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  1. 70S Pirate Land Based Soul Stations

    Yeah I sort of remember listening to Solid Soul back in the day - tho' I must admit, my favourite pirate of the time was a comedy station called Radio Veronica (probably best known for the Bradford Ph@rting Contest sketch) - northern content, they often playe...
  2. Skeg 2013

    Pictures from Butlins Skegness weekender 2013
  3. Clifton Hall

    I feel my ears burning Yip I still get around every now and then, in fact I'll be at Mojo Rising in Sheffield tomorrow .... sadly the legendary box flashed its last and fell to bits many years ago - so when DJing I carry a more traditional steel one ........
  4. House For Sale

    For info, this is the real 3683: http://www.discogs.com/Jerry-Butler-Dream-WorldLets-Make-Love/release/1334098
  5. Obscure - unusual Foreign Releases (merged)

    Now that really is a nice one - I believe it's album only as far as US and UK releases are concerned?
  6. Cover Ups & New Discoveries... A Downward Slope ?

    I've got it - not blowing the whistle if you're not tho'
  7. Quantum Of Soul At Oxcroft Sat 19Th Feb 2011 Free Admission

    And rightly so - the Quantum is back in business
  8. Your First Big Vinyl Buy What Started Your Obsession

    Sly and the Family Stone "Dance To The Music" on a US Epic demo, £3.50 from JM
  9. Clay Hunt - Since Ive Lost You

    The Temptations did it too
  10. Qos At Oxcroft Sat 19Th June-1St Anniversary-Free Admission

    And we'll certainly get you in the mood for an allnighter!
  11. Soul At The Swan In Worksop

    From a wrestling event at Doncaster Dome back in 2005 - unfortunately I don't think it's available anymore, just checked TNA's webstore and it's not there
  12. Soul At The Swan In Worksop

    Excellent photos!
  13. Have You Ever Dreamt Up A Record?

    Well I had a dream not so long back where I heard a version of The Impressions "Gypsy Woman" in a foreign language which I didn't understand...(now watch someone post that there actually *is* one )
  14. Radio Luxembourg-Black Friday

    Could be "How's Your Love LIfe Baby" by either Eddie Kendricks or Jackie Moore?

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