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  1. Neil P coming out of hibernation to post my playlist for the night: The Ideals - The Mighty Lover - Boo-ga-loo Miss D.D. Phillips - Hey Little Girl - Evolution demo Brice Coefield - Ain’t That Right - Omen demo Lena Junoff - Yesterday Has Gone - UK Olga demo Kenny Carlton - Lost And Found - Blue Rock Dee Dee Warwick - Worth Every Tear I Cry - UK Mercury Connie Stevens - Tick-Tock - Bell demo Larry Santos - You Got Me Where You Want Me (long version) - Evolution LP Jay and the Techniques - Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie - Smash (rarer yellow label)
  2. It's uncredited (just "Instrumental" on the label), but is the B-side of a pop record by a group called The Stitch In Tyme. Canadian release on the Yorkville label. Scan attached - remember having it on a tape covered up as Billy Jackson Orchestra "If It Takes Forever"
  3. Yeah I sort of remember listening to Solid Soul back in the day - tho' I must admit, my favourite pirate of the time was a comedy station called Radio Veronica (probably best known for the Bradford Ph@rting Contest sketch) - northern content, they often played Andre Brasseur "The Kid"
  4. soulAdequateNP

    Skeg 2013

    Pictures from Butlins Skegness weekender 2013
  5. I feel my ears burning Yip I still get around every now and then, in fact I'll be at Mojo Rising in Sheffield tomorrow .... sadly the legendary box flashed its last and fell to bits many years ago - so when DJing I carry a more traditional steel one ..... was it really 30+ years ago Neil (definitely older, hopefully wiser)
  6. For info, this is the real 3683: http://www.discogs.com/Jerry-Butler-Dream-WorldLets-Make-Love/release/1334098
  7. Sly and the Family Stone "Dance To The Music" on a US Epic demo, £3.50 from JM
  8. From a wrestling event at Doncaster Dome back in 2005 - unfortunately I don't think it's available anymore, just checked TNA's webstore and it's not there
  9. Well I had a dream not so long back where I heard a version of The Impressions "Gypsy Woman" in a foreign language which I didn't understand...(now watch someone post that there actually *is* one )
  10. Could be "How's Your Love LIfe Baby" by either Eddie Kendricks or Jackie Moore?

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