. Christmas Soul@Attercliffe Libs

    Christmas Soul bash @ Attercliffe Liberal Club, Beverley Street, Sheffield S9 3RS - Friday 23rd December - 8pm-1.30 am. Late bar - spinning the vinyl are Guest DJ's -Jon Hucknall (Masborough Soul Club), Dean Fox (Sheffield Nutterz/Woodseats Soul)-Mick Lait (Libs Soul Club president) - Steve B Burke (Bentley Pavilion) - this is a free event to say thank you to everyone for supporting the club in 2016 - raffle for booze - Merry Xmas to you all! nh
  11. Collingwood Soul Club

    Collingwood Northern Soul Club - Furlong Road-Bolton-upon-Dearne-S63 8JA- Saturday 17th December - 8pm-1am-Darren Deeley and myself playing across the board soul music on vinyl - 7th monthly session - free entry - Merry Xmas all ATB Mick
  12. Another bootlegging chancer

    Caveat Emptor
  13. Soultime Sheffield - Guest Dj: Mick Lait ( Brinny Mick )

    Great choice of Guest DJ's as always backed up the Tony and Ray with an awesome collection of dancers! Lovely quality venue too-Bring It On! ATB Mick
  14. Soul@Attercliffe Liberals Club

    Apologias for the late post! Sleep beckoned after Friday night - Finally home at 2.30am then unloaded all my gear its not an easy shift this -running a soul club went straight from work via Maccy D's-then a swift change of clobber in the toilets-switch on and hey presto some people started turning up. I really don't know how you older guys are putting up, stripping down at the end of the night as well as designing and flyering for the "do's" as well as supporting the other venues in the area-hard work and extremely tiring-I guess its for the love of the music. A massive "thank you" and respect to our Guest Steve Myers (Victory Club) who provided an excellent set of rare and original vinyl with some newer stuff I hadn't heard of including the Timmion releases and the Sharpees (thanks to Mr Mark Bicknell for diggin' this one out of the vaults)-was it on the Marvelus label. And to Mick Lait filling in as usual-you are playing different sets to the Masborough Soul Club ones more rarer underplayed- and you seem to be enjoying it Mick-some truly awesome records in your boxes-and thanks again for mentoring and supporting me as I am only "caretaking" the club upon your imminent return!. I played a few new bits from the Terry Jones Village Soul Vol 1- double album-check out the Carl Douglas "I Don't Care" as well as the Billy Griffin track-well worth the £10 price. So... an across the board night with a good mix of new underplayed rare and old-to Brent-who handed me the Bob & Marcia track on Trojan at the end - I thought why haven't I got this record? It seemed to sum everything up about the Libs-that small backroom club with everyone on the floor enjoying themselves. Anyway the Xmas bash is on Friday 23rd December-its free entry with a raffle for booze-Guests if they can make it are Dean Fox-Jon Hucknall-Mick Lait-and one more guest space- please pm if interested. Be great to see you there! ATB Mick
  15. sad loss, colonel Abrahams

    RIP Colonel Abrams sad news indeed